The Ukrainian army crumbled along the first line of Russian defense and could not make it to the second, despite seven successive waves to penetrate them, the last one being on the night of 9-10 June.

The leaders of the Atlantic Alliance and those of the Ukrainian armies are accusing each other for this inglorious debacle.

Western arrogance has been vanquished.



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Scott Ritter: Ukrainian Counteroffensive Runs Into Defensive Wall

A D-20 howitzer operated by Donetsk People's Republic troops fires at Ukrainian forces in the Yasinovatsky District. August 17, 2022 - Sputnik International, 1920, 10.06.2023

Over the course of the past few days, Ukraine has thrown two of its best-trained, best-equipped mechanized brigades into offensive operations against entrenched Russian defenders in the Zaporozhye sector of the front lines.

These two brigades had been hand-picked for this job, having been equipped with modern Western tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, supported by Western-supplied artillery, and using NATO-specific tactics shaped by NATO-provided intelligence and NATO operational planning. In short, these two brigades represented a top-level NATO-level capability, the epitome of the nexus between Ukraine and the Collective West in their ongoing war to destroy Russia.
They failed.

As the world comes to grips with the imagery of destroyed US-manufactured M-2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and German-made Leopard 2A6 tanks abandoned and burning on the Ukrainian steppe, the harsh truth regarding the futility of its larger designs—the strategic defeat of Russia—is starting to sink in.




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Military Aid = “Junk Weapons”? Germany’s Leopards, IRIS-Ts Not Holding Up Well in Ukraine



Word is circulating in Washington that relations between Kiev and the Biden Defense Department has hit a rough patch.

Apparently there was an early morning phone call from Zelensky to Joint Chiefs of Staff head General Mark Milley and others.

We have only a third party unconfirmed readout of the phone call, so you have to be cautious in assessing what allegedly took place.

According to the unconfirmed report, Zelensky told Milley they are taking very heavy losses and cannot continue the offensive.

He pleaded for more air defenses including Patriot and F-16s.

Apparently Milley and others on the US side were very angry and demanded that the offensive continue.

The results as of late afternoon (Ukraine time), June 10 in Ukraine, after a major night offensive (1AM to 3AM) and a second push in the early morning by Ukrainian forces, were unsuccessful, and Ukrainian forces again incurred heavy losses.  We don’t have numbers from either side yet.

Why is Milley angry at Zelensky? Did someone use an improper pronoun? This account may be pure disinformation, so keep that in mind. But if it is true it exposes the malevolent role that Biden’s defense and intelligence team is playing in fomenting this horrific conflict.

I am fascinated by some of the news reports and pundit commentary who insist that a Ukrainian failure means that a long, stalemated war is the likely outcome. That opinion is so stupid and so divorced from reality that it beggars the mind in trying to come up with an explanation for such nonsense. Ukraine is running out of critical weapons, such as artillery, tanks, and fixed wing aircraft — and these losses are accelerating — and Kiev has no good prospects for replacing them. Ukraine also is running out of trained manpower. How does one continue to pursue a stagnant war when the very things you require to conduct and sustain such a war are in short supply and becoming more scarce?

The Ukrainian offensive is entering its eighth day and the only things Zelensky and his generals have to show for the effort are piles of bodies and smoldering tanks and armored personnel carriers.



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