Hamas Winning Battle for Gaza

November 26, 2023 0

ER Editor: The ceasefire started at 7am local time on Friday, Nov.24, but it doesn’t seem to be going smoothly, with Israel allegedly having broken certain commitments. See this from PressTV — Hamas delays release […]


Is Gonzalo Lira a shill for Ukraine?

August 6, 2023 0

ER Editor: We’ve found former weapons inspector and US military intelligence officer (Marine corps) Scott Ritter to be a sane voice and a steady pair of hands, so to speak, throughout the entire Ukraine situation. […]


Ukrainian army crushed, NATO’s best has failed

June 11, 2023 2

ER Editor: We’re offering up a few items here, but geopolitical analyst Thierry Meyssan‘s short take on the so-called Ukrainian counteroffensive, that has taken so long to happen, is stunning and decisive. There is more […]

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