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The defeat at Bakhmut is already affecting the Ukrainians, as the 228th Infantry battalion of the 127th Brigade that fought in the city (and still fights in the ruins of the western sector) has rioted and issued a statement against the Ukrainian command (and thus to Zelensky), that they were sent “to the meat grinder” to die, without training, equipment and with no regard for the lives of Ukrainian soldiers, writes Pronews.

Ukrainian soldiers have become disillusioned with their leadership, as for a month it had seemed that the outcome of the Battle of Bakhmut was predetermined and defeat certain.

Nevertheless, the Kiev high command tried to send further reinforcements to this front and did not withdraw the troops who had suffered heavy casualties and surrounded them in a futile battle, thinking that when the western tanks were assembled there would be a major counter-attack be launched against the Russian forces.

But Russian forces have created multiple Kursk-style enclaves precisely to trap the Ukrainians into exhausting their last capabilities against a multi-layered defense.

ER: This text is taken from the tweeted video below, which we recommend listening to …

“Ukrainian citizens, members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, we are the 127th Brigade and the 228th Defense Battalion of the Kharkiv Region.

Unfortunately, at the moment the situation is such that they decided to abuse the battalion, after a year of war they just want to destroy us, they give criminal orders and carry out criminal acts within the detachment of the 128th Brigade, the 228th Battalion.

We ask the people of Ukraine to support us, because many of our brothers have been killed.

There are too many wounded and the Ukrainian government uses us as special forces and sends us to the meat grinder, lies, does not explain the tactical situation at the front and does not give information to our personnel, only sends us as special forces to Bakmuth, without proper training, without equipment and without a plan for the evacuation of the wounded.

The Ukrainian government is not interested in preserving human life, on the contrary, it is trying to kill as many as possible.

We believe they are also trying to do that because of our salaries. The battalion has 100 dead who are not getting their pay and there are many cases of extortion inflicted on dozens of soldiers.

All this has happened many times during the year and so the Ukrainian command is collectively responsible for these crimes.”