UK’s HMG ‘Global Operating Centre’ for Anti-Russia Conspiracy – Data Dump

On February 4th, the greatest investigative news report that has ever been done was issued. Will it win any awards?

On February 4th, anonymously published online at,

was not merely a data-dump such as Wikileaks famously does, but also a detailed news report that shows the key evidence, and which links to massive supporting evidence, proving that the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office of Her Majesty’s Government (“HMG”) has been, and is, the global operating center of a massive and deeply interconnected global conspiracy for the UK (Queen Elizabeth’s Government) to defeat (conquer) Russia and any nation that is at all friendly toward Russia.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory, but now it’s a conspiracy fact, and perhaps it’s even — in this enormous data dump, much of which had previously been released at that same site, regarding only smaller portions of this operation — the best-documented conspiracy in all of the world’s history. It’s laid out in excruciating detail, but unfortunately leaves room to speculate or hypothesize whom the people are at the very top. Is the Queen informed of this? Does she actually run it? If not, what is her opinion of this, which has been going on in her own name? Will the ‘news’ media probe to find out? Or will all of this just be buried?

On February 20th, Max Blumenthal at The Grayzone headlined “Reuters, BBC, and Bellingcat participated in covert UK Foreign Office-funded programs to ‘weaken Russia,’ leaked docs reveal”, and reported the responses from those media organizations regarding what had been made public in that February 4th news report. The respondents could not deny the authenticity of the documentation that had been made public there, indicating their own top-level participation in this conspiracy. They could not deny it. They had been caught red-handed in it.

Andy Pryce, the Head of ‘Counter Disinformation and Media Development’ at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, convened in London on 26 June 2018,

a new FCO program “to weaken the Russian State’s influence on its near neighbors.” He solicited a consortium of firms to assist the British state in establishing new and seemingly independent media outlets to counter Russian government-backed media in Moscow’s immediate sphere of influence, and to amplify the messaging of NATO-aligned governments.

Justified on the basis of Russia’s supposed intention to “sow disunity and … disruption to democratic processes,” the campaign Pryce laid out was more aggressive and far-reaching than anything Russia has been caught doing in the West.

This FCO campaign was part of HMG’s projects such as overthrowing Syria’s Government and Belarus’ Government, and helping to boost support in Ukraine for joining NATO, as well as stirring fear of Russia along Russia’s western border, in the Baltic republics, so as to boost support for NATO there. If the Soviet Union had done anything similar in the “near neighbors” of the U.S., then the U.S. would have warned the Soviet Union to stay out, and the U.S. warned precisely that during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, but today’s US and UK are brazen enough to do this sort of thing today, purely for conquest against Russia, even after the ‘anti-communist’ excuse for it is long since gone.

Here is a typical one of the February 4th report’s linked-to (more detailed) news reports:

Here is its opening, and I have removed some of the live links, but you’ll find all of those if you click onto the link I just supplied:

Op. HMG Trojan Horse: From Integrity Initiative To Covert Ops Around The Globe. Part 1: Taming Syria I

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08 Sep 2020

First in a series of upcoming publications that will expose interference of Her Majesty’s Government in internal affairs of various countries around the world.

See our Taming Syria investigation Overview Infographics here:

Greetings! We are Anonymous.

Citizens of the United Kingdom! This message is for you. Back in 2018 we exposed Integrity Initiative, a criminal network of influencers working across entire Europe under the guidance from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Yet, Her Majesty’s Government failed to draw any conclusions. Law-abiding British taxpayers continue to sponsor dozens of military crimes committed all over the world and veiled by the government’s lies. Today we release the result of teamwork of the Anonymous legion from all corners of the world. We have all got united in an effort to show that the FCO and HMG special services are not simply rats’ nests but truly criminal organisations while the government officials who sanction their work are accomplices.

Only small particles of information about covert operations of British intelligence in Syria have leaked into the Media until today. Well, here and now we reveal a detailed map of their presence in that country since 2011. We have everything: from criminal programmes and tenders to bidders’ complete proposals.

Here you can download a complete archive containing all FCO projects on Taming Syria:



The delivery of a tailored package of training, equipment, and other forms of support (i.e. weapons) that provided coherent modularised capability/ies for the southern MAO border groups. The project provided direct train and equip assistance for up to six hundred (600) MAO personnel per twelve month period.

Project implementation, including the provision of training and material support, commenced on 01 August 2016. The project covered a period until 31 March 2019 with a clause for a breakpoint at the end of each financial year to allow HMG to manage the availability of funds on an annual basis.

Files with FCO Requirements:

1. 02a Attachment 2a-MAO B-FOR_SORs.

2. 04a Attachment 4a Pricing Model-MAO B-FOR.

3. 05 Attachment 5 FCO Non Disclosure Agreement.


Adam Smith International (ASI)

ASI files:

1. ASI Ownership Structure.

2. 05 Attachment 5 FCO Non Disclosure Agreement.

3. Commercial Pricing Model_BFOR.

4. Duty of Care: Duty of Care – FINAL

5. Training Site Map (Jordan).

6. Complete proposal.…

Opposition fighters were receiving small arms, ATGMs, artillery, ammunition etc.

Procurement of lethal equipment was discussed with FCO/MOC:

ASI Consortium.

Team leader abridged CV: Chip Chapman – British Army Major General.


The aim was to provide MAO with a casualty evacuation capability and chain of care from point of injury to rear treatment facilities which was regularly identified as an assistance priority for the MAO in the south. The project provided direct train and equip assistance for up to two hundred (200) MAO personnel per twelve month period.

Project implementation, including the provision of training and material support, commenced on 01 August 2016. The project covered a period until 31 March 2019 with a clause for a breakpoint at the end of each financial year to allow HMG to manage the availability of funds on an annual basis.

Files with FCO Requirements:

02b Attachment 2b-MAO CASEVAC_SORs



Torchlight files:

1. ITT-567-1.2.5-Torchlight-Ownership Structure-140922 SL

2. Pricing model. 04b Attachment 4b Pricing Model-MAO CASEVAC 160610

3. RAVENSBOURNE2-General Technical Document-160610 SL.

Indicative programme examples:

Programme team chart:


The programme aimed to develop an alternate policing and security model in Syria. In the immediate term, it was supposed to enhance the legitimacy of, and support for, the moderate armed opposition. HMG implemented AJACS in collaboration with other governments, including Denmark, the Netherlands, the United States, and other donors. Applicants were expected to manage this programming from Turkey and/or Jordan.

Project implementation commenced in 2014 and was based on a 1yr + 1 yr basis.

Files with FCO Requirements:

1. 02 ITT_1223 Attachment 2 Statement of Requirement AJACS.

2. 04 ITT_1223 Attachment 4 8020 AJACS Pricing Model.

3. ATTACHMENT 4 – Statement of Requirements.



ARK files:


Former British diplomat (i.e. military intelligence officer) Alistair Harris founded the company back in 2011. One of the company’s directors was a British ex-soldier James Le Mesurier who later founded Syria’s White Helmets volunteer group. He died a strange death after falling out of the window in Istanbul in 2019.

2. 1.4.5 ARK Insurance Cover

3. 1.6.3 2 Previous Awarded Contracts Details

4. 1.6.7 ARK HealthSafety_CSR_EqualityDiversity Policies

5. Staff Risk and Security Emergency Management. 2.1.2 [1]

6. Analysis of Current Conditions in Free Areas of Syria. 2.1.3 [2]

7. Managing other risks and contingencies. 2.1.4 [3]

8. Overall Approach and Methodology. 2.1.5 [4]

9. Continuation of Service and Implementation Timeline. 2.1.6 [5]

10. Coordination and Complementarity with Other Implementers and Initiatives. 2.1.7 [6]

11. Client Liaison Arrangements. 2.1.8 [7]

12. Continuous Monitoring and Reporting. 2.1.9 [8]

13. Local Administrative Arrangements. 2.2.1 [9]

14. Maximising Use of Local Resources. 2.2.2 [10]

15. Human Capital Management and Leveraging Knowledge. 2.2.3 [11]

16. Dr Perin Arkun. Programme Manager. 2.2.4 [12]

17. Financial Reporting and Controlling Arrangements. 2.2.5 [13]

18. Continuous Improvement. 2.3.1 [14]


20. ARK FZC 2013 2012 Financial Statements

21. Attachment 2 – Certificate of Bona Fide Tendering Declaration of Tenderer 1

22. Attachment 2 – Certificate of Bona Fide Tendering Declaration of Tenderer 2


Adam Smith International

ASI files:

1. ASI AJACS 2.4 Duty of Care

The following diagram sets out how ASI Regional Operations Management team was structured:

2. ASI AJACS 3.1 Operating Environment

3. ASI AJACS 4.1 Continuation, Mobilisation and Takeover

4. ASI AJACS 4.2 Approach and Methodology

Transitional government in Syria as ASI saw it:

5. ASI AJACS 4.3 Supporting Evidence-Project Profiles.

ASI previous experience in providing similar services:

6. ASI AJACS 5.1 Relationship with the Authority

7. ASI AJACS 5.2 Governance and Oversight of Kit and Stipends

Stipends paid to the Free Syrian Police and Civil Registry Centres:

8. ASI AJACS 6.1 In-Country Admin Arrangments incl. Financial Management

9. ASI AJACS 6.2 Key Staff, Recruitment and HR

10. Completed Attachment 4 – Pricing Model

Coffey International Ltd

Coffey files:

1. Coffey Ownership Structure

2. Monitoring and managing risk

3. Understanding of the situation in Free Syria

4. Managing programmatic risks

5. Approach and Methodology

Coffey’s AJACS consortium


And here’s another:

OP. HMG Trojan Horse. Part 3: Securing Lebanon I

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04 Jan 2021

Here is the opening, and I have removed some of the live links but you’ll find all of those if you click onto the link I just supplied:

Third part of a series of publications that will expose interference of Her Majesty’s Government in internal affairs of various countries around the world.

Greetings! We are Anonymous.

In our previous publication we promised to reveal some extremely sensitive documents that would highlight the paths the British agents had taken to infiltrate the intelligence and security agencies of Lebanon.

We also promised to tell you who had helped them and which tradecraft employed those handlers. But most importantly we promised to expose the British assets serving as Lebanon’s senior and middle ranking security and intelligence officers.

To avoid any bloodshed, we gave HMG some time to evacuate its agents who will be judged traitors by the ordinary people of Lebanon. Well, now it’s time for us to fulfill our promise.

Before we show you the files, we would like to remind you of the fascinating document titled ‘An Updated Understanding of the Communications Landscape in Lebanon’. It was prepared by the intelligence cutout ARK headed by ex-MI6 officer Alistair Harris.

Here you can download a complete archive containing all FCO projects on Securing Lebanon:

If you examined the document closely, you surely noticed a remarkable fact, namely that the Lebanese value their security services for the outstanding job they are doing.

But if Lebanon’s security services are so efficient and the threat to the people has been so greatly reduced over the past three years, then why are the British allocating so much money (you can find the exact numbers below) for their reform?

There’s a simple answer to the question. On the one hand, it’s quite convenient to take under control a smoothly running and efficient mechanism. On the other hand, it is a perfect scenario for HMG to act covertly because the Lebanese respect their security services and dislike the British.

And of course, it’s vitally important to nip in the bud any kind of security services’ resistance to the forceful democratisation of their country. After all, to colonise a country one needs to engage state security actors of considerable weight.

There was a private supplier event in London in April 2019, where bidders had to sign a non-disclosure agreement to learn about new HMG programmes aimed at further consolidating the British influence on Lebanon’s security services and armed forces, i.e. a concealed part of the Lebanon operation was presented – Lebanon Security Programme. We exposed every detail of Lebanon Political Reform Programme in our Infiltrating Lebanon publication.

Invitation to the supplier event:

FCO’s Expression of Interest:

Entry points for security projects are defined in separate CSSF assignments:

CSSF Lebanon Expression of Interest:

After that HMG issued a tender to ‘support’ Lebanon’s Police and Internal Security Forces.

Again, we can see nice words just like in those programmes on the youth, women and garbage collection. Direct beneficiaries are said to be the Internal Security Forces (ISF) and the State of Lebanon. Well, are they?

HMG allocated 19 million GBP just to help Lebanon? It’s outright ridiculous. In fact, it’s no laughing matter. If politicians from London decide to go to such expenses, it means they expect maximum effective output for the British interests.


And here is a document from this ‘Integrity Initiative’ in which it ‘justifies’ itself as being a mere response to ‘Russian disinformation’ and calls itself “Defending Democracy From Disinformation” — a phrase that could as well have come straight from George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984:

The reason I say that this is “the greatest investigative news report that has ever been done” is that it displays (and doesn’t merely assert) the reality, in our time, of a scheme that Cecil Rhodes came up with in 1877, and which is basic to know about if one is to have any truthful understanding of the Twentieth and Twenty First Centuries — the time in which we are living.

One simply cannot understand current history at all if one doesn’t know about this, which was key to the World Wars and which won in the United States — it captured the U.S. Government — on the very date that the Cold War ‘against communism’ (but actually for imperialism) started, which was 26 July 1945, just months after U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had died. All books and teachers about history since 1877 either are well informed of this part of that history, or else they have been misleading the public by failing to know about, and to present the now enormous historical evidence confirming the reality of this international conspiracy by HMG, the UK’s Government, the regime that controls the UK.

Can it be that England’s royal family are kept ignorant of this, and that only their aristocracy are running it; and, if so, then which aristocrats are the controllers of this operation today? Which computers have their internal communications, at the very top level of this operation? Whom are they actually serving?

The headline here asks “Will it win any awards?” All journalism awards have entry fees. Therefore, to a large extent merit is irrelevant, even merely in order to be considered. For example, the cost per submission at the Edward R. Murrow Awards of the Radio Television Digital News Association is $175 for a “Digital News Organization,” and that’s reduced down to $135 per entry for a Member of the RTDNA. And, of course, in addition, the Pulitzer Prizes are offered by Columbia University, which (like all prestigious universities) is part of the empire. So: the likelihood of any journalism-award for is close to 0%. But that’s not an assertion about the news report. It’s an assertion about the ‘news’ business.



Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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