UN, Vatican And Obama Joining Forces To Impose Earth Worship, Authoritarian Tyranny Based Upon Climate Fraud

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by  April 18, 2015

On Thursday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announced that he has been invited to visit the Vatican this month to brainstorm about their attack on freedom through the propaganda of man-caused climate change. Pope Francis, as unreliable of a “climate expert” as any of the other foundations of UN policies, is in the process of writing an encyclical on the environment to be issued soon. In it Catholics, as well as the rest of us, will be instructed to worship the new goddess, Planet Earth, based not upon any science but vague hysterical claims, many of which have already been proven to be false.

Ban said they will be getting together to address “common concerns,” or more accurately, the methodology of their conspiracy, the tactics through which they will work together to maximize the influence his fabrication will have in manipulating not just Catholics, but the public at large.

He said, “The world is now recognizing a basic truth of our times: We need to buy insurance for the planet. We must all be ambitious as we look to conclude on our agreement at the climate change conference in Paris in December.” Just how one buys “planet insurance” and the name of your agent wasn’t stated by Ban, but we can infer that he is acting as our agent, so the United Nations is where we’ll send our checks.

While Goddess Earth doesn’t need our money and has no way of spending it herself, the friendly authoritarian parasites at the UN are graciously stepping in to fill that role.

The Pope’s top environmental distortion-extortionist, Cardinal Peter Turkson will also attend as will another product of the liberal sewers of Harvard and Columbia Universities, director of “The Earth Institute,” Jeffrey Sachs. Sachs has a long, incestuous relationship with the United Nations, which includes both Ban directly as well as being a Professor of Sustainable Development at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs. Sustainable Development is UN speak for world government under UN Agenda 21, which includes the destruction of American sovereignty on the road to global Marxism. It’s all happening right before our eyes, in broad daylight and with the support of the Marxists who have hijacked our nation; yet Americans remain largely ignorant and silent.

Putting a happy humanitarian face of their treachery, the Pontifical Academy of Sciencessaid the purpose of the get together is to “raise awareness and build a consensus that the values of sustainable development cohere with values of the leading religious traditions, with a special focus on the most vulnerable; to elevate the debate on the moral dimensions of protecting the environment in advance of the papal encyclical; and to help build a global movement across all religions for sustainable development and climate change throughout 2015 and beyond.”

Either these people are tremendously evil or they are incredibly naive and either way they are extremely dangerous. What they are supporting, the destruction of the Judeo-Christian United States and the rest of the world governments is based upon supplanting Christianity and other religions with Marxist atheism. The global movement across all religions is an attack on all religions through a single religion of planetary-based atheism. It is not a difficult thing to verify though simple search engine entries. Either those involved are too lazy to take that simple step or they have ulterior motives for their claims.

This meeting is a setup for a subsequent push to force world submission which will take place in September under the guise of a special UN summit. Of course nobody wants to ruin anything that is “special” for the world, so they’re hoping we’ll all be good boys and girls and just submit.

Ban said, “For my part, I have invited Pope Francis to the United Nations and also President Obama and all the leaders of the world to a special summit meeting in September at the United Nations, asking them to adopt this visionary and ambitious sustainable development agenda, and I’m sure that all the leaders will come and declare their visions to the world as a way of celebrating 70th anniversary of the United Nations,” he added.

The hemlock is in the punch bowl, Ban is handing us the crystal ladle and a real fancy “special” cup for us all to drink it from. He acknowledged that there might be some who resist committing suicide in the name of global government, saying, “There are still some people who do not want to acknowledge climate change, but there is climate change. By any standard,” the scientific evidence “clearly” shows that “climate change is happening,” and “it’s approaching much, much faster” than expected.

While climate change has been occurring since the beginning of time, there is no correlation or relationship to the activity of man. Ban actually didn’t include a human link to the problem, our submission to his “ultimate solution” and his proclamations of a hysterical urgency to act without considering the consequences is nonetheless still required.

He said, “Tackling climate change is an urgent part of the picture. This climate change is a defining issue of our times.” He’s right there, they’ve made mass submission to their false doctrine a defining issue. It will define whether we are men or mice, sheep or critical thinkers, and whether we stand up to tyranny or obediently surrender to its blade.

He then revealed the wealth redistribution connection, saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, we are the first generation that can end poverty and we are the last generation to address climate change. This is a fact, and we must act now.” Those two concerns have no connection other than as a premise for extracting the wealth of the people through taxation and the associated domination.

It is important to note that, fittingly for those who seek to supplant American patriotism with global obedience, the secretary general’s speech at the National Press Club took place two days before the globalist propaganda event of “Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., which supposedly celebrates the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. Symbolism  and coordination of events are always important aspects of the global government, UN efforts.

They Earth Day connection brings together musical acts such as Mary J. Blige, No Doubt, Fall Out Boy, Usher, Train, and Common to spread the “being a global citizen is cooler than being an American” message under the “submission is doing the right thing” brainwashing. Globalist representatives Will.i.Am and Soledad O’Brien are hosting the event, because they are just too cool not to be trustworthy.

CNSNews also notes that Saturday’s event was timed to coincide with the spring meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF). There’s sure a lot of globalist money and power pushing as hard as they can to see all of this come together.

Rather than listening to the crap these entertainers will be spewing at this event, the useful idiots in attendance would be much better served by opening a book and seeing just what is being done in their name and what tyranny they are aligning themselves with. The day may come when we will all wish that they had.

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