Unbelievable – Gitmo Terrorist Obama Released Now Top ISIS Recruiter

by Rick Wells

No one could have expected this would happen, it’s really just so bizarre and unlikely, at least according to the Islamic terrorist who is running America into the ground, Hussein Obama. He saved Congress and the American people from their ignorant selves by relying upon his personal feelings that this guy was no longer a threat to the United States. He’s not going to return to terrorism if Obama lets him out. Mongo like Sheriff Bart.

But that appears to be exactly what has happened. According to reports, the same week that fifteen rehabilitated and 100 percent America-loving terrorists were released from Gitmo, and another nineteen given the green light for release because they too no longer posed a threat to Americans or our war effort, the folly of Hussein Obama’s gut instinct has been demonstrated. He’s either not a good judge of character or just conducting an Islamic version of one of his infamous jailbreaks.

What Are The Chances A Thing Like This Could Happen? Really, One In Three?

Nobody can be this stupid, he’s releasing terrorists to fight again because he’s their ally and he can. Recruitment tool, Obama’s still laughing inside every time he uses that one. 

Abu Nassan was arrested in Libya and charged with being one of the top recruiters for ISIS. The Fox reporter reminds us of the regime’s false claim that very few refugees, or al-Qaeda, ISIS, whatever stage they’re in in the induction process ever return to terror. Apparently, one third is very few in the perverted eyes of the terrorist sympathetic White House.

Take a tip, Obama, on how you can tell if a terrorist is going to return to terror. If he’s persuasive and has a gift for convincing people to do what they really don’t want to do, only release them if they express an interest in selling Amway. If they aren’t interested in such a company of infidels, and have the ability to make big money, they’re not rehabilitated.

Leave them where they are and let President Trump deal with them. We’ll all be a lot safer, except for his terrorist buddies.



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