By TLB Contributor: Steve Cook.

I want to share with you an observation that is not original to me. It was originally stated by a very wise man and comprises an important truth. That truth is very relevant to developing an overall strategy for steering our civilization, upon which we all depend, in a far more benign direction than the decaying, mismanaged mess with which we have been lumbered.

It is very easy for the increasing number of people who are actually awake to observe that the governance of human affairs is in large measure in the hands of a numerically small elite of human beings.

This is nothing new; it has been the case fairly constantly throughout human history. Although the names, faces and justifications change, the pattern of dominion of the few over the many has been so constant it is hard to understand why anyone can believe that things have somehow miraculously changed and it is not still happening.

That the pattern is oft-repeated does not make it a successful one. Indeed it may well be one of the core follies that underlies the tale of misery and woe that comprises human history thus far. In case anyone has not noticed, efforts to build enduring and peaceful civilizations, the good will and desire of millions of human beings notwithstanding, have tended to be short-lived or even still-born.

This is hardly surprising when this pattern invariably delivers human governance into the hands of men of oppressive or criminal disposition. After all, who but men of oppressive or criminal disposition would conceive the subservience of millions of human beings to the whim of an elite few to be a splendid way to manage human affairs?

The so-called elite responsible for the current botched and unintelligent effort are elite not because they are inherently superior to or wiser than the rest of us – far from it – or were chosen by some deity to control human affairs but because they and their cohorts and proxies happen to have seized control of the supply of the means of exchange, money, which constitutes the energy that fuels economic life.

Production and exchange among human beings of goods and services is the basic of all economic life and the ease with which production and exchange can occur in response to real human need determines the survival potential of humanity. Money is the means by which that exchange is facilitated and control of the supply and flow of money provides the strings and levers by which that elite can shape the fortunes of Man according to their own goals and purposes.

Woven into the goals and purposes of that elite is the not-very-original concept of total control of the affairs of Man by a few (themselves) and a great deal of utopian tinkering designed to bring it about. That tinkering does not of course involve inviting the participation or gaining the agreement of those who are to be the subject of it (thee and me). It is engineered by trickery or force or merely ploughing on regardless and ignoring the needs and wants of the rest of us and foisted on us whether we like it or not.

And the tinkering has brought into play untried and catastrophically unworkable theories that have considerably damaged our societies and considerably lowered the survival potential of Man. We see that dangerously lowered survival potential in the decay of our societies, rising crime, increasing illiteracy, ill health and malnutrition, drugging, risk-taking with the food chain, war, pollution, the near suicidal apathy of so many of our fellow citizens and so on and so forth.

The elite are powerful because they control the money supply through banking and corporate power and extend that control down to incompetent and supine governments. Those governments are now loaded with its proxies and largely suborned to the degree that they have become a servile echelon junior to the senior echelon of a corporate aristocracy.

Thus suborned, governments are in almost all cases not operating in service of the people but are – no matter how much their PR boys seek to pretend otherwise – part of the machinery by which that elite extends its efforts to control very large numbers of human beings the way a herdsman seeks to control a herd of cattle. In concert with other suborned agencies such as the media they have turned democracy into a con game.

So we are faced then with a powerful elite, a well coordinated aristocracy if you will, that is perfectly willing to kill a few head of cattle so as to make the herd fit into the straightjacket of its utopian blueprint. It is an elite that has made itself the enemy of virtually every human group seeking to achieve anything worthwhile.

Arrayed against this elite and its proxies are many thousands of groups representing many millions of people.

Yet these countless thousands of groups are having a hard time making an impact against the forces of tyranny. Why?

Well here’s the problem:

There are many thousands of groups each fighting against one aspect or another of tyranny. There are groups fighting against the introduction of GMOs by the food giants; groups fighting the drugging of populations by pharmaceutical giants; groups fighting illiteracy; groups fighting psychiatry; groups fighting the catastrophically inept pharmaceutical paradigm for mental and physical health; groups fighting for monetary reform or truth in the media; groups trying to bring in alternative technology; groups fighting to uphold the constitution or human rights. The list is almost endless. There are thousands of them across the globe and they represent millions of activists and many millions more people who at the very least agree with their aims.

But these groups are disunited and uncoordinated in their efforts. Each group is fighting its own specialized fight, often with scant resources, against some aspect or other of overall suppression. But it fights alone and to one degree or another finds itself combating the combined might of a coordinated and powerful tyranny with almost unlimited resources.

This is not to say that these groups have not had successes. The elite find increasingly that opposition comes at them from all directions amid a storm of raised protesting voices. Certainly there is a polarization occurring in which more and more people close ranks with people who are on the side of freedom and against the treatment of human beings as cattle.

Yet the elite ploughs on regardless while protest beats upon them as ineffectually as the ocean waves against the flanks of an aircraft carrier.

While the overall efforts of the freedom movement remain uncoordinated and dispersed, the fight is going to be a slog. It is in the interest of the elite to keep these myriad groups dis-united or even arguing with one another.

So here we have a great deal of human energy that is largely unfocussed and the way to gain maximum impact and force from a reservoir of energy is to focus it. Power could be defined as focused energy applied. Returning to the allegory of the aircraft carrier, why not combine the dispersed might of the ocean waves into the power of a tsunami?

Imagine then if all the endeavor of all those myriad groups, representing millions of human beings could be coordinated and focused. How much power would it generate? What if all those voices of protest were to speak with one voice? How loud would that voice be?

Governments currently listen to the insidious voices of the utopian planners and their money masters whispering in their ears sweet nothings the rest of us cannot hear. Few groups, acting alone, can raise from the grass roots a voice loud enough to MAKE government listen to their counsel. So government will continue to listen to the counsel of criminals until there is a strong enough DEMAND from the grass roots that they act in the interests of all the people.

My proposal, then, is this: all those thousands of groups that comprise what we could call the freedom movement should unite and form a Citizens Forum. The purpose of the Citizens Forum is to counsel government on behalf of all the people.

The Citizens Forum should agree upon a specific target, a specific aspect of tyranny to correct and apply its coordinated effort to achieving that target. Once that target has been achieved and that particular wrong has been righted, they should then select the next target and apply a coordinated effort to achieving it: then the next and so forth.

None of the member groups would abandon its own specialized fight but they would agree upon targets which, when achieved, would facilitate the winning of their own specialized fight.

But can all these apparently disparate groups find common points of agreement around which to create a coordinated effort?

There are groups variously dedicated to getting people to adopt proper nutrition; protecting the environment from fracking; protecting the food chain from GMOs; preventing education being used to dumb people down. Alongside them are still more dedicated to upholding the Constitution; exposing the Illuminati; reforming the money system; making justice equally available to all; ending the great health scam of vaccines; making the media tell the truth and so on. What are the points upon which they can all agree?

Well, for a start every single one of them has a common enemy, the common source of the wrongs they are seeking to right: the vested interests of corporate power and the lies and injustices that emanate there from.

All groups would probably agree that the Constitution should be adhered to and not violated. Underpinning that is the bedrock upon which the Constitution stands:  the mores and customs of the people.

The mores and customs of the people are simple points of agreement that the majority of men consider desirable. Most would agree that no man should lie, that no man has the right to poison another, that scientific research should be honest, that advertising should be truthful, that no special interest group should have a privileged and hidden communication line into government and that there are certain standards of good conduct that all men have a responsibility to uphold. It is a long list.

The point I am making here is that it is possible for these manifold groups to find many points of agreement and common goals and upon these points of agreement found an alliance manifest in a Citizens Forum.

And once having formed a Citizens Forum, it is possible to decide among themselves one and then the next target to be addressed. And each target by being successfully addressed would empower all groups to pursue their own specialized goals on a level playing field.

Merely forcing government back under the Constitution would itself considerably liberate and empower all honest men.

By way of another example, making government reform the money system so as to end the right of banks to create money and lend it into circulation at interest would break the back of the elitists’ power and by so doing enable men of reason and good will to reassume influence over human co-action.

The eradication of psychiatry would remove from human affairs the primary influence behind the failure of education, social sciences, criminal reform and drug prevention and which drives individuals, governments and societies insane.

The enactment of laws that require all lobbying of government, all communication into government to be IN WRITING and a matter of open record would go a long way towards emancipating the people because it removes those hidden communication lines that make government so often act like a lunatic that obeys hidden voices in its head.

I cite these only as examples. I have my own opinions as to what the priority points of address might be but the decision would be that of the Citizens Forum. Groups of honest men working towards common survival goals can and will find points of agreement and work out a strategy that will lead them to victory.

Revolt is not the answer. Firm and united counseling of the government by a united Forum of groups of honest men which defend our culture and our liberty is the way forward to a better world.

But we had better do it quickly, while we still have a civilization to defend.

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