The CDC: Dangerous Lies & Scare Tactics


TLB has constantly reported on the unreliable presentation of information and statistics by the CDC. Whether it is related to dietary information, Thimerosal in our vaccines and its effects on the human physiology, the effectiveness of vaccines, or the severe side effects possible from these mechanisms, the CDC’s information proves time and again to be disastrously wrong on these and many other issues.

These continuous mistakes, whether by lackadaisical misrepresentation, ineptitude or blatant lies have proven to be a bane on the American general population resulting in countless suffering and death over the years. For those who feel this comment is a bold exaggeration, please do some research starting with these two articles published by The Liberty Beacon project recently:

Is The CDC Totally Inept, OR The Ultimate Killing Machine?

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How a government agency who’s sole mission is to protect the public health, can be so wrong, so often and with such catastrophic consequences, and suffer no major backlash, massive firings, lawsuits or reorganization is beyond TLB’s comprehension. Yet their reputation and standing as the pillar of the peoples health protection seems to remain intact and unquestioned with the very government whose task it is to oversee them (that is another story).

Can anyone actually believe this is all a mistake, that this entire organization has been monumentally stupid and inept for decades … or is there a much more sinister explanation? Can you still actually trust this organization to live up to its mandate, and just how deep is this rabbit hole? We are about to climb a little deeper into that hole.

What we present here is yet another incident where the information presented to the public by the CDC is so blatantly wrong and outrageous as to be almost (if not) criminal, and serves to benefit no one except … are you ready for this … Big Pharmaceutical! When a government agency tasked with the public’s protection utilizes lies, and egregious scare tactics to manipulate their charges (us) into actions that may very well result in harm or in some cases fatalities, and solely for the monetary benefit of corporate concerns, then corruption and cronyism is no longer a possibility but is indeed a fact!

The article attached is about a year old but the information provided is current as the very same lies and misrepresentation spews forth from the CDC today. Please read this and understand … you are being betrayed by the very organization you entrust your health and the health of your children to, solely for the benefit of what can only be labeled their corporate masters … and if that does not send chills up your spine … you are reading the wrong article!


Bombshell: 18 People Died Of the Flu, Not 36,000 As Claimed By the CDC

By: Jon Rappoport

Time and time again, as an investigative reporter, I’ve had the job of informing readers that their most basic assumptions are wrong.

In the medical arena, this is compounded by public acceptance of lies that seem to be absolute science. However, the “science” turns out to be manufactured delusion. The subject of this article is another such case. It flies in the face of massive propaganda that medical authorities have launched to literally brainwash the population.

The flu season is approaching, and of course we will see the Centers for Disease Control urge all parents to act like good little robots and have the whole family jabbed with flu shots.

The usual warnings and predictions will be trumpeted by the CDC and their compliant media.

The one persistent fact that will be shoved across is: every year in the US, 36,000 people die of the flu. We’ve all read and heard that figure, over and over.

It’s a “necessary” statistic for the CDC. They need to promote it. They need to convince the population that seasonal flu is dangerous.

The American people don’t understand that it’s a lie, a grossly manufactured delusion that bears no resemblance to reality.
In December of 2005, the British Medical Journal (online) published a shocking report by Peter Doshi, which spelled out the delusion and created tremors throughout the halls of the CDC.

Here is a quote from Doshi’s report:

“[According to CDC statistics], ‘influenza and pneumonia’ took 62,034 lives in 2001—61,777 of which were attributable to pneumonia and 257 to flu, and in only 18 cases was the flu virus positively identified.”

You see, the CDC had created one category that combined flu and pneumonia deaths. Why did they do this? Because they assumed that the pneumonia deaths were complications stemming from the flu.

This is an absurd assumption. Pneumonia has a number of causes. But even worse, in all the flu and pneumonia deaths, only 18 were traced directly to a flu virus.

Therefore, the CDC could not say, with assurance, that more than 18 people died of the flu in 2001.

Doshi continues his assessment of published CDC flu-death statistics:

“Between 1979 and 2001, [CDC] data show an average of 1348 [flu] deaths per year (range 257 to 3006).”

This is obviously far lower than the parroted 36,000 figure. However, Doshi is only reporting numbers of flu deaths estimated by the CDC in those years. As he showed from the year 2001, the CDC actually finds the flu virus in a tiny proportion of people who are estimated to have died from the flu.

In other words, it’s all guesswork. It’s also promotion and hype.

But the overwhelming percentage of Americans buy the hype because it’s been repeated so often. To them, the idea that only 18 people were positively identified as flu deaths in a year is impossible.

Doshi goes on to mention a 2004 flu vaccine summit held by the CDC and American Medical Association. One of the important speakers at this conference, Glenn Nowak, lectured about generating interest and demand for the flu vaccine.

Nowak said this demand occurs when medical experts and public health authorities “state concern and alarm (and predict dire outcomes)—and urge influenza vaccination…[there should be] continued reports that influenza is causing severe illness and/or affecting lots of people, helping foster the perception that many people are susceptible to a bad case of influenza.”

Repeating the mantra that 36,000 people die every year from the flu is, of course, the key strategy for creating demand for the vaccine.

It’s an entirely false sales pitch. It always has been.

Naturally, many people will rally to the side of the CDC. They will tell you how difficult it can be to actually discover and isolate a flu virus from an ill human being and, therefore, label his death as a flu statistic.

The CDC annual budget hovers around the $10 billion level. With its resources, it can certainly do what’s necessary to determine whether people are dying from the flu or some other cause.

The CDC has been lying through its teeth to the American people about flu deaths. The exposure of that lie has been choked off by the press.

The CDC’s main job is accurately reporting statistics on illness and death. If it can’t perform that function, its duty is to admit it. The reality, however, is that the agency is fatally compromised. It is allied with the pharmaceutical industry, as part of the huge overarching medical cartel. Its reliability is, therefore, zero.

Virtually everything you’ve been told about flu deaths by the US government is unsupported by facts.

Jon Rappoport The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.

This (attached) article was originally featured at Prison Planet


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  1. It isn’t just the mercury in vaccines. They contain nothing that produces health, but A LOT that produces disease. In addition to the acetone, formaldehyde, aluminum, etc., there is foreign RNA and DNA from animal biological waste products. As Dr. Harold Buttram pointed out in his book, “Vaccinations and Immune Malfunction,” the incorporation of this foreign material into our cells is what often causes the body’s immune system to turn on itself, creating auto-immune diseases, like lupus, MS, and so on.

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