Using History and Pop Culture to Expose Pro Vaccine Lies!!!

By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

The pro vaccine hysteria has gotten so out of hand that the vast majority think that the minor illnesses of childhood are actually deadly. I have received emails and tweets that actually claim the vaccine injury is somehow fake. Anyone who questions the safety of vaccines according to pro vaccine logic is out to harm children. I am sick of the nonsensical idea that the unvaccinated are always the cause of outbreaks and that somehow they are a danger to the vaccinated.

The CDC and the pharmaceutical industry have gone out of their way to silence anyone who is critical of vaccines. This reminds me that the largest supplier of vaccines is MERCK the same company that unleashed Vioxx onto the world. For those who are too young to remember Vioxx was a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that came onto the market in 1999 and was later found to cause cardiovascular issues and stroke. The drug was pulled from the market and Merck was found liable in a court of law.

Merck was also charged with creating a fake medical journal and keeping a hit list of doctors who raised concerns about the safety of Vioxx. To me this sounds eerily similar to anyone who raises concerns about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. Could the CDC and the pharmaceutical industry be keeping a hit list of doctors and individuals who question vaccines?

In 2016 and 2017 major mumps outbreaks happening on on college campuses across the United States of America happened in highly vaccinated populations. Similar outbreaks of measles have occurred in the fully vaccinated. If you were to listen to the rantings on social media everyone is going to die from mumps and measles but few of these people actually applied any logic to their arguments. Almost 100% the time pro vaxers would go off the deep end if you pointed out that waining immunity was the cause of these outbreaks and that it had nothing to do with failure to vaccine. All they could type was VACCINATE VACCINATE... As an old school Doctor Who fan all I can hear when I see such post are the Daleks screaming EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE…

I have long encouraged people to do their research on the dangers of vaccines BUT I also tell them to take a look at how the media and popular culture treated the various childhood illnesses before there was a vaccine for each illness. History is a very powerful tool and anti vaxers / non vaxers must embrace it as part of the argument if we want to win the war that is being raged against human health.

Before the vaccines these illnesses were nothing to fear, then suddenly when there was profit to be made these illnesses became the big bad wolf. I stand by the advice of seeking out the childhood illnesses for your family and gaining lifelong real immunity. I believe in this advice so much that I am willing to do it myself and keep a live video feed going during the entire illness! I am sick to death of seeing the minor illnesses of childhood being traded for true disease and disability!

Take a look at the following images and descriptions, feel free to show them to your children and to use them as part of arguments against vaccines. Older children, teens, and the elderly are the fastest growing market for the vaccine industry! If we don’t protect them who will??? If you have any images you would like to see added to an updated version of the article feel free to share them. (CW)

The first image is the cover from The Rare Spotted Birthday Party (1974) by Margaret Mahy. This is a children’s book about a small boy who is sad because the measles are going around and he might miss his birthday party. His mother decides to invite every spotty kid he knows and have a surprise birthday party for her son. Click on the link to view the book in its entirety.

The next image is from a newspaper in the late 60s and in my opinion it is historically significant because if you look closely you can see that they are saying measles is a mild disease but they are also recommending the new vaccine-classic medical double speak! There is a great explanation of how real heard immunity works, not the less than truthful version used to push vaccines.

The final set of images are from a series of children’s medical books that would explain that the childhood illnesses were nothing to be afraid of. It scares me to think just how much times have changed. Books in the series were Michael Gets the Measles, Peter Gets the Chickenpox, and Dear Little Mumps Child. All three books were by Marguerite Rush Lerner, M.D. Notice how none of the books include a death watch…






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