V.O.T.E., Victims Overcoming Traumatic Events (E3): MARSOC 7 Final Exoneration Needed


TLB Contributor & Show Host: Rebecca L. Mahan

RebeccaRebecca L. Mahan is a U.S.M.C. Veteran, retired peace officer, and published author who currently hosts three radio shows on TLB Radio Network. Her focus is to help others by bringing awareness about relevant issues, helping people overcome trauma, and encouraging kids to learn U.S. History.


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By:  Rebecca L. Mahan

Episode 3 of the V.O.T.E., Victims Overcoming Traumatic Events, Program, hosted by Rebecca L. Mahan features an in-depth discussion with Major USMC Retired Fred Galvin.

Major Galvin is known by many as the Commander of first Marine Special Operations Company, referred to as the MARSOC 7 (Marine Corps Special Operations Command) to have been deployed to Afghanistan on specific assignment. During this interview, Major Galvin exposes the facts of how he and his team had been ambushed, ultimately leading to having been accused and tried in the alleged killing of 19 Afghan civilians and the wounding of 50 others.

From beginning to end, Major Gavin presents a series of factual events that lead not only to a clouded verdict leaving room for public speculation, but unmasks the abuse of authority made by members involved in the investigation and those involved with the legal proceedings.

On March 4, 2007, The MARSOC 7 team, who were hand picked, extremely skilled Marines, the elite of the elite, were on a mission to make contact with Tribal Leaders in Bati Kot via a road they had previously traveled without incident. As the team approached a specific area, they could see both sides of the roadway lined with men. This was highly unusual and they did not see any women or children. This was a clear indication that something was wrong.

As the team was assessing the situation, but before they could determine a safe plan, they were amidst an ambush attack. Not once but twice. This prompted the Marines to instinctively do as they were trained. They returned fire, eliminated specific threats, and return to safety as quickly as possible. They returned with an injured Marine.

The incident was immediately broadcast through the airwaves like lightening across the globe. An internal military investigation was hatched without a heat lamp, placing MARSOC 7 under both military and public scrutiny. As the investigation was conducted, Major Galvin took note of procedures that were not being followed properly, along with the erroneous accusations leading guilty judgments to be made before a thorough investigation or trial even took place.

MARSOC 7 Marines were pulled from Afghanistan and returned to an unwelcome homecoming, along with a “fend for yourself” defense support system. These elite Marines, had to find and fund their own legal representation while fighting to have the truth be told about their innocence.

Though the members of the MARSOC 7 team were exonerated, there was no official statement declaring them as “not guilty.” Major Galvin indicated the official comments released were “The Marines acted appropriately….”. The lack of a clear “not guilty” verdict, leads people to believe this team killed and wounded the innocent and got away with it. Our hero’s now face a number of challenges because of this. For example, it affects potential employment and business opportunities, personal relationships, and health issues, amongst countless other areas of their lives. Most importantly, it mars their name. These Marines want and need to have their name restored.

We invite you to call your Senators and Congressmen to act on behalf of these United States MARSOC 7 Marines for a public issuance of a definitive and clear “not guilty” final exoneration statement, as well as, action taken to address the “abuse of authority” made by members involved in this investigation and its legal proceedings. The number to call is 202-224-3121.


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