Vaccination Cover Up: The Triangle of Blame (Video)

Shaken Baby 2a

Preface by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Government corruption and coverups on a massive scale. Parents being blamed for issues out of their control, or actions they took through the blind trust afforded to those whose responsibility it is to keep us and our children safe. Life in prison because of government complicity, or a total lack of responsibility and compassion. This is the world we live in today. This will never change from the top down and it is totally up to us via a ground swell of outrage, to force the drastic changes needed from the bottom up.

What you are about to watch and read is a prime example of what we speak. The following video and accompanying text are the product of one individual who has seen and heard enough to anger her for a lifetime. Christina England is a vital part of The Liberty Beacon project. Her experience and in-depth knowledge on the following subject, and much more, make her invaluable to all of us. As a contributor and talk show host in this project we count our blessings continuously for the day she entered our lives.

Please read on and watch this heart wrenching video … it will grab your very soul …


Article and Video by TLB contributor: Christina England

Parents and caregivers worldwide are being falsely accused of child abuse, when their children develop the so called ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ (SBS) triad shortly after a vaccination. Medical and law enforcement professionals dismiss adverse reactions to vaccinations, automatically assuming that injuries have occurred because caregivers are shaking their babies so hard that they cause them to suffer ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome,’ defined by the following triad of serious brain injures:

• Retinal hemorrhages (bleeding into the linings of the eyes);

• Subdural hemorrhages (bleeding beneath the dural membrane which covers the brain);

• Encephalopathy (inflammation and swelling of the brain)

Strange as it seems, medical professionals dismiss adverse reactions to recently administered vaccinations and instead automatically assume that parents and caregivers are guilty of horrendous abuse, including the murder of young children.

This film describes what happens to parents, caregivers and their families when the doctors get it wrong.

I dedicated this film to all the families who have been falsely accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome, especially, Bryant Arroyo who was jailed 20 years ago the murder of his son Jordan. New reports prove that Jordan was suffering from an autoimmune disease and had received multiple vaccinations shortly before he died. Bryant is innocent of any wrong doing.

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TLB would like to express our extreme gratitude for Christina’s research, dedication to her fellow human beings and most of all her compassion … as well as Gary Cox for his outstanding technical assistance. Well done !!!


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