Vaccine Damage Destroying Another Family: Will You Help Maddie?

MaddiePosted by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Maddie is a 13 year old who absolutely loves cheer-leading, school (yes, the kid loves to go to school), her family, and friends. Most people who have had the privilege of meeting Maddie would agree, she is an amazing young woman with an infectious smile.

On January 24,2013 Maddie was taken the doctor for a routine “health assessment” in which her doctor recommended that she be given the HPV (Gardasil) vaccine and a few other vaccines to maintain her health. Her mother (a single mom) was a nursing student at the time, whom wants nothing less than the best for her children. Within 48 hours, Maddie began having severe abdominal pain and headaches.

On February 2, 2013 Maddie returned to her pediatrician with what seemed like a sinus infection. She was given antibiotics which she took over the next 14 days, while severe and debilitating stomach aches continued and the sinus infection seemingly was unresolved with antibiotics, she began to complain of joint pains in her knees and ankles.Her mother, once again, returned to the pediatrician with a new set of symptoms. The pediatrician assured Maddie and her mother that what she was experiencing was likely nothing more than common aches and pains and a virus.

By the end of February, Maddie became moderately jaundice, experienced memory loss, confusion, nose-bleeds and extreme fatigue. All in addition to her already mentioned ailments. Again, mom returned with Maddie to the pediatrician with a growing concern that something was very wrong with Maddie. It wasn’t until April 24, 2013 that Maddie was hospitalized until late June 2013. Initially, for liver failure which lead to multiple organ failure and pancreatitis. Maddie lost most of her hair, her vision in her left eye, her ability to move around without assistance.

Every doctor was baffled by her declining health. Her mother, desperate to save her child, spent the next six months going from doctor to doctor and specialist after specialist. Each suggesting to continue vaccinating her because of her health. Her mother, did what any loving mother would. Had her vaccinated for the flu out of fear that if she caught the flu, Maddie would get worse. Over the summer she was hospitalized several times to help with pain, extreme nausea, anemia, and vomiting. She then began having severe neck and back pain that radiates into her arms and legs that sometimes leaves her debilitated. She also suffers from insomnia, dizziness, chronic fatigue and migraines. She was easily confused and her memory loss seemed to be increasing.

The various doctors seemed baffled, but continued to treat each symptom on an individual basis, with common prescription medications. Nothing worked. Maddie continued to be referred to specialist after specialist and had test after test done. Her mother,frustrated as any mother would be, took her to the doctor frequently, hospitalized her when needed and remained completely devastated by Maddie’s continual decline and the toll it had taken on their family.

Caring for Maddie had become a full-time job and leaving Maddie alone was no longer an option.

Determined to find answers to what was causing Maddie to be so incredibly sick, her mother continued to push for answers.

FINALLY: It was not until August of 2014 that the mystery was solved. Maddie had suffered a severe reaction to one of the vaccines that she had been given in January of 2013. She now has over a dozen severe and debilitating health issues as a result. Maddie has developed 12 new food allergies. The cost of keeping Maddie on a very strict gluten free, sugar free, pesticide free, organic diet is extremely high.

Maddie has become so sensitive to her environment and food intake that if she eats anything she may be allergic to, she will have a flare-up or relapse and essentially repeat multiple organ failure, only this time doing even more damage than the last episode.

Just three weeks ago, Maddie had eaten a meal she was highly allergic to which has lead her to a full-relapse. She has not attended school for almost three weeks and remains in constant pain and agony.

The medical community says that she will have to live with the pain and continual decline for the rest of her life and recommends that she seek alternative medicine- which is EXTREMELY costly and not covered by insurance.

As it stands right now, Maddie is in need of almost $8,000 in tests that her doctor is unable to get covered by her insurance due to the complexity of the lab work. Additionally, there are only a handful of doctors who are trained at handling medical conditions like Maddie’s.The nearest doctor is in Ohio, which will require Maddie to travel. Unfortunately, her mother is unable to continually work full-time and care for Maddie and her brother.

The financial, emotional and spiritual devastation this family has had to endure is heart-breaking. If you are a parent, you know how hard it is to see your child suffer! It has been 2 years since this family last saw Maddie happy and healthy.

There are MANY of us who rail against the mechanism of vaccines, I think together we can help this family raise the money needed to get Maddie the medical care she needs and deserves (even if it is just a few dollars each)!

If you can find it in your heart to help … please visit:

Magic for Maddie

Thank you so much for your prayers, donations and being a part of Maddie’s Magic !!!

TLB Talk Show Host and Contributor: Leslie Carol Botha has been following this situation for some time and is familiar with the family and the unfolding events. Leslie recommends you read this great article article on the subject of vaccine damage for more information (by: Cynthia Janak) below.

Vaccine Mechanism of Harm Exposed

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  1. If only well meaning people could know how they are damaging their children by accepting, on faith, the sacred cow called vaccination. Vaccines are hazardous waste and cannot be disposed of in the regular trash, so why would anyone allow these chemical/pathogen brews to be injected directly into the bloodstream of their beloved child? It’s the religion of modern medicine and those who wear white lab coats are Gods who cannot be questioned or denied. Here in California the vaccine manufacturers, through the beholden media, are pushing for mandatory vaccination in order to attend school. Now watch the cases of ADHD, autism spectrum and physical symptoms spiral upward even higher than they are already. When I was a child in the 1950’s, children could sit still in their seats, focus and learn. As a teacher, I have watched as more and more children show neuropathology coincidentally with the addition of more and more vaccines. I had the measles as a child and so did all my friends. It was NO BIG DEAL and affords lifetime immunity, which vaccination does not.

  2. My health was in decline, and the final straw I believe, was a flu vaccine I had in about 2003. In 2004 I found an integrated doctor who diagnosed me with Heavy Metal Toxicity. I cannot donate funds at this time, but I would be willing to donate a mineral, that I believe saved my life. Among a list of actions it has it takes out heavy metals and toxins at the cell level, is non-toxic, no side effects. I have helped my friends kids get over eczema and constipation from lead, 2 friends remission from prostate cancer. Thousands of people have benefited. I would be honored to give to Maddie as a gift, provided I could talk to family about dosing, expectations, etc. Kimberly

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