Vaccine Injury Month is About ALL Vaccine Injury

By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

October is Vaccine Awareness month and this is a great time for people who are not involved to become part of the movement. Vaccine injury is real and it encompasses ALL vaccine injury. The media has us divided and everyone who has a vaccine injury needs to stand up and tell their story. ALL vaccine injuries need to be discussed and it needs to be brought up that vaccine injury is about more than Autism. The media has created a lie that people who don’t vaccinate have an overriding fear of Autism which could not be further from the truth. Parents who don’t vaccinate are afraid of the neurological issues, learning disabilities, and the physical as well as emotional problems they are seeing in other children. Autism is a factor but it is NOT the only reason people are shunning vaccines. The pharmaceutical industry has decided illnesses as mild as chickenpox need a vaccine and young females as well as males are becoming crippled after the recently introduced HPV vaccine. The elderly are increasingly becoming permanently disabled after the flu shot. California has taken away the rights of parents to opt out of vaccines unless they want to home school. How can anything this unsafe be mandated? The public is rightfully concerned and those who are vaccine injured need support in coming forward. We can not divide ourselves and we as a movement have to understand that vaccine injury can happen to anyone at any age. As a movement we have to fight for all people to have a voice! (CW)

CREDIT: John Bergman

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