By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

The following videos of vaccine injury made me feel sick, sad, and angry, I actually had to turn everything off and be alone for a while. How can these monsters continue to justify poisoning humanity? The new normal is not measles and chickenpox, it is learning / physical disabilities, cancer, and Autism. We can change this by shunning the vaccines, showing civil disobedience to vaccine laws, and by educating others about vaccine dangers. Please watch these videos, share them, and educate every man, woman, and child that you can. (CW)

Our Vaccine Injury Story Part 1

Credit: Healing Families Network

Our Vaccine Injury Story Part 2

Credit: Healing Families Network

Why I probably will not watch VAXXED…

Credit: Vaccine Injury

A reminder from the late great Dr. Mayer Eisenstein on what ALL vaccines do!

All Vaccines Cause Brain Damage

Credit: 999solomon999

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  1. It’s was only years later when hearing other people talk about vaccine damage that all the pieces of my sons story fell into place. He only had ONE vaccine (know it was a three in one now). Maybe I should put my story down too.

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