Vaccines as ‘Cluster Bombs’

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By: Rowan Contraho

Shiv Chopra, the Canadian microbiologist known for having helped stop the approval of rBGH, did so not by making true but complex arguments about its association to cancers, but by reducing the issue to an undeniable biological fact and thus simple legal issue.

The law said that no factory containing so much as a single rat dropping or feather is considered clean.  rBGH gives cows mastitis which leads to pus in their milk.   rBGH thus turns cows into pus factories.

Wikipedia (articles there on vaccines appear to have been written by industry), says that “Vaccines are among the greatest achievements of modern medicine.”  Dr. Chopra calls them “cluster bombs.”

“A vaccine is a biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease.”  Dr. Chopra says vaccines do nothing of the sort and, in fact, violate the very laws of biology.

As with rBGH, he has a talent for reducing things to understandable and undeniable facts and when it comes to vaccines, he begins at the beginning by describing how the immune system works to protect people from disease.

He says there is a constant war going on between an individual’s bodily integrity and invading organisms.

Most people would most easily recognize this war when they think of bodies rejecting organs from another person or animal.  That very same rejection occurs at a microlevel – against foreign viruses and bacteria.  But rejecting what is foreign, no matter the size, is not just a nice thing or just “how the immune system protects the body” but it does so for a cardinal purpose – to maintain bodily integrity.

And the definition of “integrity” is crucial to understanding the brilliance of the immune system.  “Integrity:  the quality or state of being complete; unbroken condition; wholeness; entirety; the quality or state of being unimpaired; perfect condition …”

In the simplest terms, Dr. Chopra explains that the immune system maintains wholeness or “self” versus “non-self” in the face of invaders.

And it is precisely that wholeness or integrity which vaccines destroy.

The immune system works by breaking down whatever foreign matter enters your body – be it protein, fat, starch or sugar – into single molecules in the digestive system.  Starches and sugar must be broken into glucose, fat to fatty acids, and proteins into amino acids.  The last two the body then takes and rebuilds into the person’s own, no longer foreign, protein and fat.  Anything that remains foreign is and must be rejected.

Bodily integrity must be maintained so the immune system repels invaders by breaking them to pieces or ejecting or destroying them.

In this context, sneezing, coughing, diarrhea, vomiting can be appreciated as protective immune mechanisms to get rid of foreign protein or other matter, while foreign material that gets past into the body is deconstructed by the gut and fever is stimulated as a means weaken or destroy it.

With this background, one understands that in four steps, Dr. Chopra is laying bare the core scientific fallacy of vaccines.

Chopra says that anyone knowing the basics of biology should know:

1.      That all vaccines by their very nature are antigens and that every antigen by defintion must be a foreign protein …;

2. That no foreign protein can be absorbed into the blood stream unless it is digested in the alimentary canal into its basic amino acids;

3. That it is these amino acids which after being absorbed into the blood stream are reconstituted into one’s own proteins and it is these proteins which distinguishes every being of existence into self and non-self.

4. That any interference or tampering with these laws of existence can bring calamity to the being in which it occurs such as by causing auto-immune conditions like autism, etc.

Why calamity?

What happens is that vaccines force foreign protein into the body, bypassing all mechanisms used by the immune system to avoid such invasion.

Think of organ transplants.  The immune system must rid itself of what is foreign.  It will not stop until it has.  It will attack itself to do so if necessary – so fundamental is integrity of self versus invader.

Imagine this were happening to your own home.  People have doors and windows and alarm systems exactly to stop invaders.  Normally we think of them coming to steal but imagine they came to stay, to take over.  The need to eject them and keep the home your own would be unceasing.  Imagine they came in not through the doors or windows for which you had defenses, but through the chimney, through the ventilation system, though the electrical system, and there was no way to be rid of them.  Would it be your home anymore?  Would you be safe?  Would you ever be able to function normally again or would you be on a permanent state of high alert and stress trying again and again to get rid of them?  Might you throw things and damage the walls, or shoot and break things, tearing up your own home?  Would you become exhausted?  Might you break down physically from trying, but could you ever stop trying?  If you did, would it not mean it was no longer your home, but indistinguishable from theirs or maybe even more theirs, having defeated you?

So what happens to the immune system when vaccines jump past its neutralization of foreign proteins before they can enter the bloodstream, and instead foreign matter is injected into the body?  Just like you, the immune system must attack whatever is shot into it, and in being unable to rid itself of that matter or break it down, it attacks again and again, attacking the body itself.  Thus, autoimmune reactions, which are self-attacks. The more vaccines, the more foreign protein is being shot into the body, the more the reactions, the more the body attacks itself.

Vaccines do not, as claimed, “improve immunity.” Even the most rudimentary understanding of what the immune system does would make that obvious.  Vaccines jump the immune system to deliver foreign matter that could never have gotten past it otherwise.  This is foreign matter that the immune system is left helplessly unable to rid itself of.  Foreign matter is lodged permanently in the body, leaving it no longer perfect but broken, impaired.  Bodily integrity is literally destroyed.

From Should I Vaccinate My Child? by Patel Thompson:

“[R]esearchers argue that these attenuated forms of the viruses remain in the body causing continual antigenic stimulation of the immune system – meaning the immune system is always in ‘attack’ mode – which also weakens it and leads to auto-immune diseases.

“A placebo-controlled trial of acellular pertussis vaccines in Sweden compared vaccinated children with un-vaccinated children of the same birth grouping. During the trial, an invasive bacterial infection occurred among the vaccinated group resulting in numerous deaths. A review of the trial data led researchers to conclude that ‘The hypothesis of an immunosuppressive effect of the vaccines, which would explain the deaths…could not be refuted by the data.’ (xvi)

“As further evidence, one of the few double-blind trials that have ever been conducted on a vaccine shows the same immunosuppressive effect. In the trial, of the group who were vaccinated with the Salk polio vaccine, over 200 people went on to contract polio. Among the control group (unvaccinated), not one of them developed polio. (xvii)

“Citing references from numerous valid sources, including four recognized textbooks on paediatrics and immunology, Harold Buttram, MD and John Hoffman, PhD, conclude that childhood vaccination “cannot help but have adverse effects on the immunologic system of the child, possibly leaving this system crippled in its ability to protect the child throughout life…opening the way for other diseases as a result of immunologic dysfunction.” (xviii)

And it is not only foreign virus or bacteria that causes a problem.

Chopra writes:

“The foreign proteins in vaccines originate from not only the infectious organisms against which one wishes to produce infection-fighting antibodies but also the artificial media in which these organisms are grown. Contained in such media may include one or more of the following materials: bovine serum, horse serum, chicken egg, monkey kidney, insect cells and even human fetal cells.

“Apart from the foreign proteins, vaccines may also contain other harmful substances, including mercury, aluminum, formalin, oily adjuvants, etc., plus untold number of stray viruses with the potential to cause cancer, HIV, serum-hepatitis, and so on.”

The body is being filled with foreign protein from other human beings and from other species, none of which the immune system can expel, and yet it must if it is to maintain functional integrity – keeping the distinction between “self” and non-self.

“Meanwhile, evidence indicates that except for smallpox, no other infectious disease, e.g.: tuberculosis, cholera, typhoid, anthrax, measles, mumps, rubella, DPT, polio, influenza and others, has been eradicated and that this continues to be so despite the decades of vaccinations against each of these diseases.

“Also, during the same period, the incidence of many previously uncommon diseases such as autism, diabetes, allergies, and cancer, has been increasing in pandemic proportions.”

The person is now contaminated with foreign matter, the “invader” now residing the body, the body attacking itself.

Patel Thompson, again:

“Vaccinal attenuated viruses attach their own genetic ‘episome’ to the genome (half set of chromosomes and their genes) of the host cell, and are thus capable of surviving or remaining latent within the host cells for years. The presence of foreign antigenic material within the host cell sets the stage for their unpredictable provocation of various auto-immune phenomena such as herpes, shingles, warts, tumors – both benign and malignant – and diseases of the central nervous system, such as varied forms of paralysis and inflammation of the brain.” (xix)

“Dr. Markowitz states that in addition, vaccines do not just produce mild versions of the original disease, but all of them commonly produce a variety of their own symptoms. In some cases, ‘these illnesses may be considerably more serious than the original disease, involving deeper structures, more vital organs, and less of a tendency to resolve spontaneously. Even more worrisome is the fact that they are almost always more difficult to recognize.’” (xx)

“In addressing scientists at a conference sponsored by the American Cancer Society, Rutgers University professor R. Simpson warned:

“‘Immunization Programs against flu, measles, mumps, polio and so forth may actually be seeding humans with RNA to form latent proviruses in cells throughout the body. These latent proviruses could be molecules in search of diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, Parkinson’s disease and perhaps cancer.’” (xxi)

In claiming vaccines “improve immunity,” the pharmaceutical industry seems to have no idea that the purpose of the immune system is not just to react but to protect biologic integrity, core to human health and life.  Instead, the industry is filling the body with foreign protein, devastating the human immune system.  They are using vaccines containing foreign DNA and a long list of toxic substances that “explode inside the body and hit every part of the body, every cell and molecule” – the “cluster bomb” Chopra speaks of.

“Apart from the foreign proteins, vaccines may also contain other harmful substances, including mercury, aluminum, formalin, oily adjuvants, etc., plus untold number of stray viruses with the potential to cause cancer, HIV, serum-hepatitis, and so on.”

So distant is the pharmaceutical industry from protecting immune function that with each “generation” of vaccines, the vaccines become more harmful.  They went from inserting whole viruses which they now admit were causing the very diseases they were supposed to prevent, to using “recombinant components” (genetically engineered pieces) of a number of viruses, but still they could not get the response they wanted.  So, now they have moved to the third generation of vaccines, DNA vaccines, that inject genetically engineered matter.  Are they called DNA vaccines because they are supposed to be taken up by the person’s DNA?

If so, they would be hitting not just organs and cells but would potentially be contaminating the very biologic code of the person’s life, their DNA.

If this occurs, now the home invader analogy would include mutant (genetically engineered) invaders who would take over the host’s body, as well as her house.

If the new vaccines can imbed or cross contaminate with mutant (genetically engineered) pathogens that affect the DNA, vaccination would be undermining the integrity of self in terms of its instructional messages, the biologic coding of the runs everything in the human body.  The immune system would be left struggling at a much deeper level of reaction, a spasm of reaction.  The most core functions of the body, such as mitochondrial function (basic energy production) might be disrupted.

Was Wakefield seeing damage to fundamental bodily integrity, in seeing mitochondrial dysfunction?  Was Robin MacNeil of PBS seeing it as well in his own sick autistic grandson?

Chopra’s explanation of the immune system and how vaccination bypasses the immune system and leaves in place just what the immune system is tasked to get rid of (foreign protein), makes apparent why it is mistaken to refer to vaccination as “immunization.” Vaccines damage the immune system.  Vaccination would more appropriately be called “anti-immunization.”

Patel Thompson says:

“The bulk of the evidence gathered from numerous countries points out that not only is vaccination ineffective at preventing the spread of infectious disease, but vaccinated children are actually at a higher risk of contracting these illnesses. In addition, the adverse reactions to vaccination are much higher than presently documented in the medico-pharmaceutical literature and the long-term damaging effect of suppressing the immune system is rarely addressed.

“In light of all the evidence to the contrary, why have vaccines been pressed upon the public as a necessary, beneficial way of preventing our children from getting sick? In the words of Dr. Raymond Obomsawin (who’s held senior positions in UNICEF and CUSO), referring to mass vaccination, “It is reprehensible that such actions continue to be enforced by authorities, while parents and local health workers are not accorded any practical knowledge of the known dangers involved, and the extent to which there prevails a general ignorance of the longer term consequences.” (xxii)

Patel Thompson is not alone in seeing that something other than science is behind vaccines.

“Combine this ignorance with the millions of dollars in profit generated by vaccination that goes straight into the pockets of manufacturing companies, governments and medical doctors, and it becomes clear that vaccination is more of a political and economic issue, than a health issue.”

One sees that reality in the behavior of those invested in vaccines, such as Bill Gates.  Rather than addressing the solid and increasing scientific evidence exposing the biologic irrationality of his massive financial commitment in vaccines  (as well as the extreme danger a leading scientist is warning of), he is instead suggesting now that those who question his investment (vaccines) are committing involuntary manslaughter.  Did the pharmaceutical industry insert the article on vaccines in Wikipedia?  It too suggests that expression of concerns over vaccines are tantamount to manslaughter.

“[C]oncern has been raised [by anyone not financially connected to vaccine production?] that spreading unfounded information about the medical risks of vaccines increases rates of life-threatening infections, not only in the children whose parents refused vaccinations, but also in other children, perhaps too young for vaccines, who could contract infections from unvaccinated carriers (see herd immunity).   A more extreme response to this concern is the claim that spreading false information about vaccine risks amounts to involuntary manslaughter, claiming that celebrity promotion of the vaccine-autism link was followed by “an increase in the number of vaccine preventable illnesses as well as an increase in the number of vaccine preventable deaths” and thus “may be indirectly responsible for at least some of these illnesses and deaths.” (Wikipedia, Vaccines)  [Emphasis added.]

As the above quote indicates, the promotion of vaccines is relying on fear.  Vaccine investors are using it (fear of swine flu, of meningitis, of hepatitis, of cervical cancer, of common childhood diseases – adding new fears all the time) to try to put in place the ultimate form of marketing – government mandates of their products.  But educated people are learning that vaccines suppress and even damage the immune system, which is essential for fighting off diseases, and that vaccines were not responsible for the decrease in infectious diseases but can actually increase diseases.

So, to stop such information and the spreading rejection of vaccines, those invested in vaccines (with 200 more in the works) are portraying information (concerns, questions, etc.) about vaccines as lethal.

Yet the pharmaceutical industry and Bill Gates cannot dispute the central biologic fact about vaccines – they are catastrophic to the immune system and it is the immune system that keeps people well or heals them of disease.  The “science” behind the new vaccines is so shaky, the pharmaceutical industry admits it doesn’t know how their DNA vaccines, which are based on “DNA uptake,” are alleged to work:

“This phenomenon has not been the subject of much research, so the actual mechanism of DNA uptake is not known.”  (Wikipedia)

Ignorance of the immune system combined with intense international promotion of an early pharma product (aspirin) is now associated with deaths during 1918, not a flu or virus.  The National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases discovered that common upper respiratory bacteria were responsible for the deaths, nothing viral.  Aspirin is thought to have played a part as doctors did not realize it suppresses the immune system (or the value of fever), and that suppression allowed infections to take hold and worsen.

Additionally, aspirin killed healthy people outright (“well in the morning, dead by evening”) because of medical ignorance of its toxic qualities.  Government, medical, and industry promotion came together to urge aspirin on the world, and multiplied the losses.  (And now coming to light is the corollary – natural practitioners who avoided aspirin and supported immune system function, had stunning success in saving lives.)

Vaccines are promoted as a miracle of modern medicine, just as aspirin was touted in 1918.  The WHO even promotes vaccines as the means to save the world from another flu pandemic like 1918.  But 1918 wasn’t a flu pandemic in the first place!  To counter how many times people were wrongly told that a virulent virus (or flu) killed millions in 1918, it bears repeating that there was no flu pandemic in 1918 and that there has never been a flu pandemic in human history that killed millions.

Instead, 1918 appears most likely to have been a pharmaceutical disaster of global proportions based on global distribution of aspirin and global advertising.

Vaccines make no sense as any response to 1918 unless the drug industry wishes to replicate the calamity of 1918 by intensely promoting yet another pharmaceutical industry product which even more severely suppresses the immune system than aspirin and can permanently damage it.  Today the pharmaceutical industry has gone further than promotion, and has gotten laws in place which mandate their “immune system damaging” product to everyone, without exception.

The millions of 1918 deaths offer a dire warning against any product – no matter how much said to prevent death, no matter how much fear-mongering, no matter how much government agencies, medical authorities, or industry spokespeople urge – that tampers with the immune system.

Vaccines don’t just tamper.  Vaccines are cluster bombs.


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