Vaccines, Environmental Toxins, & Government – Profit Over People, Or … ??

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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

As many more people wake up to the fraud of vaccine safety and efficacy or the mandates of environmental protection from bio-toxins, they start down their own path of research, many finding a total lack of faith in both. What they are also finding out is the total lack of responsibility and compassion that is supposed to be inherent in our government agencies whose mission is to protect the health of the public … actually being guilty of blatantly betraying their mandate!

We also find such agencies at odds with each other with respect to safety standards set on certain components found in vaccines or the local environment such as mercury, lead and aluminum. Whereas the EPA has set a specific standard for both Mercury or Aluminum, stating anything exceeding this is a toxic level, the CDC recommends vaccinations containing these very substances in magnitudes above these set levels … and not only recommends them to the general public but stops just short of mandating them to infants and pregnant mothers.

The ongoing awakening in the general public is facilitating a lack of trust in these agencies that is exploding across society, yet we see no moves via these agencies to amend their policies, to regain or shore up that lost trust … actually quite the opposite. At this point the mentioned government agencies move ever closer to full blown tyranny via a mechanism such as mandating a full vaccine schedule … regardless of all they are well aware of.

Additionally, over the past few years we have even discovered incidences of research proving the negative or harmful impact (in some cases by the governments own research scientists) of vaccines or environmental toxins on us, and especially on our most vulnerable, our children, hidden away from public eyes, thus facilitating many avoidable health disasters (including death). These heinous crimes of intention go unpunished, again leading to even less trust and faith in these agencies.

Today anyone with any vaccine research or environmental bio-toxin awareness under their belt cannot help but see agencies such as the CDC, EPA, FDA or USDA as their nemesis, bent on pushing, and quite possibly in the near future, forcing (mandating), such mechanisms as vaccination on a progressively more hostile public. We have come to realize something is disastrously wrong in this system that supports harmful government policy at the behest of pharmaceutical or chemical industry profit.

Try to imagine the pain, suffering and unnecessary death that could have been avoided if this vital information had been made available to the public, and these cited agencies had reacted to it in accordance with their mandate to protect the people! Thousands of lives, hundreds of thousands of lives, millions of lives … destroyed or lost?  This is blatantly unethical,  unconscionable, sinister, just plain evil … But where is the justice ??? … !!!

What we provide below is some documented proof of the allegations made in my above commentary. There is much more available, all one need do is take the time to look …


Proof the government is lying and hiding pertinent research:

Dangers Associated With Vaccinations Have Been Withheld From Public For 30 Years. Here Are The Documents

Profit Over People: When Those We Trust To Protect Our Health … Can No Longer Be Trusted

Whistleblower: CDC Knew in 2003 of Higher Autism Rate in African-American Boys Receiving MMR Shot Before 36 Months

Dr. David Lewis at AutismOne: An Insider’s View of Scientific Integrity in a State of Crisis


How the EPA Faked the Entire Science of Sewage Sludge Safety: A Whistleblower’s Story

Is the FDA Corrupt Too? Do Fish Swim In the Ocean


And lest we forget the price parents, loved ones, ethical researchers or those concerned with their fellow citizens, suffer for speaking out about this deception and blatant evil …

Least We Forget the Blatant Cruelty of the Vaccine Industry and Their Propagandized Trolls and Shills


All this leads to a very blatant comment … Our designated and trusted protectors are not dedicated to the protection of you, me or our children … Their motto should in fact read PROFIT OVER PEOPLE … or is it something much more sinister …

Below you will find an article written a while back by one of TLB’s star partners and contributors Christina England … it is so very apropos.


Hidden Government Papers on the Measles Vaccine Exposed

By: Christina England

How a mother is supposed to decide what vaccines are safe, when the governments change their minds so frequently, is anyone’s guess. One minute the government makes it categorically clear that the measles vaccine should never, under any circumstances, be given to a child under the age of nine months, the next minute they are saying the complete opposite and actually advising it. Take this circular that was issued to the government in 1968, entitled Notes on the use and storage of Measles vaccine (live attenuated) for routine vaccines for example.

Click here to see the government document on the measles vaccine.

It clearly states under Section 7 – Routine Vaccination that live measles vaccine should not be given to children below the age of nine months since it usually fails to immunise such children, owing to the presence of maternally transmitted antibodies. This was the advice from the good old JCVI who at the same time said that the vaccine should instead be given to children in their second year of life after the completion of the immunisation against diphtheria, tetanus whooping cough and polio.

However despite this advice, reports are now saying the complete and utter opposite.

Babies Aged 2 To 12 Months Insufficiently Protected Against Measles,

Study Finds Measles: Gap in protection for young infants

Babies aged 2-3 months to a year vulnerable to measles

Infants ‘at risk for measles in first year’

I do appreciate times move on and medical advances do as well but something as fundamental as ‘the presence of maternally transmitted antibodies’, does leave me to question this new research.

OK moving swiftly on. In the 1968 report in Section 6 – Reactions it says:-

“Mild febrile reactions and transient rashes may be expected to follow the administration of the vaccine in a substantial proportion of cases. The rise of body temperature which may occur from 5 to 10 days after vaccination – usually about the 8th day – is due to the multiplication of the attenuated virus. This febrile reaction, when it occurs, seldom lasts more than 24 to 48 hours. The Committee on Safety of Drugs has agreed that severe and unusual reactions to measles vaccine should be reported on the yellow card used for reporting adverse reactions to drugs. The Committee does not however, wish to receive reports of mild febrile reactions and rashes associated with the use of this vaccine.”

I bet it doesn’t as this may clog up the system. So what this actually says is, a mother lets her perfectly healthy baby have a vaccine that will give the baby a mild dose of measles ,while risking her child’s health with other adverse reactions to save her child from ultimately catching measles. Totally bizarre thinking if you ask me.

What this also proves is that the UK government as far back 1968 knew that the measles vaccine gave children adverse reactions, in fact, after reading the papers it is very clear that they seem quite happy to be offering babies a vaccine that they admit in a substantial proportion of cases gives them high fevers and rashes. Well I guess you could say it is all in a days work to them and on this score nothing has actually changed. Currently the measles vaccine is not being given as a single vaccine and is being given instead as part of the MMR. This now means that your baby can expect to enjoy a  few more side effects than he/she would have had from the single measles vaccine.

“How safe is the MMR vaccine?

“The drug company that makes the MMR vaccine publishes an extensive list of warnings, contraindications, and adverse reactions associated with this triple shot. These may be found in the vaccine package insert available from any doctor giving MMR, and in the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) at the library.(8,9) The following afflictions affecting nearly every body system — blood, lymphatic, digestive, cardiovascular, immune, nervous, respiratory, and sensory — have been reported following receipt of the MMR shot: encephalitis, encephalopathy, neurological disorders, seizure disorders, convulsions, learning disabilities, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE), demyelination of the nerve sheaths, Guillain-Barre’ syndrome (paralysis), muscle incoordination, deafness, panniculitis, vasculitis, optic neuritis (including partial or total blindness), retinitis, otitis media, bronchial spasms, fever, headache, joint pain, arthritis (acute and chronic), transverse myelitis, thrombocytopenia (blood clotting disorders and spontaneous bleeding), anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions), lymphadenopathy, leukocytosis, pneumonitis, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, erythema multiforme, urticaria, pancreatitis, parotitis, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, meningitis, diabetes, autism, immune system disorders, and death (Figure 49).(10,11)”

The most interesting fact given in the 1968 circular and something that needs a great deal of thinking about today is in Section 8 – Relation to other immunising procedures where it offers the following advice:-

“An interval of three to four weeks should normally be allowed to elapse between the administration of measles vaccine and any other vaccine, whichever is given first.”

My question is, if this is so, then why the hell did they dream up putting the measles vaccine into a multi vaccine just a few years later? It is obvious to me that their very clear advice seems to have gone completely out the window, as nowadays, not only is the measles vaccine part of a multi vaccine but now they are saying it is safe to give children many vaccines in one day. In fact Paul Offit is actively giving the advice to parents that multiple vaccines are quite safe saying that even as many as 100,000 are perfectly safe. I wonder how he would feel offering to be the pin cushion he wants our children to be.

Dr Offit

“Paul Offit, M.D., chief of infectious diseases at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Henle Professor of Immunologic and Infectious Diseases at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, is the Chief US spokesman/liar for vaccination. The Voice of Sauron. On the board of Every Child By Two. Believes children can safely take 100,000 vaccines!”

Mind you in saying this according to some he does share the patent on the Rotavirus vaccine Rotateq, that looks to have made him millions. Honestly what some people will do to get rich is beyond me.

Christina’s article first appeared on Vactruth. TLB recommends you visit Vactruth for more great/pertinent vaccine related articles and information.

See Christina’s original article here:

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