Vaccines, the Truth, & Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Vaccines, the Truth, & Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Preface by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Ever wonder why Vaccination is so prevalent in America today? Why they can’t risk allowing you and I an easy way to opt out (an option that is rapidly disappearing)?  Why there is a huge push on to make them mandatory? Well here is a cut and dry explanation that leaves little to the imagination and very little to question.

Even though peer reviewed study after study proves unequivocally the dangers inherent in vaccines as well as their almost total lack of effectiveness, with no proof of long term efficacy, our government still does not listen or take any appropriate action to provide us with the protection they are mandated to. Actually quite the contrary, as we are all aware that these pharmaceutical behemoths enjoy total immunity from prosecution, granted by said government.

If these vaccines are as anywhere near as effective and safe as stated by so many doctors and health experts … why is total immunity from prosecution even required?

If we as the recipients enjoyed immunity from disease as a result of vaccinations at anywhere near the perfect level these corporations enjoy immunity from prosecution … this article, or any like it, would never be written. The obvious answer is … We do not, and many in the pharmaceutical industry and government are well aware of this.

What follows is additional information contributed to TLB Project by our outstanding partners World Mercury Project. I strongly recommend you read the attached information, paying special attention to the short (8 minute) video presented by the projects Director – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and then DONATE to this outstanding organization via the link below. If ever there was an organization hell bent on protecting us and our much more vulnerable children … WMP is that Organization !!



We know we’ve alerted you many times to give, but this project is so important… probably the most important issue of our lifetime because it involves the health and well-being of our children.

With 54% of America’s children suffering from a chronic health condition, we don’t have a moment to waste.

We wanted to alert you that WMP has just released the above 8-minute excerpt from the longer 45-minute version of the Vaccine Safety Presentation.

On May 31st of this year, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. delivered the entire 45-minute presentation in person to National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director, Dr. Francis Collins.

Also in the meeting were the Directors of these institutes: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and the National Institute of Mental Health.

They have all been alerted to the monumental problems affecting our children’s health.

WMP needs your help to meet our goals. The above-mentioned meeting was a start. There are many more to go. We plan to hand deliver this presentation and supporting materials to every member of Congress. And we will hold Congressional briefings for Congressmen and their staff to help them understand the gravity of the facts presented.

We won’t stop until decisive action is taken to meaningfully address the serious health issues affecting over half of our country’s children!

According to HHS’s own estimates, about six million people may suffer from a vaccine reaction each year. This is unacceptable.

Neurotoxins don’t belong in vaccines. Our children deserve better.

We hope we can count on your support. Please make your tax-deductible donation now at the link below.

Thank you!

The World Mercury Project Team


The above (attached) article (Vaccine Safety Project Video Trailer) originated on and is republished here by contribution with attribution to author The World Mercury Project Team and


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