Vaxx or Anti-Vaxx … Independent Study Seeks Answers

Vaxx or Anti-Vaxx? Independent Study Seeks Answers

By: Jack Gleason

Our country is undergoing a radical transformation of trust. The people we relied on to lead us in difficult and challenging times are no longer credible. The COVID-19 pandemic is a prime example.

Our politicians, doctors, and scientists say one thing on Monday with great conviction and sincerity, and by Wednesday they are saying the exact opposite with equal fervor.

Trump, Biden, Fauci, Birx — whom should you believe?

Should you wear a mask? Should your children be in school? Should you get the vaccine shot? Should your five-year-old get the injection?

Are these people taking their positions on these issues for personal or political gain, or are they just totally without a clue as to what’s going on? And why, in a supposedly open society like the United States, are legitimate reports of concerns about face masks, children in school or vaccinations being censored?

We constantly hear “follow the Science” with “Science” capitalized like it’s a religion. But true science is based on data, and we have all heard stories about untouched COVID tests coming back with false positives, COVID deaths being overreported, and vaccine complications being underreported. How can any honest scientist come to a meaningful conclusion without accurate data?

Vaccine side effects are reported to, a database where medical personnel and ordinary citizens are encouraged to submit information whenever they see side effects from any vaccine in the United States. Other countries have similar databases.

OpenVAERS is a website that summarizes VAERS data, and they have a page just for the COVID vaccines. Through May 17th, 2021, they reported 4,057 deaths, 11,572 hospitalizations, and 25,603 trips to urgent care. It is important to note that VAERS lists “adverse events” that coincide with vaccine injections but doesn’t make any official causal connection. A 91-year-old man with a chronic heart condition might have died a day after receiving a vaccine, but he might have died without the shot anyway.

However, it is safe to say that the number of adverse events from the various COVID injections is hundreds of times greater than any other vaccine in history, and the most common criticism of VAERS is that events are under-reported by ten to one hundred times. As Fox News’ Tucker Carlson recently reported, about 160 million Americans get the flu shot every year, yet relatively few coincidentally die afterward: 203 deaths in 2019, 119 deaths in 2018, and 85 deaths in 2017.

Concerns from reputable scientists have been raised that the new mRNA vaccines may damage our immune systems and make us significantly vulnerable to new strains of COVID or other viruses. This could kill millions of Americans. Why are these questions being censored and denied with no explanation? Isn’t this worth honest discussion?

Perhaps the most disturbing new development is the rapidly growing number of reports of horrifying side effects by unvaccinated women who are simply exposed to someone who has taken a shot. Their symptoms include severe vaginal bleeding, unusual menstrual cycle changes, miscarriages, and stillbirths.

Pfizer, in their own document, (see pages 67-69) orders physicians to report these kinds of “Secondary Adverse Events” to VAERS, but VAERS doesn’t include this information in their totals.

First we were told, “Take the shot so you won’t die.” When that didn’t work, we heard, “Take the shot so you can hug your grandmother.”

What if we learn that vaccinated people are actually putting others at risk? Will we hear “Don’t take the shot or you may kill your unborn child?” Will those who have taken the vaccine be the ones required to wear masks, self-quarantine at home, and be barred from events?

An independent group of researchers, doctors, and scientists have developed an online study that all Americans should participate in. It takes 3-11 minutes and seeks to answer such questions as…

  • Who has gotten COVID-19? What symptoms did they encounter?

  • Did they have pre-existing conditions?

  • What treatment measures were used?

  • Have people tried preventative measures to avoid infection?

  • Among people who have taken a COVID-19 vaccine injection, were there any side effects?

  • For those who did not get the vaccine, have they experienced any unusual medical symptoms recently?

As in the normal “scientific method,” the data will be shared with other researchers, but all personal data will be removed.

In the meantime, if you’re healthy, perhaps it would be a good idea to hold off on getting a shot until we can learn more and evaluate the data using real science.

And if a politician, government doctor or “medical expert” tries to tell you what to do, take their free advice with a bucket of salt.


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