Vaxxed: A Movie Review By TLB Partner, Vaccine Free Health

Vaxxed – A movie review

By TLB Contributing Author: Lori

On Monday, Aug.1st., a online friend from Des Moines and I traveled to Moline, IL to see Vaxxed. This is a powerful movie. If someone tells you this is an anti vax movie then either they haven’t seen it or they are so biased for vaccines that they can’t see the truth being exposed in this movie.

Polly Tomney tells us how she was so reluctant to get her son the MMR vaccine. How her moms calls her up and tells her that there is a problem with the vaccine and should rethink it. Her doctor tells her that the vaccine is fine and gives it to Polly’s son.  That night he has seizures. She hugs him to her chest and says over and over, this isn’t happening. We see Steven as an adult. He acts out, saying things I don’t think he really means and getting upset with the filming crew being in his room.

Dr. Brian Hooker tells us how Dr. William Thompson calls him up and says we don’t know each other but I’m going to help you.  Dr. Thompson goes on to say that he knows Brian has a son with autism. Dr. Thompson knows that Brian is asking for documents regarding the vaccine-autism link studies but tells him which study to specifically ask for. This study shows a significant link between the MMR vaccine and autism in African-American boys. Over 300 times more likely to happen if given on time or earlier but the risk goes down if the vaccine is given after age 3.

Sheila comes on the screen & tells us how she took her twins in for their shots. 3 shots for each child, 1 of which is the MMR. She turns her back to tend to her daughter & her son is given 2 doses of the MMR by mistake, the nurse apologizes. Sheila says they are leaving. That night her son spikes a temp. She calls the doctors office the next morning and tells them she thinks her son had a reaction to the MMR vaccine, they tell her its normal.

Her daughter is fluent in 3 languages like she was raised in those countries and plays the piano beautifully. Her son is autistic & Sheila cries for the future that should have been his and he never will see.

The actual CDC documents are seen in this film. The scientists involved in this study sliced & diced the study until the autism effect went away. This is unethical. You look at the results of study and write the results as you see them.

Senator Bill Posey is seen talking about how CDC documents were destroyed & imploring congress to subpoena Dr. William Thompson. He wants to be subpoenaed so that he has to tell the truth. He also talks about in the film about how over 100 thousand documents were shredded regarding vaccine safety but has kept a hard copy of each one. He was worried that destroying those documents were violating  the Freedom of Information act.

Senator Bill Posey   is seen in this C Span video talking to his fellow senators in this video.

Dr. Colleen Boyle is seen avoiding the question – Has there ever been a study done that looks at the health of vaccinated kids vs. unvaccinated kids.  She has to be asked at least twice to answer the question. When she finally admits that no such study has been done, the congressman says thank you for answering the question and thank you for wasting 5 minutes of my time.

Del Bigtree is seen working in the control room of The Doctors show. He sees the lies coming out and our mainstream media is silent. You hear absolutely nothing when this should be the biggest story that you see on the evening news. He makes the decision to leave the show in order to pursue this story.

Dr. Rachel from The Doctors show is seen. She reads the documents and the study. She is asked if a parents asks you about the safety of the MMR vaccine what are you going to tell them. She said I’m going to tell them the truth. The cover up can not be denied.

The young Dr. Sears is seen in this film. He can’t believe how he has been lying to his patients all these years. He says that vaccines have contributed to the decline in diseases but their safety must be brought into question at this point in time. How can we trust the CDC to tell us the truth after seeing these documents?

Julie Gerberding who was once in charge of the CDC and is now head of Merck is mentioned as well. Merck just happens to hold the patent on the only trivalent MMR vaccine.

Dr. Paul Offit is mentioned. How he holds a millions of dollars a year chair for vaccines.

They also show a clip of the advisory committee for which vaccines are given, when and how many are given to a person. Every person that introduces themselves have financial ties to the vaccine industry. The more vaccines that are given the more money they stand to make.

After the film, a pre-filmed Q&A is seen. Del starts it by saying would parents who have vaccine inured children please stand up.  Over a dozen parents stood up at this particular showing.  This was very moving. The tears started at that point. The Q&A talked about Tribeca, why other vaccines were not brought up in the film and also how to ask out lawmakers to please subpoena Dr. William Thompson. The CDC can no longer be trusted. It’s like the fox watching the hen house. They need outside over sight to keep them honest.

I drove almost 4 hours to see this movie. I know of someone who flew from Texas to New York to see this movie. I implore you to see this movie. If it’s not coming to one within a reasonable driving distance then get the DVD coming out next month. Plans are in the works to bring it to other countries.

Visit Vaxxed online.

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