VIDEO Memorial Day Weekend Salute – Truth About Memorial Day – Rolling Thunder

VIDEO Memorial Day Weekend Salute – Truth About Memorial Day – Rolling Thunder

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Memorial Day Weekend Salute

Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Christopher Hodges, assigned to Navy Band Northwest, plays “Taps” during the annual Memorial Day “Tolling the Boats” observance at Deterrent Park on Naval Base Kitsap in Washington, May 25, 2017. A total of 65 U.S. submarines have been lost since 1915, with 52 lost during World War II. Navy photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Charles D. Gaddis IV

“We can’t ignore our past,” said Navy Capt. Ted Schroeder, chief of staff of Submarine Group 9. “It’s important to remember where we came from and to honor the men and women whose legacy we’ve inherited.”

We wouldn’t have the freedoms today without the sacrifices of the families and the heroes that we are remembering today,” said Navy Chief Petty Officer Jonathan Corcoran.

In Remembrance of the Many
who gave their all or suffered in order
to make certain that the following continues for future generations

We the People of the United States,

(group of citizens linked by common goals not by class, religion, sex, or genetic origin)

in Order to form a more perfect Union,

(to arrange through order and logic to bring about a better way to govern )

establish Justice,

(to organize or set up laws meant to maintain order, stability, and security)

insure domestic Tranquility,

(secure or protect our homeland in order to be free from agitation of mind, of spirit, or turmoil while living in a stable environment)

provide for the common defence,

(make available protection from autocracy, anarchy, totalitarianism, despotism
both foreign and domestic)

promote the general Welfare,

(further the progress of exemption from any unusual evil or calamity; the enjoyment of peace and prosperity, or the ordinary blessings of society and civil government – Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828)

and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,

(God’s favor for each of us to have the power of choice and protection against arbitrary or despotic control, and future generations also)

do ordain and establish this

(bring into existence by appointment, decree, or law)


(written instrument embodying the rules of an organization)

for the United States of America.

(government in which supreme power belongs to the citizens through their right to vote)

Signed in convention September 17, 1787. Ratified June 21, 1788

Defending our way of life is more than guns, more than bombs, more than drones and satellites or fancy equipment…

It is the words we speak, the beliefs we hold dear, the emotions evoked by our senses.

… It is a code of conduct and laws declaring order rather than chaos.

It is the belief within our core that no man or governing body has the right to use fear and inhumane actions to force compliance nor the right to subjugate our minds, our bodies, or our dreams for a goal not of our choosing but theirs.

… It is the determination to resist despotism and barbarism as we have since our country’s founding.

It is our right to our belief of values, morals, and religion which shapes our lives and our hereafter so long as they do not use fear, human depravity, death, or destruction in their practice.

It is why the conquering of our nation cannot be done so long as truth, faith, hope, morals and values like loyalty, honesty, courage are not lost — or everyday heroes, memorials, and patriots are remembered in prayer, mind, and heart as we pass on our knowledge, wisdom, and history thanks to their sacrifices.

The loss of all we hold dear is only a fleeting moment away,
if we do not remain vigilant–
grounded in faith, hope, and truth.


The Truth About Memorial Day

Bikers head to DC for the Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom


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