Walking The Kingdom (#3): A Weekly Discussion On Drug Education for Our Youth & a 4K Mile Walk To Promote It

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Walking The Kingdom Episode #3

Hosted by: Roger Landry (TLB) – With TLB’s very own Steve Cook (Walking the Kingdom) & Pete Dwan (Drug Counselor & Educator)

The quest:

No sane person has the goal of getting their kids or Grand-kids hooked on Drugs but many people worry what they can do about it. Some feel they don’t know enough about the subject to talk to their little ones about drugs. Others feel that scaring them or threatening them will do the Trick. Some even think their kids will work it out for themselves and don’t even broach the subject. All told it is a very real problem that faces our Children.

Steve Cook is taking on a huge challenge to help every parent on the Planet keep their kids away for drugs. Walk The Kingdom is a campaign that will take him around 9 months to complete and will require him to walk up to 20 miles a day to achieve the overall target of over 4000 Miles to cover the entire coastline of the UK mainland. Steve, who is in his SIXTIES, wants to raise money and awareness so that no child misses out on what he feels is Vital information to keep our kids drug free. The information he’s talking about is put across to kids from a very unlikely source.


Steve is over 450 miles into his walk as this show airs.

Each week on this show we will be hearing from Steve out on the coastline road, and Pete who will be giving key information you need to keep your kids drug free.


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By TLB Contributor & Sow Co-Host: Peter Dwan

You’ve heard it before im sure ” Kids are our future” Our Children are born with such a huge urge to create and help others, its magical. Im sure youve been in a room at some time when someone comes into the room with either a baby or small child smiles and light up the whole room. We look on our children with hope. Hope that they will live long, productive and happy lives. We want the very best for our kids.

I believe this is being suppressed with drugs on mass very insidiously through enormous amounts of mediums, music, fashion, movies, TV,social media etc…

We are not just talking about illegal drugs here of course . We have a culture that has been sold down the river on lies that the solution lies in a pill bottle or indeed at the bottom of a beer bottle. We are told that we deserve, after the toil of the week, to go out and let our hair down and party some. I’m all up for having fun, but when the way to do it causes so many social problems, we need to have a serious look at what we are actually doing.

When we really look at the multi-billion dollar industry that is the pharmaceutical industry, is it not the case that we cant see what’s right in front of our eyes because the lies are so huge. Just like your trying to advise a girl in an abusive relationship that her man is no good for her, as she sits with two black eyes, and she just cant see it.

If we want to change the future we have to empower our children with the truth and established facts about drugs so they can go on and create a better future than the one we have created. Children are so intelligent that if you present them with some truths they thrive on it. Looking the other way and hoping that someone else is going to do it, or that by some miracle it will all work out in the end, “surely there are people who’s job this is ?” Or indeed believing there is nothing we can do about it. Our Children’s futures are in our hands!

It is reality that we can educate our kids about drugs, and we can have a future with drug free kids on mass, changing the tide on what I believe is such a huge problem, that we find it hard to confront.

One man, a Grandad, has taken a stand and said enough is enough. Steve Cook who is in his sixties is currently walking around the entire coastline of the UK. He is walking over 4,000 miles to bring attention to what he believes is the solution to the problem. Effective Drug Education for our Children to empower them to remain Drug Free.

Find our more about Pete and his crusade at his website My Pink Bugatti

Please visit Steve at his website Walk The Kingdom for daily updates and videos. Donate to this worthwhile cause or help in any way you feel comfortable with, even if just helping to get the word out.

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  1. Truth is, it’s in the “best interests” of big Pharma, as well as drug-running governments to have you, and your kids “hooked” on 1 or, preferably, more drugs, be they illegal or prescribed, for 2 reasons: money, but ALSO because doped and duped populations are much easier to control. Even if you think you’re free of that control, you’re NOT! Is there fluoride in the water you drink? Guess what? It’s NOT there to prevent dental caries! What about chemtrails overhead? As a pilot’s kid, I assure you, those are NOT part of the normal output of airplane engines, jet or otherwise! Think those vaccines being pushed are for your health? Best think again! You’re already long-term victims of drugs!

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