WARNING New World Order Almost Complete: The END of America via the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)



by Sheep Media

Warning!  This is not sensationalism, conspiracy theory or propaganda, this is truth and you need to understand it.

 The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Would Promote Off-Shoring of American Jobs

Nearly five million American manufacturing jobs – one out of every four – have been lost since implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). Since NAFTA, over 60,000 American manufacturing facilities have closed. The TPP would replicate and expand on the NAFTA model.
A leaked text revealed that TPP is slated to include the extreme foreign investor privileges that help corporations offshore more U.S. jobs to low-wage countries. These NAFTA-style terms provide special benefits to firms that relocate abroad and eliminate many of the usual risks that make firms think twice about moving to low-wage countries.
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 Under the NAFTA model, U.S. manufacturing imports have soared while growth of U.S. manufacturing exports has slowed.
 TPP includes Vietnam, a new favorite for corporations’ job offshoring, because
wages there are even lower than China.
 Already, the growth of the U.S. trade deficit with China, since China entered the WTO in 2001, has had a devastating effect on U.S. workers and the U.S. economy. Between 2001 and 2011, 2.7 million U.S. jobs were lost or displaced.
 Devastation of U.S. manufacturing drives down wages, erodes the tax base and heightens inequality. Despite major gains in American worker productivity, real median wages hover at 1979 levels. Government data shows that two out of every five displaced manufacturing workers who were rehired in 2012 experienced wage reductions of more than 20 percent. With the loss of manufacturing, tax revenue that could have funded social services or local infrastructure projects has declined, while displaced workers have turned to ever-shrinking welfare programs. This has resulted in the virtual collapse of some local governments in areas hardest hit. (source)

 The powers that shouldn’t be are trying to push this corporate coup d’etat (TPP) through sneakily.

 We the public are not even privy to its contents. Doesn’t that tell you something? This piece of legislation will have grave repercussions for all the countries included in it … without YOUR knowledge. Where has democracy gone folks?

 The TPP, if signed off by US Congress and NZ parliament, will officially and legally be the end to any remnants of America as a sovereign, democratic, and free nation. It will give corporations open slather to do as they please and sue us if we don’t agree, for loss of corporate profits!

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Representative Alan Grayson has a post on his facebook page about this very TPP deal. He is urging Americans to call their representatives and ask them to stop this.  It’s time to excercise our first amendment rights.

(Read Here and CALL)  It’s time for Americans to tell our lawmakers to stand up and say no more, hands off. No deals until it conforms to our Constitution. More importantly no deals with countries who abuse even the basics of  human rights. It’s time for light to be shed on countries like Thailand, Pakistan and even China. We will be watching this NWO TPP fast track that the puppet Obama administration and globalists of the world are pushing, and will update as it becomes available. Western countries like the US are on the downhill slide economically, middle classes are disappearing, economies are crashing, and you can’t deny this. You can’t deny that our prices for goods are skyrocketing, our wages are sliding down, and our middle class is replaced with welfare and disability. It’s time to wake up. One world economy and government are just as an inch away if we do not act. Don’t take my word for it, research it, and get familiar with it, because we are heading on a fast track to total ruin. (source)

*****URGENT: Contact your representatives and let them know you’re against Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) or fast-track bill, which essentially grants the office of the president the power to do treaty by Executive Order.*****

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  1. This TPP treason will pass overwhelmingly in the house! The majority of Americans both left and right understand passing the secret fast track is treason against liberty by representatives. Go now and get off the dolar, urge your individual states to seccede and nulify ALL federal power! Prepare your family and neighbors to stand with the states to uphold sovereignty of Constitution within each state and remove all power from federal gov’t! Urge governers who care about this and have military bases to consolidate those bases under state soverign authority even when those bases are regular USAF, Army, Marnies etc, they have sworn an oat to uphold Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic, the greatest enemy is the domestic federal system hijacked by a few puppet masters. This is not a call for coup but rather a call to nullify as much federal authority as possible. The Bill of rights will stand. States must take it upon themselves to inact technologie and rescorces for internet backup when google follows federal wishes to shut down internet. Gun companies, those that actually are in business to support the fundimental American principles of 2nd ammendment vs those gun and ammo companies that are more interested in global empire and wealth, these companies also need to secure the industry in the US and if need be elements of national guard and other military should protect these assets. Local land holding both public of federal land needs to be siezed under state authority to protect it as soverign for American people not global interests! Local food and water needs to be protected by states militia and military so as not to be seized by UN or other global tyrrany. Monsanto needs to be taken out of all US ag and if possible totally put out of business at least in the US. Each state needs to work together to investigate the weather modification programs run under seceret federal control and put an end to it one way or another. If it is found to be originating from other nations as well, fire power should be used against these to shut them down. Geo-engineering and creation of western US drought is the single greatest threat to prosperity and individual liberty of Americans, and other nations on this continent as well!

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