Was Hillary Clinton Arrested? Citizen’s Journalists Say She Was (VIDEO)

By Ariyana Love
The mainstream media initially released reports last week, that U.S. Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had a “fainting spell” and this was why her “Doctor’s” were “helping her into the vehicle.”
This is what corporate media is telling us to believe when we watch the video’s of her supposed collapse. But, is that what we are actually seeing?
Citizens journalist have analysed the footage and present very convincing reports that Clinton was arrested! Her chance for presidency would be surely be eliminated if the American people knew she was restrained by her neck at long last, by agents of the state.
In this day and age, we need to be clever enough to realize that the media is the most powerful tool the zionist cabal has to fool the “We The People.” Staged false flag events, such as Sandy Hook Elementary School “shooting,” is a prime example of media trickery.
Why were Clinton’s hands uncomfortably restrained behind her back? Why were her legs shackled? Was Clinton’s loyal entourage instructed to shield her from the cameras view? Because that’s what they are doing.
The men whom the Clinton Foundation claimed were her “Doctors,” in fact look like security or government agents. She was not gingerly helped into the vehicle like a sickwoman would be. She was tossed in like the criminal she is.
What’s more, citizens journalists are also reporting that Clinton has at least two body doubles. In the video analysis below, one of her body doubles is shown greeting people on the street, the day after her supposed “collapse.” A show for the public to prove Clinton is ok and in good health?
But wait.. the woman who looks somewhat like Clinton, is clearly much thiner in the hips.
It’s certainly not beneath the Zionist global cabal to use whatever tricks they can to fool the masses, in order to achieve their hidden agenda.

Please watch and judge for yourself:

Here’s another analysis of the same footage slowed down even more to catch the fine details. Please view:

Here’s another video with a different angle of Hillary’s likely arrest. We can more clearly hear the clanking of the chains binding her hands and feet, as she attempts to take a step towards the vehicle:

Here’s a still shot of those shackles on her feet and the her entourage trying to shield her from the camera’s view:



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