Hillary Will Be The Final Chapter In the … Death Of America!

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Presidents in America are supposed to be Looked up to, Admired, Trusted and Relied upon … or at least at some point in our history that was true. Today they are Distrusted, Ridiculed, Ignored and in some cases Hated by a large and growing portion of the population they lead. The credibility of this institution has fallen from sterling to dismal over the last century, and has accelerated massively in the last three generations (emphasis on the last three decades). BUT if Hillary makes it into the White House … the treachery we experience now will be looked back on as the good old days!

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Tis article was updated and republished on 09/19/2016

If you doubt my opening statement, or judge it too harsh … well then please join me in a trip down the Clinton rabbit hole …

What is becoming more blatant to me today is the quite obvious pending failure of the Grand Experiment called America, a nation built on the premise that We The People would control the strings of power and as its only true sovereigns, rule this nation via our observation and participation. Today an Oligarchical Elite control this once proud Republic, imposing their agents (puppets) on us in a process that fools far too many into believing they actually have a choice in the direction and goals of America. Mind you a lot of the responsibility for this failure sits squarely on our laps as we have acquiesced our authority to this cabal slowly over the generations in a well choreographed scenario.

Their agents used to be svelte, highly skilled in their deceptions, rarely raising an eyebrow in the public realm as they did their masters bidding. Today all that has changed! Today we see bills, laws, Executive Orders, and much more going squarely against the will or benefit of the people, and no amount of  complaining from the people seems to even dent this evil agenda… it actually seems to accelerate it …

So yes there is an evil deeply rooted in America, an evil so deep and destructive that it is becoming harder by the day for even those who bury their heads in the sand to avoid the ever worsening taste of reality, or to ignore it. In far too many cases that evil has a name … The Clinton’s with special emphasis lately on Hillary! The list of evil deeds they have perpetrated on the American people is long and convoluted. Here is a short list …

I make no secret of my feelings for Hillary as can be seen in a excerpt form this commentary I wrote a short while back Hillary, the Media and a Milestone for Women … ???

This is a woman who has left a trail of dead bodies, broken or fractured laws, blatant examples of violent retaliation and extreme graft (not to mention possible treason) behind her … and the government still has her under investigation for several serious breaches of campaign fraud and Foundation overreach as we speak, and may be forced to make another attempt to try to indite her! Yet she is the anointed Presidential Nominee for the Democratic party … FREAKING REALLY ??

I am in constant contact via The Liberty Beacon Project with people of serious concern for Americans from across this planet daily, and the latest trend from across the pond is a serious level of pity for the gullibility and ignorance of the American people! How can we possibly consider an individual for President that should be locked away for life on so many counts, that one has lost count?

How can we allow the system to manipulate us so blatantly that the rest of the world laughs at what is considered to be the biggest joke of the twenty first century, and we remain oblivious to this (for the most part)? Is it that Americans can’t see the forest for the trees? Or due to the Fluoridated water, Many Vaccinations, Massive Pharmaceutical drugging, GMOs, etc.. we are in fact so (intentionally) dumbed down that we can no longer be held accountable for our blatant acts of stupidity!

THIS IS THE PRESIDENCY WE ARE TAKING ABOUT … and this woman must have MADE A PACT WITH THE DEVIL! Hillary makes even Obama look like a patriot in comparison (OK maybe slightly overstated to make a point) !!!

Consider this, despite all I have said above there is a growing movement of discontent in America, and Hillary, regardless of the money, hidden secrets (for blackmail), and political clout backing her, seems to be in the eye of the storm … a storm that is gaining strength and momentum as we speak.

Take for instance the Benghazi fiasco, four proud Americans died unaided, pleading for help from those they trusted and depended on to keep them safe … or at least alive. Hillary had the helm of the ship of state regarding this safety or protection and failed miserably, as a matter of fact her immediate response (politically motivated) was to blatantly lie to the American people and mislead those whose task it was to investigate this tragedy … But the story goes much deeper than that so please do some digging …

Lying has become this puppets forte to such a degree that it is now almost expected, and dismissed by a vast majority of the public, and even those who support her. The truly surprising and obvious issue here is … she is not even a good liar!

Next we delve into the ServerGate scandal, a cacophony of lies and misdirections running the gambit from Lying under oath to Congress, to intentional mishandling of classified material and rounding out at the mysterious death of an DNC official who was about to spill the beans on Hillary and the Clinton Foundation …

Assassination Of Top US Democratic Party Official Leads To FBI Capture Of Clinton “Hit Team”

Hell there are even researchers tying Hillary to the Dallas night club shooting, reasoning that it was meant as a redirection of attention away from the Clinton Foundation trouble that will be the next big scandal that the Clinton’s will have to buy, bully or threaten their way out of … once again unscathed by the law …

3 boggling facts in Hillary email cover-up/Dallas shooting

The FBI Director, who himself has many half buried connections to the Clinton’s, and the Clinton Foundation, claims to the American people that she had no “intent to break the law”, BULL! Intent is written on every one of her illegal actions and he is more than aware of this! But let’s put intent aside right now and examine the legal facts …

Yet with more scandals, violated federal laws and blatant lies than any candidate in recorded history … this woman is the anointed Democratic Nominee … WOW talk about Teflon! Far too many Americans today still trust her and will vote for her regardless of anything she is accused of. To these I would ask “Are you freaking hiding is a cave with no media or brains?” What you have here is a serious clue as to just how deep the corruption and complicity runs in this government and media …

Why is it that you and I ‘WILL’ go to prison for not paying parking tickets, getting caught with a joint, or for mere suspicion these days, but people like Hillary can continue to commit serious  (proven) crimes such as, lying under oath to Congress, massive fraud, compromising classified information (over 110 counts), violation of federal election laws, and I could continue on until I puke, with total immunity from any repercussions?

The blowback from the ServerGate scandal is already bubbling to the surface as many convicted of far lesser crimes or actions are pointing the finger and asking the appropriate question … What The F**K?

The Blowback Begins: Marine Demands the Same Treatment As Hillary

There is also one more issue we have barely scratched the surface on but needs mentioned … The Massive Body Count the Clinton’s have in their political wake. Now this is harder to prove so I won’t expound too much. I present a short video series that pretty well covers the subject with the exception of the last few possible examples. Please watch it and decide for yourself the validity of the information … but in most cases the evidence of circumstance is compelling …

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3, Part 3 of 3

This powerful (top teer puppet) duo is so far above the law it is literally mind blowing. Even with all stated and shown above Hillary is still a sanctioned candidate for US President. Nothing distresses me as much, or pisses me off more! I once thought Obama was the worst and most dangerous president in the history of this nation … and still do. But if Hillary succeeds in getting selected (presidents are Selected not Elected ~ FDR), we … not ‘could be’, but ‘will be’ witnessing a whole new level of corruption, complicity and treachery that includes everything up to Murder and Treason, and in a blatantly more open scenario!

Wake the hell up because this bus called America is headed straight for a cliff, and Hillary cheated on her driving test !!!

Authors Note: There have been several TLB followers and even staff members who have asked me lately if due to my constant release of blatant media hammering on the Clinton’s (especially Hillary), I fear reprisal up-to and including shutting me up for good. To this I answer … First I do not believe in death thus have no fear of it. Second I am sixty two years old and have lived a rich and exciting life. I am doing now (TLB Project) what I will dedicate the remainder of my life to (no matter how short or extended that may be). If as I draw my final breath I can smile one last time, a smile of success knowing I hit the right chord, or said the truth boldly enough to facilitate such a response … I will at that point be a very happy and satisfied man … OH yea I will also get to meet and chat with Andrew Breitbart (LOL)!

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My Parting Shot …



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3 Comments on Hillary Will Be The Final Chapter In the … Death Of America!

  1. My prediction is that Goldman Sachs JP Morgan Soros will stage another crisis and use it for 3 purposes. To remove the guns from US citizens and to have full blown marshal law. Then Obummer will remain as our Muslim terr0rist prince and there will be no election. We are too close to a financial collapse and no one will accept another bail out. The gig is up and we are out of time. Keep in mind there are more illegally armed US citizens that are totally locked and loaded and pissed off at this government.

  2. Tom750 A vast majority of the TLB Project followers are well aware of this fact as we cover it VERY often so we do not need to be schooled on the facts. I have personally written may articles and done radio shows and TV shows relating to this subject. The article is already long enough without adding numerous other side paths or directions. Your comment is obviously accurate but if taken at face value would mean every article written on any of our 15 plus websites would by necessity be a book the size of the Bible by trying to cover every possible related fact or issue … and very few would read them. The focus of this article IS Hillary and that was sufficiently accomplished. Thanks for your comment and information, it is appreciated (seriously) … Roger Landry TLB Project founder

  3. Roger Landry’s article Hillary Will Be The Final Chapter In the … Death Of America! is good. It would be better if he went back and rewrote it replacing “America” with the (corporate) United States, explaining to readers that America and The United States are two different entities. That officers of this corporation go by the deceptive titles of ‘President’, ‘Congressmen’ and ‘Senators’. This is how someone not a naturally born American is in the White House. If the author is not aware of this, a good place to start learning is article 58. The specific details of how you were defrauded http://annavonreitz.com/howyouweredefrauded.pdf at the website of Anna von Reitz(inger) at http://www.annavonreitz.com Thank you TLB for all the great articles! keep them coming.

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