By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Democracy is the forced rule of the majority over the minority (even at 50.1% vs 49.9%), and the perfect recipe for eventual and inevitable civil war … Yet we have a supposed Constitutional professor for a president who constantly touts America as a Democracy … Actually I don’t think I have ever heard him refer to America as a Constitutional Republic … Again … WHY ??

We are teaching our children that they live in a democratic society and there in lies the problem. Democracies evolve into autocratic rule resulting in oligarchical control with little or no consideration for the rights of the individual, if it does not benefit the majority, a majority conditioned to serve a hidden elite via propaganda, fear, privilege, services or dependency … Does this sound familiar?

We were intentionally founded as a Constitutional Republic wherein the rights of the individual are sacred, and their protection from the majority (mob) rule is paramount. Via complicity and blatant greed we have seen this dream of our founding fathers flounder and fade.

Roosevelt 2

Is there anyone here who is awake that does not know in their mind and heart that “our presidents are selected, not elected”? A Constitutional Republic was intentionally morphed into a puppet Democracy, lead by Presidents chosen by an oligarchical Elite, and imposed upon a propagandized people.

If we ever intend to rectify this and put the governing power back into the hands of We The People we need to get our apathetic butts off the couch and explain this to our neighbors, our kids teacher, our insurance agent, hell stand up on a soap box in the supermarket parking lot with a megaphone but make ourselves heard!

The time is now and the stakes are our future, and that of our children!

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