Treason: The New Law of the Land

Treason: The New Law of the Land

By TLB Staff Author: Lucille Femine

Where do we turn today, especially after Pence’s betrayal? Certainly, there are many negative emotions floating around the universe, polluting our hopes and dreams we would uncover the fraud, have a fair election and resume the incredible expansion Trump began when he took office in 2017.

Except for Trump, and very (very) few others, we can no longer trust the government. Period. A fact.

This morning I read a Facebook message from a dear friend who announced he was leaving Facebook and left me his contact information. By the way, there is one great advantage to Facebook and that is to reconnect here and there with old friends. I lost contact with this person thirty years ago and we found each other on Facebook. He is now a very dear friend and ally in the fight to save the planet. The same happened with a long-lost niece. So the basic concepts of this massive media outlet should not be trashed; we just need new leadership. The same with Twitter.

I was a bit startled by his message but not for long. It reminded me of an obvious solution to this world’s suppression and that is to remove ourselves from its ties, financial and otherwise. Why are we feeding the beasts?

Communication is the greatest power we have to live, resolve any problem and be happy. However, the opposite is true when we talk about true evil intent. We cut the line and therefore weaken their rule over us. Imagine: We disconnect our accounts to Facebook, Twitter and stop shopping at Walmart, Target, Craigslist and Amazon for starters. I’m not sure how many other financial giants are compromised or evil straight from the gut but it would all come out in the wash.

That’s a tall order, I know. I love the convenience of shopping at Amazon and talking to all my friends on Facebook. But is it worth it as part of draining the swamp? Bring back all the moms and pops of the world. The middle class. The real people. The ones who made this country what it is.

This action would fall directly in line with what is emphatically needed now: We take back our country by turning our backs on our oppressors. Peacefully. We undo the damage by simply disconnecting. After all, this is a financial war. What can they do, arrest eighty million of us? Especially when we have cut off our financial support? How will they build all those jails?

Who knows how many gazillions they have but my guess is they would be severely damaged when our money flow is cut off. Meanwhile, we renovate social media and the fake news, arrest the perpetrators and pedophiles and support other platforms like Parler, Rumble, Newsmax, etc and of course, The Liberty Beacon.

We don’t react. That is the key. We keep a cool head and do what is rationally the best survival. As many of our great patriots have been saying over and over, we need to be spiritual which means uncover our true selves, our powerful selves. From there, we will simply know what to do. Pray, meditate, go for long walks, love your friends, family and neighbors. Simply create or recreate who we really are and what pleases us.

When others have committed treason against us, our first instinct, in many cases, is to try to reform them, enlighten them. But it’s pretty obvious now that there are far too many diehard destructionists to have much success and we would wrap ourselves in turmoil, pain and failure. It’s like on a plane in distress, you put your own oxygen mask on first before you help others who need it.

The majority of us on this planet deserve the best.

My vision is that more and more of us literally cut our ties with these evil giants with their illusions of ease and freedom. It’s such a simple solution but, too often, simplicity is overlooked as unworkable. Why do we need to complicate things? We don’t need to write ten thousand page proposals. Who would read it, much less understand it?

No, we don’t need the dark government. I’m not proposing an overthrow, just a cutting of ties to the deep state’s poisoning of our very essence. It will take a joining of forces like no other that ever existed on this planet. But we have the internet, our greatest mechanical tool of communication. Don’t use it to oppose others; that will only weaken you and please the oppressors. Don’t succumb to the need to be right. Just do what’s right from a clean space.

There will be turmoil; it’s already begun. A sixteen-year-old girl was shot and killed yesterday at the DC rally, and three others died for other medical reasons. Besides disconnecting, we still need to gather together and make ourselves known. When a worker screws up, you need to bypass them for a while and do the work yourself. This is that moment. The government has screwed up for a very long time. Again, I don’t mean a coup. Violence or severe aggression will do us in.

We take over partly by making sure we elect honest leaders or become one yourself while we expose and take out the trash. For sure, many of us may want to turn our backs completely on foul leadership and say government is just bad and useless. But good leadership is always needed to keep order, prosperity and safety. We don’t want chaos.

I see that goal of fair leadership as quite a challenging one, perhaps, considering the amount of evil that has gone on for so many centuries and how wide and deep it has become. But we cannot tolerate any amount of treason or it will never end and simply be “what is” – not just in our elections but in our approach to life. We become treasonous to our integrity.

Let’s hope integrity has not gone completely out of fashion. It just might secure Trump’s re-election, despite all odds, including Biden’s certification as president.


TLB Note: Lucille is a longtime valued TLB Staff member. She is also an author, writer, researcher, activist, and an exceptional artist to boot! To enjoy more of Lucille’s wisdom, research and presentation … CLICK HERE


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  1. Lucille, I am afraid that the time for talk is over, the time for action is upon us and may we be fierce warriors in our quest for peace and freedom
    I am willing to take up arms in the defense of this nation against the domestic enemies that have been clearly identified. may god help us

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