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Hosted by: Steve Cook, who is a writer and also the editor of TLB UK, and co-hosted by the former martial arts champion and renowned drug educator Pete Dwan.

The issue of drugs and drug dependency touches directly upon the issue of human freedom. As Steve points out in the show …

“If you ain’t free of drugs, you ain’t free.”

If we are going to bring about a truly free and vibrant society, then we must ensure the good mental and physical condition of its basic building blocks: individual human beings.

As drugs impair and damage the individual’s health, vitality and ability to think clearly, then we must do everything we can to free people from their harmful influence.

Children are the adults of tomorrow, so we can do ourselves and them a vast service by helping them grow and develop according to their God-given and considerable abilities, free of the debilitating effects of drugs.

This show starts an examination of HOW that can be done through the ground-breaking approach to empowering our youngsters with an effective education on drugs pioneered by Pete Dwan.

It also begins an exploration of how the Drug Free Kids campaign can lay the foundations from which a grass roots movement will grow naturally.

As all power springs from the grass roots, this will play a key role in bringing about a new, sane and vibrant civilization.

We hope you like the show!


Drug Free Kids may be heard at 9PM EST every Tuesday (you will receive a “No Results Found” message if you click on the show link prior to air time) at the Liberty Beacon Radio Network and can be heard in full anytime after show publish time (pre-recorded).

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  1. All well and good, but we are not free anyway, and more freedoms are being taken away every day, including freedom over what we do or do not put into our own bodies. They are FORCING poison vaccinations on us. Just one example…

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