Why Treason? (Part 2 of 2)

Why Treason? (Part 2 of 2)


By TLB Contributing Author: Rico S. Giron

Here is an interesting irony I have observed, even though we are primarily Social Beings, we crave “isolation and being alone” time. This is demonstrated by how people choose their homesites. It is a great dream to own hundreds or thousands of acres with our castle on it and fully fenced so that no one can approach us on our property. Surveillance cameras, guard dogs, moats, sensors to the point of paranoia. Humans are a mass of contradictions and insanities.

Part of the problem for human beings is that communication is tricky. Only 30% of communication is verbal and the other 70% is non-verbal. This creates a vast, barren wasteland of deception. Huge opportunities for deceiving the target abound in this wasteland. Herein is the problem, this 70% of non-verbal communication is almost impossible to decipher. Hence the need for the infernal “legal industry.” The need for contracts to protect both parties. Yet, even with contracts, parties often renege and try to get out of these contracts. Treason abounds in this vast barren wasteland of deception.

Yet experience shows us over and over again that most people outside of our personal, small circle of trust, cannot be trusted. Perhaps it is a perverse fact of life that our worst enemies are our own families. For instance, families will fight tooth and nail for meager, miserly assets left by parents to the children. I have heard horror stories of brothers and sisters engaging in vicious battles, and one emerging triumphant over the rest of the family by keeping the vast majority of the assets bequeathed by the deceased. Additionally, in the corporate world, commerce is adversarial and a dog eat dog world. That is the reason for the over-abundance of attorneys and liaryers in this nation. Roughly 95% of the world’s attorneys live and work in the U.S. We are a nation of untrusting, litigious phuckers. The driving psychological impulse of commerce is greed. The principle of “getting the best of the other party” is predominant in all business transactions. The mantra of “have more to be more” is alive and well in this country, thank you for asking.

For some perverse reason, in this country, having more Federal Reserve Notes elevates you above the poverty ridden rabble. The belief that Federal Reserve Notes makes a person better in rampant in this country. For instance, if a poor person suffers mental illness, he or she is simply called crazy. However, if a rich person suffers mental illness, he or she is called “eccentric” and accorded special place in society. Federal Reserve Notes inflate the level of self importance to the level of insanity. However, there is a cruel irony to having lots of Federal Reserve Notes. People with Federal Reserve Notes suffer the exact “human conditions” as poor people, but only worse, because they develop a delusional paranoia that everyone is out to steal their money. I would venture to say that rich people suffer more heart attacks and other diseases then the poor. I call this the Disease of the Rich.

When money becomes redundant, as to the rich and wealthy, they must of necessity turn to cheap thrills to replace that high in the form of drugs. Additionally, the sadism of control and domination of other humans is very enticing and seductive. This may be due to the fact that they know what they did to get their millions, which is basically cheat. The rich have one mantra, “Be first, be the best or cheat.” Additionally, as people get richer, they become more miserly. “Never have the under-taxed super-rich been so rich, yet on average give a smaller proportion of their money to “good works.” Actually, middle and lower income people give more proportionally than do the ultra-wealthy.” NWV It is a well documented fact that the poor and middle class give more money to charity than the rich. “For there is no defense for a man who, in the excess of his wealth, has kicked the great altar of Justice out of sight.” Aeschylus.

Betrayal is perhaps the most difficult of the human actions to deal with and understand. A betrayal is so complete. It calls everything we know into question. The most common human betrayal involves power thru a dark secrecy. Dark secrets are the most powerful. Betrayal leaves the victim in tatters and devastated. Have I betrayed? More than I care to admit. “When we trust that we are being told the truth, and find it to be intentionally bogus, it is a special kind of betrayal, and it goes to the very root of what we are supposed to be as a human being in a viable nation of free men. This betrayal should be considered profound in the extreme, as it is traitorous to everything we hold dear. Without truth, we flounder in uncertainty, and are easily controlled. This form of betrayal should not be tolerated in a free society, and demanded with an uncompromising state of mind.  If it is found and proved to be an intentional lie, that source should be denounced with the loudest of all affirmation, and litigated with the force of criminal justice.” Ken LaRive, TLB. However, fear makes cowards of us all. What if we are wrong and the accused can turn around and humiliate us beyond measure? Indeed, courage to denounce a wrong is not for the faint of Heart. What if in our zeal to expose, we are sued for libel or slander even though we speak the truth.

Betrayal involves a dark secrecy that contradicts all human interactions. It is this very dark secrecy that creates the sense of Power in the Traitor. Treason is the mental soil from which monsters will inevitably grow. Treason is the Typhoon of all human behavior. The most recent incarnation of Typhoon, was President Obama, a self-acknowledged Marxist and homosexual. What then are the inner impulses that drive a person to betray his fellow countrymen, family and friends, and results in national damages and personal damage; humiliation and defamation of the targeted person? William A. Wirt and Senator McCarthy are prime examples of men that were destroyed by traitors. These men came forth and tried to identify the Russian plot, and paid a severe price. “Joe McCarthy, who we will see, has been vindicated by the historical record.” West, supra. In Russia communist ideology, traitors in their service, are called psychopolitical operatives. Please refer to my chapter titled, “A Communist Blueprint for the Destruction of America.” This blueprint conclusively proves and demonstrates that America was infiltrated by the thousands of Russian psychopolitical operatives and they recruited hundreds of United States Citizens to become Russian spies. The great historian, Will Durant wrote, “No great empire is destroyed from without until it has thoroughly destroyed itself from within.” “Oh contraire!  If we do not roll back the insanities and the injustices that have eroded our liberty and freedom, or their memories, we will eventually die and henceforth, never to rise again, being replaced by a top-down, elite-run, tyrannical, one-world-order socialists and communists.  We will become the incarnation of the Old Soviet Union.” Ron Ewart, NWV. Yes indeed, the Great Sovietization of America has already happened, but the American steeple, like children, are still hanging on the all of the myths of America, Land of the Free, bla, bla, bla.

In modern times we have Edward Snowden and Julian Assange to mention the most notable patriots. “Today, turning one individual into an example seems to be all that’s necessary to keep the citizenry in line.” West, supra. Keep the sheeple in the corral, in a constant state of fear. What happens when the “government” itself is the Traitor? What if the “government” itself is a foreign traitor? Where does a country stand if the law itself is written by Deep State Traitors and is designed to squash patriots with courage who expose the criminal behavior of their “government?” Please read my chapter titled, “When the law is wrong.” In every dictatorship, exposing “government corruption” is a crime, and the pound of flesh has to be extracted in the form of personal destruction, prison time or death. “Today we are again allies with adherents of a totalitarian ideology whose agents and apologists have penetrated Western institutions, overtly and covertly…meanwhile, the jihadist penetration of our institutions continues apace.” Diana West, supra.

So let’s examine some of these inner impulses. Insults, humiliations, slights of Ego, insecurities, a desire to feel important, personal animosities against a specific person, organization or ideology, jealousies, mental illness, paranoid delusions, schizophrenia, a false desire to make a difference in the world, desire to punish, desire to be “god”, or perhaps these impulses are too many to list. Treason puts the Traitor in the enviable position of becoming judge, jury and executioner. Indeed, a very powerful self promotion. A traitor judges a person and finds them wanting. A traitor judges a nation and finds it wanting. A bit arrogant, wouldn’t you say? More than anything, treason involves an unidentifiable insanity. The Human Ego is the greatest of all Tricksters. Perhaps the two greatest tools the Ego has at its disposal are Justification and Rationalization. The Human Ego can and will, hide all sorts of Evil behind these two tools. Even murder can be justified and rationalized. Denial is a bit weaker, but highly effective. None are blinder than those who refuse to see.

Within the psychological makeup of career politicians, the highly creative blends with the criminal thru the activation of the environmental factors in the form of temptations and opportunities for self enrichment and self aggrandizement. Lobbying in this country offers the greatest opportunities for criminal politicos to enrich themselves very quickly. Lobbying is the perfect environment for the corruption of the Soul. Big Pharma outspends all other lobbyists by far to buy the whore politicos of this country. To Pig Pharma, the United States “government” is it’s personal “Rent-A-Whore, Inc.” It is now a well established fact that modern medicine prescribed by doctors and dispensed by the Big Pharma drug dealers, pharmacists, is the number one killer, surpassing heart attacks and cancer. An excellent, albeit long, 500 pages, is the book titled, “Rare Earths: Forbidden Cures.” Wallach and Ma Lan, M.D.s A quick note, the psychological profiles of politicians, career criminals and police officers are virtually identical. So the question is this, “Would you or I behave any different in the same given situation with the hundreds of temptations offered in the course of a political career?” Probably not!!

In the psychotic, schizophrenic world of politics, insults, humiliations and slights of Ego are abundant in all interactions between “politicos.” Politics is a vast barren, wasteland of Schizophrenia. Yet, schizophrenics can also be highly intelligent and creative. The difference between “normality” and “insanity” is very difficult to establish. It is a vast blurry, grey area that loses it’s meaning of differentiation. David Horrobin, in his book, “The Madness of Adam and Eve”, wrote, “The concepts of schizophrenia, of bipolar disorder and of psychotic depression are extraordinarily difficult to define in ways which provide a clear categorical demarcation either from normality or from each other.” For sure mental disorders have gotten a bum rap.”

If you have been categorically diagnosed with one of the three above mental disorders, you are a social pariah, an outcast. Perhaps the question I should be trying to answer is this, “Are politics, religions and languages environmental potentiators and catalysts for schizophrenic behavior to manifest in career politicians?” I will make a humble attempt to answer this question. “Schizophrenia can affect people of all abilities in all strata of society, but it does with surprising frequency seem to affect the families of the great, the good, the clever, the rich, the ambitious, the intellectual and the creative.” Horrobin, supra. Schizophrenics tend to murder their own mothers more so than non-schizophrenics.

This is absolute and irrevocable proof that genes are not the total arbiters of personality, psychological health and psychiatric disease…indicates that the environment has a profound effect on whether someone with a high genetic risk for schizophrenia will develop the illness.” David Horribin, supra. Is the political environment a prime catalyst for schizophrenia to manifest? Interesting indeed.

Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder seem to embrace much of what is best and also much of what is worst about the human condition…On the other hand, the paranoid, violent and psychopathic tendencies may have become worse, leading to ever more ruthless leaders who would stop at nothing to gain, maintain and retain power to see the frequent family alliances and their often internecine quarrels between related political, business, military and religious leaders in the ruthless quest for domination.” Horrobin, supra. Welcome to the Matrix of Politics and Insanity. “Noting that reality and its definitions have now entered the realm of game and are up for grabs, they become better at the game than anyone else, exploiting it, re-shaping disordered uprooted minds and tilling a new bed of mental soil from which monsters will inevitably grow.” Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, Jerry Mander.

Professional, political minds are shrewd, sagacious, ruthless and manipulative with no moral or ethical restraint whatsoever. Politicians, politics, government, and elected, as well as un-elected officials, are the monsters in our closets. All governments are in fact and deed, corporations. Governments are fictions invented by the Deep State/Shadow Government, for the purpose of Plunder. Corporations have CEOs, and boards of directors. Corporations want only one thing, maximum profit, the hell with humans, Mother Nature and the environment. The more criminal a corporation, the more refined its propaganda and the more elaborate its’ corporate mission statement. Think, the United States corporation, with its Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights. Since 1871 this nation has been usurped and destroyed when the United States corporation was incorporated as a municipal corporation by foreign investors in Washington, District for the Criminally Insane. Since then, all of the promised freedoms in the Bill of Rights have become privileges or immunities pursuant to the 14th amendment. We are a nation of POWs and Slaves chasing our promised, “pursuit of happiness.” We are a country of imbeciles. “The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State: individual so-called ‘ownership” is only by virtue of Government, i.e. law amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State. Senate Document No. 43 73rd Congress 1st Session. (Brown v. Welch supra). You own no Property because you are a slave. Really you are worse off than a slave because you are also a debtor. But you don’t believe it, do you?”]

Personal Insecurities, and a desire to feel important, can be extreme motivators. For a traitor, these secret, inner impulses can drive them in an almost blind fashion. Especially, if the traitor has failed to recognize them. The Traitor allows an internal, unidentified pain to drive him in all social settings. Thus, he or she sees no contradiction in their actions against their country, family or friends. Surely a Traitor derives some sort of pleasure from his actions. If a traitor has switched his loyalties to the opposing country, then his secret loyalty is his source of power. Of course, the Traitors’ handlers will appeal to the Traitors’ desire to feel important and thus create a new Matrix within which he can function while satisfying that need. All Dark Secrets are of Satan himself. Treason is a very dark manner by which a person can distinguish himself from the crowd. “Fact is, we do stupid shit all the time to try to stand out from the rest of the herd, or pack. We color our hair green, we paint our finger and toenails, we buy snazzy cars or fancy houses or the latest gizmo (the one everyone else has) with nary a thought about why. City folk seem to be more prone to this than the few of us out here in the boonies, but we’re guilty of it too. How about the guy who gets a new job that pays more than the last one and decides he can finance a new $40,000 truck on $18 an hour? What’s wrong with a $8000 truck with a few miles on it? Young wolf. Maybe he thinks that new truck will elevate him in the eyes of his peers. Maybe he thinks he will feel better about himself because he equates the money he is now making with self worth. I dunno.” TLB.

Personal animosities against a specific person, organization or ideology, can also drive a person to engage in treason. In this case, it would seem that the Traitor has made a determination that the system within which he lives is deficient in numerous ways. Subsequently, he transfers his loyalties to an opposing system that he deems superior and secretly gratifies him more deeply. Secret revenge is extremely gratifying for the Traitor because he has become, in his own mind, Judge, Jury and Executioner. Mental illness, paranoid delusions, schizophrenia, can also serve as the foundation for Treason by an unwitting dupe. Is treason itself, a form of Insanity, that has been rationalized and justified by the Ego brain of the Traitor?

A desire to punish, a desire to be “god”, is perhaps the most seductive of all. All men make god in their own Image. The ability to punish without consequences is incredibly alluring and seductive. Please read my chapter title, “The Police Matrix.” William Buckley once stated, “Power, that is the Great Aphrodisiac.” In this case, the desire to punish the culprit country, whom the Traitor has deemed deficient, is overwhelming to the Traitor. The Traitor has the sincere, yet self-delusional belief that he will never be discovered and exposed. The traitor engages in an infantile adventure where he proclaims himself the central hero. The Great Greek philosopher Aeschylus, wrote, “But to the heroic, desperate odds fling a challenge, to whom the consciousness of being matched against a great adversary suffices and who can dispense with success. Life for him was an adventure, perilous indeed, but men are not made for safe havens. The fullness of life is in the hazards of life.” A traitor sees himself as heroic. A secret hero is infinitely powerful in his own mind.

Traitors come in all forms, shapes and sizes. For some reason, it seems that the wealthy elite are particularly interested in treason. Any doubt on the question of technocratic society [TC] goals is answered by David Rockefeller himself, the founder of the TC, in his Memoirs (2003): “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” A proud and self admitted Traitor. What a hoot. And he has never been indicted for conspiracy to commit treason or treason. This clearly demonstrates the two tiered system of Law, one for the rich and the other for the slaves.

Charles Lindbergh also attempted to expose treason at the highest levels, ““I, upon my responsibility as a member of the House of Representatives, do hereby impeach the said W.P.G. Harding, governor; Paul M. Warburg, vice governor; and Frederick A. Delano, Adolph C. Miller, and Charrels S. Hamlin, members and each of them as members of the Federal Reserve Board, and also impeach all of them collectively as the five acting working member of the Federal Reserve Board of high crimes, and misdemeanors in aiding, abetting, and conspiring with certain persons and firms hereinafter named, and with other persons and firms, known and unknown, in a conspiracy to violate the Constitution and the laws of the United States and the just and equitable policies of the Government, which said conspiracy developed and grew out of and was consummated from the following facts and acts.” Lindbergh became a pariah, a zombie walking the halls of Congress after his accusations. Traitors have abounded in this country. The United States “government” is, and always has been, full of traitors.

How does a shadowy group like the Deep State/Shadow Government/Secret Cabals accomplish their goal? One basic strategy is: destabilize nations; ruin their economies; send millions and millions of manufacturing jobs off to places where virtual slave labor does the work; adding insult to injury, export the cheap products of those slave-factories back to the nations who lost the jobs and further undercut domestic manufacturers, forcing them to close their doors and fire still more employees. Treason thru internal, foreign espionage is perhaps the most efficient manner in which to destabilize a nation. All of the above factors serve to destroy a nation from within. This is accomplished by traitors working against the benefit of the people of the nation. “The West has been down-to-the-nub exhausted, bored or to-its-marrow co-opted by the whole experience.” [Russian infiltration] West, supra.

The fact is, wars change combatants, and we, the West, did not emerge unscathed from the better part of a century of accommodating, appeasing, enabling, opposing, fighting, tolerating, accepting and assisting the influence and the power of the Soviet Regime.” West, supra.

Capitalism is inimical to the welfare of the population of any given nation. Capitalism creates the grand illusion of wealth, yet leaves the majority of the population in debt and enslaved, while enriching the corporations. Capitalism is Satan’s Synagogue. Capitalism is the greatest Ponzi Scheme ever invented by modern bankers. This great Ponzi Scheme is scheduled to self destruct in 2033, exactly 100 years after its implementation in 1933. The dollar will lose its dominance as the world’s reserve currency. Capitalism is treason against the Human Spirit and Soul. Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, and Marxism, all one and the same Treason against the Human Spirit.

This nation is a nation of Mammon worshippers while proclaiming a false and pretentious “holier than thou attitude.” There are few things that Americans love more than to prostrate themselves to the pedophile Catholic priest every Sunday and offer their children to this homosexual pedophile predator. Hallelujah, here I come!! And when discovered, not one American father of the abused child, has the balls to execute the violator of his child. A Nation of Hollow American Males.

My voice is the cry from the Wilderness.


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