Welcome To – The Matrix

The Matrix

By: Bill the Butcher

My good buddy, Kiler Davenport has a theory. Actually, he has a lot of theories. When I was on his show over at APRI, I used to argue with him constantly about his view of the universe. It was highly entertaining because I am a drunk, and he’s outhouse crazy, but the show cooked. Well, time and tears went by. I moved to Tennessee, and he went to East Texas.

Now both of us moving to the colon of the world may not mean anything to most of you, but I think it was of God! Oh yes! I’m gonna go there. If you’ll note I made the word “colon” a link. I did that because in the woke world a lot of you don’t know the difference between your butt and a hole in the ground, as opposed to shit from Shinola. Hope I spelled Shinola right for all you fact checkers out there. For the record, Shinola was a shoe polish, but when I Googled it for the correct spelling all I got was advertisements for watches and unisex accessories which only leads me to conclude that Google doesn’t know shit from Shinola. Or is it Shineola. I digress.

Anyway Kiler expounds something called The Matrix, ie we’re all part of some elaborate computer program controlled by whomever who conveniently lives outside of this contraption. Well, having been in the music business for over a half century and I’m opposed to anyone controlling me! I’ve walked out of too many contracts to cooperate with anybody! Kiler claims that we, and all reality is only what we burn in our crazy minds. Well, I got Velma Prigmore in the back seat of a ‘54 Chevy back in ‘69, and she seemed real to me.

But, let’s look at this from a woke point of view. First off, woke, when referring to the Millennials is an oxymoron. Anyone looking down in their pants and is confused about which restroom to use does not want to end up in front of a psychotherapist being asked what day it is. But, having said that woke is a very big deal these days. Anytime anyone takes a position that goes against all reason they are considered to be woke. Even the phrase be woke is woke. In my high school English class it was to be awakened. But the god of sound bites has made woke a permanent fixture in the English language.

However, woke and matrix don’t go together. How can you be woke and part of a subroutine? I suppose it can work if you’re searching for a word for the denial of all reality. Woke applies to everything from restrooms to who will be the next president. What if it turns out to be Donald Trump? Boy! That woke you up, didn’t it? Or Liz Cheney (as she wipes that cream pie off her face.) But, I’m gonna show you how woke can go together like peanut butter and jelly. So, here we go.

I’ve seen proof of the matrix. I have! Would I lie to you? Well, maybe about money, but not this. About a year ago I was mowing my grass. Not wearing goggles I got a piece of grass in my eye. Well, it took a minute or so to clear it, but it left a scratch on my eye. Now originality it looked like a little vibrating dot from my side of my iris, but it evolved! It coagulated to something that looked like the pixels on a computer screen. Every time I’d look away there it would be! Like the blade of grass had disrupted my modem, and my video reception was off. I began to realize that there may be something to Kiler’s idea. Here was proof that my life was no more than binging on a Netflix series. I actually became comfortable when I realized that I was just a part of a commercial in the great movie called The Universe. Slowly the pixels went away, but their effect on me remains, and I became woke!




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  1. MATRIX shmatrix… The Thirteenth Floor (based upon book Simulacron-3) was a far better movie and far more realistic. TTF matrix is indeed what we’re living in, and hopefully we can climb up the cord in TTF and get to the real reality can happen soon.

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