Deez Z’s

February 7, 2024 0

Deez Z’s Commentary/Satire by: Bill the Butcher I was sitting on the back porch smoking a very politically incorrect cigarette thinking about the state of the nation, which frankly, there isn’t one. Years of liberal […]


Tin Soldiers & Nixon’s Coming

October 25, 2023 0

Tin Soldiers & Nixon’s Coming Satire by: Bill the Butcher  On May 4, 1970 the world stood still. The sixties had ended, and Richard Nixon was in office. A law-and-order president who vowed to give […]


God I Miss Granny Clampett

February 13, 2023 0

God I Miss Granny Clampett By: Bill the Butcher God I miss Granny Clampett! She was the old lady on the Beverly Hillbillies famous for cooking up concoctions out by the “cement pond.” Everything from […]


Welcome To – The Matrix

September 7, 2022 1

The Matrix By: Bill the Butcher My good buddy, Kiler Davenport has a theory. Actually, he has a lot of theories. When I was on his show over at APRI, I used to argue with […]


It! & The Passing of the Torch

July 8, 2022 0

EDITORS NOTE: I have had the pleasure of having several discussions with this young lady. Karrie (Puck) has been tasked by TLB Project to represent her generation (Z) to our readers, members, and followers, as […]


Eagle’s Eye Report: Premier Show

May 5, 2022 2

Eagle’s Eye Report: Premier Show (Archived) Host: Roger Landry (TLB) – Co-Host & Producer: Stephen Roberts Brought to you by: – Where Freedom Roars Live Broadcast platform: ShakeAndWake Radio Network Listen to Archived show […]


Congressional Criminals – Above The Law?

March 7, 2020 0

Congressional Criminals – Above The Law? Contributed to TLB by: KrisAnne Hall, JD What will happen to America’s political aristocracy as they continue to blatantly break the law? A special introduction to the minds of […]


Garbage Day

November 9, 2019 0

Garbage Day Is there a conspiracy in the government to sustain itself at the expense of the American people? by The Butcher Shop, a (TLB) Contributor  Ask yourself; whatever Trump, or for that matter, any […]

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