What Defines Antisemitism?

What is Antisemitism?

It’s Time to Break the Taboo of Antisemitism

By TLB Contributing Author: Marianne Azizi – Israel

What is antisemitism?  Does it really have to be placed before being human?

There is constant debate about Jews.  Can they be insulted or criticized, or is it becoming illegal to say a word about them?

There is a chasm growing between the Diaspora Jews and the Israeli Jews.  Those in the Diaspora with the idealized or messianic view of the State of Israel firmly believe that anyone who speaks out against domestic or international policy is either antisemitic or a self hating Jew.  How easy it is to be in denial with these excuses.

So taking the USA as an example – would a Jew who spoke against his president be going against Trump’s religious belief – for to be Jewish is a religion – it seems as nonsensical to call someone anti-Trump as anti-semitic in the context of debating social issues.

There are terrible things happening in Israel.  Mainly hidden by the media.  Just this week the true exposure of the kidnapping of Yemenite children has finally got out into the world.  The Israelis have always known of this blight and have campaigned relentlessly for justice.  The organization WIZO played a large role in the snatching of thousands of children; news is out of the medical experiments done on these innocent babies, and leaking news that USA doctors were ordering this too.  It is unlikely that any prosecutions will take place, and WIZO can carry on their practices to this day.

Only because a newspaper acceptable to the eyes of Jews overseas printed this, is it classed as ‘true news’.  Yet articles in their hundreds have been written in Hebrew for years.  Bloggers have written; protests have been done.  But where was the Diaspora?  Too busy responding with comments of ‘self hating Jews’, ‘racist’ or ‘the writers are anti Israel’.

It is now indisputable that the Yemenite and also a percentage of Ashkenazim (European) families have lived a life of torture.  Fleeing from Yemen, they sought refuge in Israel, to find their worst nightmares were perpetrated by fellow Jews.

It’s hard to read, unpalatable and upsetting.  But it is the truth.  So let’s jump to 2017.  The present moment.

Children are still being removed from parents, being experimented on with modern drugs and parents are being emotionally tortured just like the Yemenites were.  They are crying out to the world for help.  But the Diaspora is not listening now any more than 70 years ago.

Pictures and videos fill social media, showing the brutality done to people and their children.  Protests are quashed; middle aged men and women are thrown to the ground by police and refused medical treatment.  Activists, lawyers and whistleblowers trying to get the word out are illegally detained and suffering major abuse in Israeli prisons.  Children are arbitrarily taken from schools, homes and kindergartens and locked up in institutions, some force fed drugs, others fed medications without parents agreement.  Cover ups of long term corruption of ministers and public officials are spilling out. Ministers are finally being arrested or investigated.  Fathers of children are committing suicide on a daily basis.

The judiciary – having been exposed by bloggers for crimes – have locked up the bloggers with no freedom in sight.  There is no help for Israelis.

Are the tens of thousands of citizens antisemitic?  Are the judges who make illegal decisions antisemitic against those citizens?  Are the Jewish social workers in their thousands antisemitic for abusing children, or are the children themselves the antisemites for crying out?  Is the Jewish parent who sues the State antisemitic because they don’t know where to turn?  Or is the Bailiff system which holds over 1 million Israelis with a Travel Ban the antisemitic organization?

Is the Jew who held a prayer from the Torah on the street antisemitic?  Or the cop who threw him in prison for being there?  The truth is only acceptable if written by one specific paper or journalist.

There is fear in Israel.  Fear of the police, judiciary, the welfare, the Bailiff primitive system.  Fear of speaking out.  The knowledge of what is happening to those who do speak out.  Many Jews now realize there is no democracy in Israel, and now the Israeli Jews themselves realise that they are branded with insults rather than being recognized as human.

Worst of all it is the Jews themselves who are doing it to each other.  How much longer can selective thinking go on when people are actually dying?


About the Author: Marianne Azizi is an Investigative Journalist and social justice campaigner writing stories on Unreported Israel. Find out more about Marianne Azizi and read her bio HERE

This article (What is Antisemitism? It’s Time to Break the Taboo of Antisemitism) was originally published on byline.com and is republished here by contribution with attribution to author Marianne Azizi and byline.com..


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