What Exactly Would Define a Terrorist in The USA?


Introduction by Mary Carmel (TLB)

Europeans are feeling the strain of the war on terror, as it has arrived at their borders, just as Americans have been dealing with it through more covert means such as our border crisis, the war on drugs, and Obama’s illegal plans to bring more people here. The FBI has admittedly cannot handle the back checks on these people, and in Europe it seems SOMEONE has issued FALSE passports to a LOT of  them.


These are turbulent times indeed, as our European friends have every right to hold Obama responsible. Not only is he responsible for the displacement of people, along with his predecessor G.W. Bush, but has armed and trained a populace among them to be inhumane… killers.


As Russia tries to eradicate this problem growing out of control in the Middle East, and tensions rise, it is important to remember that this is a war on humanity everywhere…period. Obama, the front man for the money holders that designed this assault, assisted by all the Western powers that have willingly assisted him in this genocide, continue to attack our freedoms here at home and abroad, in the name of the ‘war on terror’ (and the war on drugs) that THEY  have created.


With the world in the present state of chaos, it is important to remember that the war is on the people, and that we must remain steadfast in our efforts to defeat this tyranny. If there is any ‘order’ to come out of this chaos, it must NOT be dictated by these incompetent leaders that have taken us to this crossroad in the first place.


Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Australians, etc, are being  arrested for petty crimes, traffic violations, or for no reason at all, except perhaps their natural born right to believe as they wish, to have free will…enter the real domestic terrorist in Obama’s eyes, people of liberty. Since the beginning of time, the United States, Europe, the rest of the West, have welcomed people of all beliefs, yet our leaders give lip service speeches to protect the newcomers of the Middle East, and other places. They shout ‘human rights’ as they blatantly attack anyone else that is not part of their immigration flow.


As the war wages on against the people of the West, along with our traditions, the tables have turned. We are now, each one of us… considered to be the ‘terrorist’, while those trained to kill for the profit of the bankers and corporations run amok, turning our respective homelands into battlefields. Perhaps Obama forgets where he came from indeed, wherever that may be. It was THIS very Western culture, that gave him the RIGHT to his beliefs and a chance to prosper. I have to agree with the author of the article below. it will take a great effort by all, to create the order needed in this situation, and let us never forget how it happened! MC







The FSA have killed hundreds of thousands of Syrian citizens, they have kidnapped and beheaded innocent citizens. They have killed Generals in the Syrian army with car bombs. They have thrown post office workers off the roof of their building. They have shot sportsmen because they represent their country. They have set off car bombs outside schools, police stations, hospitals and universities. They have raped women and sold them. They have killed christians and destroyed both mosques and churches. They have dragged innocent people, tied to the back of cars around the streets until they were dead. They have have mutilated innocent people and thrown their bodies off a bridge. The have beheaded babies. They have massacred whole villages of people, including children. They starved 60,000 people in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp. They cut out a soldier’s heart and ate it and Obama says these butchers are NOT terrorists!!!!

The US has locked up many innocent people claiming they were terrorists with no charges being laid against them for years, yet butchers are not classed as terrorists.

Well Obama, just what does somebody have to do before you would claim them to be a terrorist? Seems to me that a terrorist is a person who you deem to be a threat to the USA. Of course the FSA are not a threat to the USA, because you trained them in the first place. So a terrorist is only a terrorist if they use acts of barbarism in the US. It does not matter that they have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people including children in Syria. Unless it is on your doorstep, you don’t give a shit.

It is on the doorstep of Europe and the people of Europe do give a shit. We do not want your barbarians moving into Europe and we are all pleased that Russia is killing them.

Just a reminder of what your precious FSA have been doing in the past 4 years.


Free Syrian Army




Children kidnapped from Latakia and then killed by FSA

Aleppo's Umayyad Mosque

Church in Homs



Biden and McCain







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