What is United States Citizenship?

What is United States Citizenship?

By TLB Contributing Author: Rico S Giron

Law Dictionary: What is CITIZEN? definition of CITIZEN (Black’s Law Dictionary) In general, a member of a free city or jural society, (civitas) possessing all the rights and privileges which can be enjoyed by any person under its constitution and government, and subject to the corresponding duties. Citizen explicitly means “person”, again, a legal fiction, a juristic person, not a living, breathing man of flesh and blood. Person and “man of flesh and blood” are the exact opposite. “Citizen” is one of the most misunderstood and abused words in the English language. I did a little research on the word “citizen”. It has so many meanings that it created a virtual tree of definitions with so many interpretations that it is mind boggling. I finally reduced it to this: citizen = person = subject = slave. While a general definition of citizenship is membership in a political society or group, citizenship as a concept is difficult to define. Thinkers as far back as Aristotle realized that there was no agreed-upon definition of citizenship.

So a quick detour into the Rabbit Hole. As I have covered this before, United States is a foreign owned federal corporation that has nothing to do with the American Sheeple. Language can be used to communicate or to obfuscate, to lie, to cheat, to deceive or to enslave. In Isaiah, it states, “My people are enslaved for lack of knowledge.” Indeed, knowledge is power. The English language is a constructed language. It is not a natural language or ancient language. Linguists that have studied the English language have recognized that English is reversed mathematically and electromagnetically. Leonard Horowitz. For instance, let’s take the word “resident.” A commonly asked question on all government forms is this, “Are you a resident of the United States?” Virtually all of the American Sheeple will automatically answer “Yes.” If you answer no, you will enter into a Black Hole of red tape. Because suddenly, you become an “Alien.”

If you knew the true meaning of the word “resident” would you in fact want to be a resident of the United States? We can break down the word resident into it’s prefix, res, and suffix, ident. If you have kept up with my writings, you will remember that res in Latin means thing. Slaves are also mere chattel, things. The suffix ident is the root for identify in English. So lets connect these dots. When the government form is asking you, “Are you a resident of the United States?” what is it really asking you? Here is the real essence of this question. “Do you identify yourself as a thing within the jurisdiction of the United States [foreign owned federal corporation].” When you answered “Yes” on the government form, you voluntarily declared yourself a Slave therefore, a thing. Now you are within the “jurisdiction” of the United States. So then, if you are a Slave and a thing, what rights do you have? Why should the foreign owned federal corporate “government” be concerned with the “welfare” of a thing?

Let’s connect one more point. In the 14th Amendment it states, “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” So let’s perform a little surgery on this paragraph. The word, “state” is used twice. Under Martial law, no “state” can function or operate as a de jure state. All states operate as de facto states. De jure means under the actual Law, while, de facto means under the “Color of Law.” Our entire legal system operates under the “Color of Law.” I cover that extensively in other chapters, so I will not repeat here.

Any law”, is meant to obfuscate and confuse. Remember the 5Cs principle, confusion, complexity, cognitive dissonance, contradictions and CHAOS? The term “any” is so generic and bland as to lose it’s meaning. Translations of any: quis; who, any, anyone, someone, anything, somebody; aliquis; some, any, someone, anything, anyone, anybody; quilibet; any, anyone, no matter what, anything, everything, everybody. The word “Law” is used without denoting or clarifying it’s jurisdiction. All law is about jurisdiction. So then, is this Common Law, Admiralty Law, Maritime Law, Law of War, Law of Necessity, Martial Law, Law of the Land, or Law of the Open Ocean? This term “any law” reminds me of how all legislative “acts” end, “and for other purposes.” The jurisdiction of law is left open-ended. Perfect for the Principle of Chaos.

Next is “privileges or immunities.” Without any doubt, it does not lay out your “rights” as a man or woman of flesh and blood. Also, you either have “privileges or immunities”, but not both. Privileges are granted by higher authorities, as in a Master grants privileges to his slaves. A Parent grants privileges to his/her children. Privileges can be removed instantly on any whim of the Master/Parent. How many times has a parent heard these words? “That’s not fair!” Privileges have nothing to do with fairness, it is simply about POWER AND DOMINATION. Here is an interesting tidbit, one of the translations of “immunity” means “Exempt from legal prosecution.” Our Congressmen are exempt from legal prosecution while in office.

Immunity – Corporations are persons, and for the most part are virtually impossible to sue successfully. Noted there are exemptions.

Privileges” in relation to citizen make perfect sense. Citizen = person = subject = slave. Men and women of flesh and blood have natural, god given rights, that are unalienable by men or governments. “Both “inalienable” and “unalienable” are legitimate English words, and they have identical meanings. The word in the final version of the Declaration of Independence is “unalienable,” though it’s “inalienable” in earlier versions of the document.” A slave only has privileges, but no rights.

“Inalienable” or “Unalienable” ? 

The term “United States” means foreign owned federal corporation. Any questions? For you doubting Thomases, go to 28 USC, section 3002, paragraph 15.

The term “any person” is doubleplusgood. Person does not mean or include men and women of flesh and blood, only fictions, ie, corporations, juristic persons, slaves, POWs, strawman, nom de guerre,

The term “jurisdiction” of course is the cornerstone of the 14th amendment. In Law, jurisdiction is everything. For instance, I am not subject to the jurisdiction of Chinese Law.

The key to the success of this Tyranny of the Mind is that we must volunteer into this Matrix of Deception. Once we volunteer into this jurisdiction, like the Oath of Omerta, there is no recanting or leaving the Matrix. Once a slave and a thing, your status is cemented into eternity or at least for your lifetime here on Planet Earth, the Milky Way, Prison Planet. Here is the ironic thing about the 14th amendment, it clearly gave us “Notice” about our true status and it slipped by our consciousness. That is how you create a Tyranny of the Mind.

Citizenship means exactly what the “government” and the ruling parties want it to mean. The ruling Oligarchy, the ruling Stratocracy and ruling Corporatocracy [OLISTRATCOR] are the Deep State/Shadow Government/Secret Cabals. Please my chapter titled, “Secret Cabals.” This OLISTRATCOR will always use the facade of government, the facade of “we are a nation of Law”, and the facade of “No one is above the law” to ply their criminal craft worldwide. Of course, this does not apply to the OLISTRATCOR. Government is the facade, the OLISTRATCOR, is the Master.

I am getting ahead of myself here. Back to the same old question, “Cui Bono?” Who benefits. What is the intended result, and the ultimate goal in converting men and women of flesh and blood into “citizens”, persons, legal fictions and juristic persons? Here is a silly question, “Why would the United States “government” want a bunch of “fictions” running around the country?” Perhaps because the “government” itself is a “fiction”, and has no authority over men and women of flesh and blood. Why have the PTB gone thru some much trouble to convert every man and woman of flesh and blood, and I mean everyone in the whole world, into legal fictions? Is this some sort of sick, psychotic game for their own entertainment, or is there a commercial benefit to their game? Cui Bono? As always, follow the money. “A landmark Supreme Court Case of 1795, Penhallow v. Doane’s Administrators, defines governments succinctly: “Governments are corporations.” “Inasmuch, as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons.” Cracking the Code, Jordan Maxwell. So lets follow the rabbit into the Rabbit Hole.

Citizen explicitly means “person”, again, a legal fiction, a juristic person, not a living, breathing man of flesh and blood. What is the actual result of this status of “person?” A man or woman of flesh and blood cannot ever be a “citizen.” However, thru the Mao Principle, you can surreptitiously be converted into a fiction. You are then “corporatized.” Here is where it gets really bizarre! In their psychotic game for control and conquest, the OLISTRATCOR must gain your consent using whatever means necessary. Your consent is what legitimizes this bond. That is why the IRS insists that paying your fair share of taxes is “voluntary.” Well Really!!! I tried “unvolunteering” and got hammered for the last twenty years.

Thru a vast complex of legerdemain and doublespeak, the man and woman of flesh and blood, are given hundreds of opportunities to declare themselves “citizens, persons or juristic persons” on a unilateral basis thru contracts of adhesion. Just in case you are not familiar with “unilateral contracts of adhesion”, [UCA] here is the basis of these contracts. The freshly minted slave goes to the Master and asks for some benefit under the Commercial Military Dictatorship, in whatever manner the Master has designated the benefit, and simultaneously the slave promises to perform a modern “scutage or socage” in return for receiving the so called benefit. Upon being granted the “benefit” by the Master, the slave is indebted and must perform. Once in their clutches, there is no escape, ever. There are always strings attached.

There are no “free lunches” in the United States Prisoner of War, Slave Concentration Camp, AMERIKA. Like the Mafia says, “It’s not personal, it’s just business.” Fast forward to April 19th, 2020. The $1,200 “stimulus checks” being sent to the American Sheeple are simply advances on next year’s tax return. For instance, if you receive your stimulus check for $1,200 this year, next year you will have to declare that you received it on your tax form. This where is gets bizarre, suppose you had $2,000 tax refund coming to you next year. The $1,200 “stimulus check” that you received this year will have to be deducted from the total, $2,000 minus $1,200 for a next year’s refund of $800. Welcome to the Bizarro Opposite World. But for this year, this insult of $1,200 will keep the American Sheeple pacified, which of course is the intent. Baaaa, Baaaaa!!!

It used to be that the first offer for a UCA was the offer for a Social Security Card in our teens. The next offer for a UCA was the drivers’ license, also in our teens. In recent times that became intolerable to the Deep State/Shadow Government. Now the hospitals have the “enumeration at birth” program in house. All newborns are now required to apply for and have a Social Security number assigned to them on day one of life on this Planet. “Enumeration at birth (EAB) is a program that (allows) parents to complete applications for SSNs for their newborns as part of the hospital birth registration process. About 96% of SSNs for infants are assigned through the EAB process.”

A Social Security Program Operations Manual System (POMS)

A quick reminder, the term “registration” means “contract with the King.” You registered your child as property of the King. This government website states “allows parents to complete applications.” At the hospital however, the nurses and staff will not let you take your baby home until you complete the SS application. The facade is “voluntary”, the reality is “by force of intimidation”. The doctors, the nurses and the hospital staff become co-conspirators with the Deep State and make every attempt to force you to apply for a SS number for your newborn. Most people will relent and comply when faced with this organized hospital Mafia. A bit misleading, wouldn’t you agree?

Now no one lives free on the plantation. Ever!! Follow me into the Rabbit Hole once more. The term “birth registration process” means in essence two prime things. First, your dear mother thru her own lack of knowledge, became a government informant and ratted on you. She basically told the government, “here is a new slave”, and is thereby offering you up to the Sacred Altar of the commercial system. Second, if you recall, the term “registration” essentially means, “contract with the King.” You, the newborn, just got offered into the worldwide “human trafficking ring” for the benefit of il Vaticano. Think about it for second, what the f@#$ck business does a newborn need a SS number for????? Are you getting the picture? Humans are mere goyim for the system. Stock as in the Stock Market. Stock equals cattle.

The value of the American sheeple is traded on the World Wide Stock Market thru the Treasury Direct Slave Bond Account. Upon birth, the newly registered child/property is issued a bond in the name of their “prized name”, ALL CAPITALS. I do not know the size of this bond, but I suspect it has risen to 10 million Federal Reserve Notes. Its an artificial “credit” in your ALL CAPS NAME. However, because you are a captured POW/Slave, you cannot access your Treasury Direct Slave Bond Account. The Deep State has taken a possessory and fiduciary interest because you “abandoned” your account, 72 hours after you were born. The Deep State is not required to give you, a mere slave, notice of any assets they hold in your name. Please read my chapter titled, “The Treasury Direct Account.”

Here is a tidbit of bizarre information that will blow your mind. The Constitution established the world’s largest charitable trust under the Ecclesiastical Canon Law of il Vaticano for the purpose of providing for the captured slaves. Since slaves cannot ever own anything, this trust must provide for them like children. That is the purpose of the Treasury Direct Slave Bond Account. You think you own your house? Just stop paying your property taxes for three years and you will find yourself out on the street with no trial or due process. Your eviction will be under a “unilateral contract of adhesion” and will further serve the purpose of keeping the other slaves in line thru fear of being evicted like you. The Deep State has created the myth that the only two sure things in life are “death and taxes.” That is what you call a “Tyranny of the Mind.” You are simply leasing your property from the Deep State/Shadow Government pretending to be “government” and your property taxes are your yearly lease/rental fee. I estimate that the Matrix of Deception and Enslavement is 100,000 layers deep.

These modern unilateral contracts of adhesion, like Satan, promise Paradise, and deliver the subject into a Hellish slavery. The UCAs are also modern Oaths of Fealty to the Monarch of England via the Vatican. The Master takes this promise to perform very seriously and will make sure that you perform this promise flawlessly. Unbeknownst, [wow, I like that word, all fancy, hey] to you, you volunteered to pay income taxes like a good Sheeple. Failure to keep this promise carries heavy civil or criminal penalties. Always follow the money. Civil carries monetary penalties in the form of fines, fees, judgments, forfeitures and so forth. Criminal on the other hand carry jail or prison time, where the benefit of you being in prison inures to the whole monopoly system supporting the Prison System. I bet you never thought of being in prison as a benefit, did ya? Show me the money Babe. Yeah, we have come a long way Babe!!! Albeit in the wrong direction. In Amerika, the sheeple are in a worse position now than 250 years ago under the English feudal system. What is old is new. The stupid American sheeple are the new Roman slaves with a total makeover. The American sheeple are absolutely in love with the “illusion of Freedom.” The American sheeple are Toxic Narcissists. Pass the apple pie will ya!!!, and the remote.

In politics and government, the word “citizen” is no longer a word in regular English, but rather has been converted into a “term”, which is basically, Legal-sleaze. Any word that is converted into a term assumes a rather malleable and plastic quality that flows with the political and commercial expediency. Also known as “gov-speak”, liaryer-speak, or double-speak. Politics and government are worlds of fictions. Welcome to my Bizarro Opposite World. Where up is down, east is west, black is white. The PTB, they create a “separate reality” for the slaves. Truth is the first casualty of War. “The State uses the individual and calls him its citizen; but it has no relationship with the individual, it merely uses him as a tool. A tool is a dead thing, and there can be no relationship with that which is dead. When we use man for a purpose, however noble, we want him as an instrument, a dead thing. We cannot use a living thing, so our demand is for dead things; our society is based on the use of dead things.” Krishnamurti, supra. This is also known as Necromancy.

So let’s break down the term “citizenship”, shall we? Citizen and ship are two legal-sleaze terms put together.

First, citizen, as above means “person”, a legal fiction, a juristic person and ship[vessel] means an ocean going vessel. Vessels normally transport cargo and engage in commerce. Vessels are required to have names, however their names are always spelled in ALL CAPITALS. Under Admiralty/Maritime law, all vessels are required to have insurance against losses. Jump forward to the present. In NM, all drivers driving vehicles are required to have “insurance”, thus surreptitiously admitting that they are Vessels transporting cargo and engaged in commerce. Under the NM Traffic Code, there are only two types of licenses. A Commercial Driver’s License, CDL and a Commercial Vehicle license. The UCC made this requirement for Driver’s licenses a uniform and national requirement in all 50 states. “The Uniform Commercial Code, “UCC,” the subject of this manual, is the transcendent, paramount achievement of the efforts of a few thousands of intensely dedicated and single-minded collaborators (dare we call it “conspiracy“?) over the last two-plus millennia. It is the culmination of an almost incomprehensibly complex, systematic, intricate, pervasive and far-reaching agenda of strategic and tactical global planning for securing absolute legal, financial, social, ecclesiastical, and political dominance over the people of Earth. The fundamental medium chosen to accomplish these iniquitous aims: Commerce. Jordan Maxwell.

End of part I.

What is United States Citizenship?

Prelude to Part II

Here is the perverse and bizarre result. All the roads, hiways, and freeways have been surreptitously converted into “navigable waterways” and all vehicles and automobiles have also been converted into “vessels.” In fact, as bizarre as this will sound, all men, women and children have been morphed into “VESSELS” engaged in commerce. Welcome to my Bizarro Opposite world. Remember the Mao Principle? “Any and all fictions can be converted into a reality at the end of a gun barrel.”


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  1. According to Kurt Kallenbach it is all about property that was left behind the placenta the dying child. The birth certificated name is a title to that material it is a body/substance without a spirit so it then considered a fiction

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