What’s REALLY in a Hot Dog? Let’s Start With Human DNA …


 By: Susan Posel

Clear Foods, a branch of Clear Labs, has released a report on some of the disgusting ingredients in one of Americans favorite foods: the hot dog.

Using “genomic technology to analyze the world’s foods at a molecular level, ingredient by ingredient”, Clear Foods has concluded that of the 345 hot dog and sausage samples from 75 brands and 10 retailers, “human DNA [was discovered] in 2% of the samples and in 2/3rds of the vegetarian samples.”

Shockingly, “10% of all vegetarian products appeared to contain meat.”

Samples for this study were obtained through retailers such as:

• Target
• Safeway
• Walmart
• Trader Joe’s
• Whole Foods

The problem Clear Food found was in the “substitutions and hygienic issues” such as “when ingredients are added that do not show up on the label.” This problem encompassed 14.4% of the samples taken.

Ingredients not mentioned on vegetarian labels includes:

• Chicken
• Beef
• Turkey
• Lamb
• Pork

Of the vegetarian products, 67% accounted for the “hygienic issues” detailed in their report.

Last year alone, “Americans spent $2.5 billion on hot dogs, another $2.74 billion on dinner sausages, and over half a billion on breakfast sausage”, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC).

About the Author: Susanne Posel

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