When the Law is Wrong: Civil Disobedience or Revolution? (Part II of II)

When the Law is Wrong: Civil Disobedience or Revolution? (Part II of II)

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By TLB Contributing Author: Rico S. Giron

The single greatest accomplishment by the First Archons, the Dark Powers on this planet is the “invisible enslavement” of the American people, and of course, the subsequent enslavement of the rest of the world. Fear is the primary method used to keep the slave population in line and compliant. On the plantation, talk of “freedom” is allowed all day long as long as that is all it really is, talk. Once a slave gets too uppity and begins to teach other slaves how to remove fear and achieve real freedom, then that slave catches the attention of the “invisible masters”. Then it is on. Under the pretense of National Security, the “invisible masters” will use any means necessary to quiet, subdue or destroy if necessary, the uppity slave. On the Plantation, the slaves must be pacified using any means necessary, aka, the Law of Necessity. Now with all of the so called “acts” of the recent 20 years, the entire Bill of Rights is virtually gone. Please read my chapter titled, “The Pacification of the American Slaves.”

The great novelist Ernest Hemingway, wrote, “If people bring so much courage to this world, the world has to kill them to break them, so of course, it kills them. The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially.” In the end, Hemingway committed suicide. I suppose of a broken heart. I bet he was a Pleiadian.

I myself, have become a threat to this country. Thus the “government” must seek to destroy me in some manner. One such manner is to sue me and to imprison me for the rest of my life for my transgressions. Which is simply this, I took my hard gained knowledge, and helped my fellow man in times of duress. I simply obeyed the Inner Command of my Prime Creator rather than whimsical man-made laws that serve only to control us and dominate us, and keep humanity in a deep ignorance. In Isaiah, it is stated, “My people are enslaved for lack of knowledge.”

I have asked myself many times, “Why should I risk everything to help ‘strangers’, people whom I have never met.” I simply revert to Martin L. Kings’ philosophy, “An injustice against one man anywhere is an injustice against all men everywhere.” How could I compromise myself in the face of this naked aggression against my fellow man? How could I turn the other way? Had I done that, my Heart Core would have withered and died eventually. I live from this core as my Guiding Light. Of course, a good Christian would have turned the other cheek. How convenient and easy. Turn the other cheek is for religious cowards and gay men. The Hollow American Men will continue to turn the other cheek. In view of the corona lock-down, all non-essential workers will be declared the New Jews.

Religions are mind control archetypes for the domination of the peoples of the world thru the application of the principle of “anti-intelligence”. Religions are fear based, arrogant, and religio-centric. “Religion embodies a deprivation of the spiritual freedom of the human being. Religion is also a brutal, criminal and exploitative enslavement of the human consciousness, reaching from total dependence, serfdom, and a lack of willpower all the way to uncontrolled fanaticism, mental illness, demonic obsession and utter idiocy.” Niburian Council, Starr.

On this Planet Earth, there are 13 Banking/Ruling families in alliance with il Vaticano, that are direct descendants of the Creator Gods, the First Archons, the Rulers of Darkness. These 13 Banking/Ruling families own virtually the entire world with the blessing and assistance of il Vaticano. By combining the “legal system with the commercial system and the false system of religions so emblematic of the human race” these families own over 90% of the entire assets of the whole world. Some claim that it is actually 100%. I wont’ quibble.

First, all laws enacted serve primarily to maintain the power structures for the rich and to further enrich the ruling elite of this country and the around the world, while hiding behind the facades of “corporations” and “government”. Second, all laws either diminish the “illusory freedoms” or remove the vestiges of any given “illusory freedom” in the Bill of Rights. On the invisible slave plantation there is only the illusion of freedom. It is merely a facade to keep the slaves laboring all of their lives without questioning deeply about what hides behind curtain number one. This facade of freedom also serves to keep the slave population in a slumber with the level of dis-satisfaction just below the level of open revolution. All of the facades created by the First Archons serve to keep the zombified, American sheeple pacified in a stupor of “materialism.” The Moneyed Masters have realized one thing, the best slave is the slave that believes he is free. Goethe,the German philosopher wrote, “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” This creates a virtually unbreakable Matrix of Invisible Slavery.

The slave masters have recognized that the best way to keep the slaves from open rebelling is to keep them in an illusory state of scarcity and bare survival, [a massive hoarding of toilet paper has occurred, a good slave must always keep his ass clean] a fierce competition with the attitude of “every man for himself”. The mentality of the “Law of the Jungle and Survival of the Fittest” predominate on Planet Earth. In an illusory “pursuit of happiness” the American slaves are forever kept in the rat race of the “empty pursuit for more.” The Ruling Elite have learned from their mistakes. If you overtax the population or remove too many illusory freedoms too fast, surely the population will openly rebel. The Deep State have been very successful in using “insidious incrementalism” to accomplish their goals. In the past, this strategy was necessary to keep the sheeple narcotized and calm, but now with the holographic pandemic of fear with the corona, the Deep State is going for broke and pulling out all of the stops in their world-wide grab for total and complete domination. America is DEAD and will never resuscitate.

The Slave Masters have learned patience and apply the universal principle of Incrementalism. Patience my rich friend. Lets take a look at this principle of Incrementalism and see how it has been applied to one aspect of the law. The Second Amendment states, “The Right of the People to keep and bear arms shall no be infringed”. Upon first reading it seems pretty straightforward and direct.

So what is the current state of affairs across the country. In the last 241 years this country has managed to pass and enact over twenty thousand laws controlling the “keeping and bearing of arms.” Did this happen all at once? I dare say not. Lets divie those laws up and see what that comes to per year. That comes to 83 new gun control laws enacted per year by our elected “government” officials. Lets further divie that up by the 50 states. On average then, each state has passed 1.6 laws per year controlling the right to keep and bear arms. Now that is genius my friend. That has gone unnoticed by the American slaves. Were you aware of that? No, probably not. Like the comedian Carlos Mencia says, “That’s how we do it.” So how is this done and kept so well hidden? That is how you cook a frog!!

One second please, in the secret halls of power, our beloved Congress is looking to stealthily pass the most comprehensive gun confiscation laws ever passed behind the holographic pandemic of fear with the fake corona. Of course, this is “for our own good.” Welcome to your new home, Soviet America, Worm!!

Very simple really. Because we suffer from the illusion of the “consent of the governed”, the Slave Masters must tell us and inform us of their intended actions. The manner of notification can take pretty much any form they decide. Under Martial Law, “Notice” to the slaves is not required to be given. However, the Moneyed Masters have realized that the slave population becomes much more compliant when they are given “notice” of an impending action, even if the “notice” is given “symbolically. This “notice” brings the slaves into the fold of “this is for your own good.” After all these “Acts” are passed by our elected officials that we “elected.” Something that has slipped by the awareness of the Sheeple, is that every single Congressional Act ends with the phrase, “and for other purposes.” They quickly discovered that the best manner of notifying the American slaves was to pass it into Law and publish it in a Law book and put it on a shelf. The PTB know that the American sheeple stopped reading long ago. Linguists have researched that the average American has a second reading comprehension level nowadays. But these kids sure can text at superfast speeds on their cell phones and take inordinate amounts of “selfies.” We are truly daft in this country.

And to boot, the so called Law was written in “legalese-sleaze”, that is a special language developed by the “liaryers” to deceive and misinform the slaves. Legalese-sleaze is obtuse and dense, almost impossible to comprehend, even to the “liaryers” themselves. For every Law or rule to follow, there are multiple exceptions to that Law or rule. That was exactly the desired outcome. Legalese-sleaze is based on the five Cs, confusion, complexity, cognitive dissonance, contradictions and Chaos. The Slave Masters know that the American slaves will not read law books. They prefer the la-la land of TV with its glorious ‘reality shows’, and movies. Of course, a compliant slave will keep himself “informed” by watching TV. Hallelujah Brother!!

What I discovered in my study of the Earthly, or more specifically, the United States system of law and commerce is that it is the “criminally insane psychopaths” that are attracted to the power structures offered in the Patriarchal, Hierarchical hegemony. The “criminally insane” love the imbalance of power provided by these Hierarchies. They revel in their own perceived superiority, they love to lord it over the peasants. This “criminal insanity” lies deep within the psyche of these parasites. The favorite past time of these criminally insane politicians is that of “self-aggrandizement” wherein they are mesmerized by their own reflection in the Great Mirror of Vanity. Politicians are stark raving mad in their pursuit for Power. Politicians are Toxic Narcissists.

The “criminally insane” have a “hive mentality”, they seek each other out and band together to strengthen their control and domination. They “con-gress and con-gregate” together. To paraphrase Samuel Clemens, aka, Mark Twain, “Congress is the only distinctly American criminal class.” Actually here is the actual quote, “It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.” They are incredibly astute and sagacious. They can manipulate others easily and with no moral center for guidance for what they are doing. Power is their only Master. A great irony is that even though they band together, they can turn on one another at the drop of a hat, in a Reptilian frenzy of survival of the fittest and betrayal. William Buckley wrote, “Power, that is the Great Aphrodisiac.” Politics serve as the core for the Criminally Insane. Politicians are the epitome of psychopaths.

Indeed, the “criminally insane” crave and seek out the power structures that will, at least temporarily, provide them their indulgence. However, the Lust for Power is insatiable. There is no end to this lust. Power seeks power for the sake of power itself. It becomes an end unto itself. Unbridled Power reinforces the criminally insanity that attracted it to Power in the first place. They both feed on each other in a never ending cycle. It becomes a closed Loop Synergistic cycle. Because this Lust for Power is so imbalanced, it carries within it its own kernel of self-destruction. Unbridled Power will in the end destroy itself. It is unavoidable. This is a Universal Principle. The Universal Laws always seek Balance and Integration.

Every year the commercial system develops a new “fad” for collectibles, beanie babies, ninja turtles and so forth. Christmas time is the best example of this sheer stupidity that is so inherent in the American slaves. American slaves will camp out for 3-5 days in front of a store to get a trinket, to be the “first” in their neighborhood to have it. The lives of these slaves have become so empty that this insane behavior becomes their “badge of honor.” And every year the competition gets more and more insane. The telie is full of commercials offering gizmos and gadgets for the magical $19.99 with free shipping and if you order within the next 30 minutes, “we will double the order”. You get two for the price of one. “I don’t give a damn what it is or it does, I need to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.” Give me the phone.

Planet Earth has been a slave colony since the very beginning of human existence. “Slavery” is the oldest “archetype” implanted in the human DNA energetic frequency.

Here is a great irony, a “slave” is not allowed to kill himself because he would be destroying his Masters’ property and depriving his master of the commercial benefit of owning the slave. And of course, a slave has no right to determine or decide anything for himself. That is why “suicide” is prohibited on the USPOWSCC and the world-wide Plantation. “Suicide” has nothing to do with “eternal damnation” or being cast out into outer darkness. The prohibition on “suicide” is simply a fear based control mechanism, (aren’t all mechanisms of control based on fear), to keep the slave from making the ultimate decision to end his or her slavery. The Slave Masters do not like when a slave takes the initiative and that decision ultimately costs them economically. Here is a great irony, law enforcement officers will even kill you to prevent you from killing yourself. A bit ironic wouldn’t you say? A rebellious slave is despised by the Slave Masters most of all.

I have recognized that the whole of human existence is “trauma based”. So much of the birthright of humans has been stolen and ripped apart from their existence that they exist in a state of trauma. This “trauma based existence” has created a permanent “state of fear”. Humanity lives in fear to one degree or another their entire lives. This state of human fear is rooted in the base, lowest chakra of humans. It is literally a state of survival. This is the Reptilian Chakra. The First Archons, the Rulers of the Darkness, love this Fear Energy, it gives them a rush. The First Archons are Masters of Murder, Mayhem and Chaos. They feed on it and thrive on it. For this very reason they love and hate humanity simultaneously. They are as much our prisoners as we are of them. For you Biblio-philes, the First Archons are the same group of beings as the Principalities of Darkness.

Humans have taken to enjoying and profiting from imprisoning their fellow man, more often than not, for trivial offenses. It has become a sadistic ritual engaged in by the governments of the world. Imprisoning their fellow man has become a commercially addictive perversion in the United States specifically.

In particular, the United States, has set up a system where private corporations are allowed to set up, operate, benefit and make obscene profits from the suffering of their fellow man. Because of this corporate greed, the United States has the largest prison population in the world, and the highest per-capita incarceration rate of all the so called Western “civilized” nations. The United States commercial military dictatorship outdoes even Russia and China. The U.S. loves to point an accusing finger at every other nation in the world. And yet, we proudly call ourselves, “the land of the free.” See my chapter titled, “Incarceration Nation.”

The United States, in an Orwellian orgy of accusations, points the finger at Russia and China as pure dictatorships while our prisoners languish in the filth of the prison system. Programs designed to improve the life of prisoners are not allowed. And certainly, no programs that assist a prisoner “re-integrate” back into society. The current U.S. prison system is a crime against humanity that has become accepted and normalized. Imprisonment in the United States is an assault against the Prime Creator himself.

Although debtor’s prisons no longer exist in the United States, residents of some U.S. states can still be incarcerated for debt as of 2016. The Vera Institute of Justice reported in 2015 that jails throughout the United States have become warehouses for the poor, the mentally ill and those suffering from addiction as such individuals lack the financial means or mental capacity to post bail. Contradictions are part of the Bizarro Opposite World created by the First Archons. So if there are no “debtor’s prisons” why are humans still incarcerated for debt? Debtors that cannot or refuse to pay their fines are not imprisoned for the debt, but rather for their “disobedience and insolence” in failing to pay the debt. The split human brain with two opposing hemispheres, was designed to accept these contradictions and not be aware of them.

According to a 2014 Human Rights Watch report, “tough-on-crime” laws adopted since the 1980s, have filled U.S. prisons with mostly nonviolent offenders. This policy failed to rehabilitate prisoners and many were worse on release than before incarceration. Rehabilitation programs for offenders can be more cost effective than prison. According to the Brennan Center for Justice, falling crime rates cannot be ascribed to mass incarceration. The dark secret of this prison system is that rehabilitation is not the end goal. The end goal is pure and simple for those who wish to “look”, it is to maximize incarceration rates and thus maximize profits. The United States prison system is an “invisible tyranny”.

Jails and prisons create an unbreakable and insidious cycle of poverty for both the prisoners and the families of the prisoners. With recidivism rates 80% or even higher, the corporate for profit prison system guarantees itself a guaranteed flow of income no matter how much the laws are changed. According to a 2016 analysis of federal data by the U.S. Education Department, state and local spending on incarceration has grown three times as much as spending on public education since 1980. And guess who is heavily invested in the for profit prison system? Our elected officials who receive “sweetheart” deals on the IPOs of the companies.

How is it that we send “paupers” with great idealism to Capitol Hill, to serve us, and in 20 years they return, “multi-hundred millionaires” on a salary of $175,000.00 per year? [2020] Something is a little “fishy” with our system of “government” don’t you think? Robert Kyosaki made a comment, “Something is rotten in America.” It’s us. We have become a nation of pigs, whores, cowards, snitches and traitors, while “pursuing our happiness as Constitutionally guaranteed.”

These vibrational energies created by the combination of concrete and steel of prison buildings are so negative and destructive that they reduce the Human Psyche to a basic reptilian frenzy of survival, of kill or be killed. The weak are dominated or killed. Get strong or die. Or ally yourself with a stronger ally, most of the time a sadistic, homosexual lover for protection. This results in one of two things, prison either breaks you or you come out “stronger”. However, this “stronger” has a price in the form of a vast pent up rage and anger for the injustices committed against you. This pent up rage then hobbles you and you cannot function in the “open society” and have to turn to crime to make money for survival and risk imprisonment again. Hence the 80% + recidivism. The commercial system will always protect it’s own profits. Commerce is War, War is Commerce.

On this planet the First Archons, the Dark Powers have inserted a virus program of intense competition thru illusory scarcity for the resources of the world. This is done thru the Reptilian Brain that is so dominant in our lives. We do not look at each other as potential allies, but rather as hostile opposition to be dominated thru deception in the contracts or if necessary to destroy the competition. If you have not read my chapters titled, “The Reptilian Brain” and the “Demon/Dragon Slave Race”, please do so now.

In my epilogue to this book I proposed travel at the Speed of Light to the 12th power. That would be 189,000 miles per second X 189,000 miles per second 12 times total, which would naturally result in a Singular Unity with no space or time to be measured. I personally experienced such travel and it was magnificent. I found myself in the Presence of the Prime Creator who sang for me and I knew I was home. I never wanted to leave. Then my consciousness ripped me away from my home and I have longed to return home since that moment. The divine and ecstatic sweetness of that experience has left me with such a great sense of peace and joy, that little if anything bothers me anymore on this planet. I could leave this planet at any time and be at peace with my departure. You can read of my account with Prime Divinity in my introduction.

I felt my Heart Chakra open up and flower with a deep Compassion for humanity that has suffered so much at the hands of the First Archons. I also intuited that All is Energy and the All Energy is connected, harmonious, synchronous and mathematically correct. In my chapter titled, “On the Nature of Being, I proposed 14 fundamental truths. The first fundamental truth I proposed is that the Energy Matrix of the Universe, EMU, for short, lacks nothing. The EMU is the Singularity. We are all One with our brothers and sisters, and all Sentient Beings across this Universe, the Multi-Verse and the Multi-Dimensions. Halleluyah!!!

Due to the massive deception set up here on Planet Earth by the First Archons, the Rulers of the Darkness, everything that humanity has been taught about itself is totally wrong. The First Archons created a Bizarro Opposite World to keep humanity in a dark deep slumber of mental, psychic and physical enslavement to serve them, while at the same time creating the Grand Illusion of Freedom and Free Will. Everything we have been taught is wrong. Our entire belief system is based on a Bizarro Opposite world. “Birth is rather like a sleep and a forgetting of another state of consciousness. Death can be considered the abrupt ending of that sleep of dreams and a waking up.” Faery Wicca, The Shamanic Practice of the Cunning Arts, Kisma K. Stepanich.

The entire American continent has been under a complete Matrix of Deception by the Deep State via the CIA. It has been an invisible and secret War conducted against the minds of the American steeple. The result is that an invisible Tyranny of the Mind has gripped the minds of the American population. “Operation Mockingbird was a secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media. Begun in the 1950s, it was initially organized by Cord Meyer and Allen W. Dulles, it was later led by Frank Wisner after Dulles became the head of the CIA. The organization recruited leading American journalists into a network to help present the CIA’s views, and funded some student and cultural organizations, and magazines as fronts. As it developed, it also worked to influence foreign media and political campaigns, in addition to activities by other operating units of the CIA.” Operation-Mockingbird Nowadays, the Media is the mouthpiece of the CIA to disseminate propaganda and misinformation, to brainwash the American Sheeple into accepting the CIA created narrative. Here is a quote directly from William Casey, Director of the CIA, 41-47, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American Public believes is false.” This treasonous actions against the American sheeple by the CIA are Crimes against Humanity. However, who is going to charge and prosecute the CIA??

In 1963, President Harry Truman wrote in the Washington Post, “There is something about the way the CIA has been functioning that is casting a shadow on our historic position [of freedom] and I feel we need to correct it.” Here is the sixty four thousand dollar question, “Has anything genuinely changed in how the CIA operates since that comment?” Comments like that by Truman are actually generated by the CIA itself, to give the appearance that the “government” is at least attempting to protect the Sheeple. However, this is simply a pacification ruse, to keep the Sheeple nicely corraled. In a recent interview with a retired high-level CIA officer, Jonna Mendes, she clearly stated, “The CIA lies about everything.”

The American sheeple are still under the illusion that the CIA is a legitimate “government” organization. The CIA is a private corporation, like all government agencies, that is entirely funded by its own Black ops, which mainly consist controlling the world’s drug trade. It would be a lot more honest to simply change the name of the CIA to Criminal Industries of America. There have been scores of books written about the CIA, perhaps the best one I have read and the darkest history of this country is “The Killing of Uncle Sam”, by Browne and Williams. I highly recommend it to every American that has any love for this country.

Private corporations have owners and shareholders. “Government” is the facade, and private corporations are the reality. “A landmark Supreme Court Case of 1795, Penhallow v. Doane’s Administrators, defines governments succinctly: “Governments are corporations.” Inasmuch, as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons.” Cracking the Code, Jordan Maxwell. That is why the United States “government” created the artificial person, “United States Citizen.” Please see my chapter titled, “United States Citizenship.”

Title 28 USC 3002 Section 15A states that the United States is a Federal Corporation and not a Government, including the Judiciary Procedural Section. The de jure states in the form of Republics and the de jure united States were subsumed, or set aside by the Bankruptcy Act of 1933. That was the “coup de etat”. The “de jure” states became the “de facto” states. De facto means a state of affairs that is true in fact, but that is not officially sanctioned. In contrast, de jure means a state of affairs that is in accordance with law (i.e. that is officially sanctioned). Legal English: “De factode/De Jure” – De facto means under the “color of law”, while de jure means under the “actual law.”

This follows the Seventh Maxim of Law, “In times of War, the Law is silent”, thus no state can exist in a de jure state while Martial Law is in effect. Not only no state, but additionally, no agency, government or otherwise, can exist or operate in a “de jure” state. This is how the Deep State killed off the “de jure” states. And the best part, “notice” is not required to be given to the conquered population. The power of Martial is that it is invisible. The key is to make a State of War a permanent state so that it disappears from the consciousness of the sheeple. By the declaration of a permanent state of war, thru the National War Powers Emergency Act, the United States “corporation” became an invisible “anarchy” where might is right. Dog eat dog dominates all corporate interactions and all commerce. This naturally magnified the need for the “legal-sleaze industry” full of ambulance chasers. 95% of all of the world’s attorneys and liaryers, live and work in the U.S. corporation.

2012 signaled the beginning of the destruction of this darkness by the Light of Creation that has finally penetrated the Etheric Barrier of Darkness so long ago established by the First Archons. Planet Earth has been kept in a quarantine of darkness to hide the crimes of the First Archons for millions of years. Because of the Opposing Polarities of the Universe itself, the Light becomes the Dark, and the Dark become the Light in a constant process of Rebalance and Reintegration. We are not privy to these huge cycles because of the incredibly short “life span” on the planet.

This Etheric Barrier of Darkness reached its’ crescendo and must now Rebalance and Reintegrate by dissolving and melting itself away and becoming Light. We are on the very cusp of this magnificent event. This has put the First Archons in a panic as they try to keep humanity in the quarantine of the Great Darkness that they so relish. This Universe was created by much higher “gods” than the First Archons. The First Archons are lower 3rd dimensional “creator gods”, not the Prime Creator.

The First Archons are parasites that latched on to the creation by these higher gods and successfully abused the energetic frequencies of the 3rd dimension. This is fast coming to an end and humanity will have the opportunity to recode and reconnect the 11 strands of DNA that were disconnected and we were deprived of so long ago. It is possible that much of humanity will reject the Light of Creation and chose to stay in the quarantine of Darkness, this is after all a “free will zone”. For those humans that chose to recode and reconnect, they will access Energetic Frequencies not even dreamt of before by humanity. We will soar the Universe, the Multi-verse and the Multi-Dimensions.

I for one am so looking forward to “going home” that I can barely wait.

My Voice is the Cry from the Wilderness,

Be strong, be courageous and compassionate,

Travel Well my brothers and sisters.


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  1. Bravo! Very well stated. The Gnostics were quite correct regarding man’s “choice” of a dark and criminally insane god. That was the reason they were hunted down and ultimately censored.

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