When You Challenge Agenda 21, They Steal Your Children


TLB Preface: What we present here is actual proof of the far reaching power of Agenda 21. This clearly demonstrates the UN’s ability to literally reach into our lives and ruin them to mask or protect their absconding with our sovereign rights and territory to facilitate their agenda.

Nobody facilitates the truth of these matters better than Dave Hodges with his forum The Common Sense show. Please take the time to listen to this interview and understand … as an activist against Agenda 21 … you could very well be next!


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In Fort Collins, CO., When You Challenge Agenda 21, They Bring In Judges to Steal Your Children

By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

stacy-lynneStacy Lynne, victim of the Agenda 21 inspired criminal enterprise system in Larimer County, CO.

Stand up to your local government and get your child stolen by Agenda 21 forces. If it can happen to Stacy, it can happen to you. Stacy lost her son with no due process and had to endure a kangaroo court proceeding courtesy of Judge Julie Kunce Field. For standing up to her local government, Stacy has not seen her son in 3 years. Yet, her parental rights were never severed. She was never accused of wrong doing.

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