Where is Andy & Barney of Mayberry RFD? How about The Beaver?

by Ralph Ely | TLB staff writer/researcher

On a personal note

I am filling some mighty big shoes, even though they are the shoes of a woman that tend to be smaller in size than that of a man.  (I better stop here, before I get into unintended trouble as us guys tend to insert our foot in mouth when addressing or making observations about the fairer sex.)   The shoes I am filling belong to TLB staff writer Pam Jones.  Pam has some health issues that require “bed rest” and a break away from the keyboard.  (Your prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.)

Down to business

What has happened to America?  Where are Andy, Barney and The Beaver?  When I was growing up I got home from school.. did my home work as fast as I could… then it was time for TV with Andy and Barney fighting crime in Mayberry RFD.  (Yes I am that old.)  I just could not wait to see what mischief The Beaver would lure Wally into so Mr. and Mr. Cleaver would have to call a “family meeting” and get everyone back on the right track.

I love being the age I am.  I know how things used to be.  I have History on my side, if you will.  I know how the sky used to look (no geoengineering), I know how the water used to taste (no fluoride), I know how “real food” looks and taste (no GMO, we grew our own) and I only had “three” vaccinations in my life until I went into the military.

Years later I now understand that Andy, Barney, The Beaver and all of the “social messages” in those shows and the surrounding commercials were designed to “condition us” to accept the Agenda and the Tyranny we face today.

Tying my teen years to Pam Jones

Being from Northern California, I was always aware that the Fresno/Bakersfield area of California, was a Major Test Market for Madison Avenue (and it still is) to Roll out new products and see if “they will fly” with the American Consumer.   Fresno is home to Pam Jones and has been the catalyst for her activism in local government issues and issues that affect us all globally.

Fresno is a “test tube” for the “social engineers” of the Power Elite.  Make no mistake about it… in many ways… “As Fresno goes, so goes The Nation.”  It is not only a micro-cosm of the US economy, it is a giant chess game with “the people” as pawns.

Corruption and unrest among government employees nothing new


Today’s stories and headlines bring us right up to date, as history tends to repeat its self.


Item: Internal report: Two-thirds of Fresno police officers suffering from low morale ~ Fresno Bee.  Read the story here.

Item: Fresno Chief of Police Accused of Murder/Suicide Cover-up ~ Grassroots Revolutionary News Media For The Central Valley.  Read the story here.

Item: The truth about the Fresno Police Dept – Second Deputy Police Chief Keith Foster – alleged involvement in a conspiracy to distribute oxycodone, heroin, and marijuana ~ The Fifth Column.  Read the story here.


As it goes in Fresno, so it goes in Oregon?


Item: Activist Predicts Death, Says The Cops Killed Him ~ FresnoPeoplesMedia.com @ WeaponizedNews.com  Read the story here.

Item: Initiate a Federal Investigation into the death of John Lang, a suspected murder by Fresno Police Department ~ A “We The People” Petition to Washington D.C.  See the petition here.


Oh how I long for the days of Andy, Barney and The Beaver.  At least America seemed real then. ~ RE

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