Whistleblower John Bolenbaugh tears up explaining Standing Rock’s importance

Published on Nov 18, 2016

By Inyam HuYamni

Whistleblower and veteran John Bolenbaugh, (a former oil employee), who has spent his life savings documenting oil spills– and who turned down a 60 million dollar settlement, explains the dangers of oil pipelines all across America and their spills which are 70% covered-up and we never even hear about it in the media. That’s because they are designed to fail.

Oil companies profit from the insurance companies who pay them to clean up their own messes. These messes are poisonous because of the molotov cocktail of chemicals used to thin the tar sands.

As John puts it, he is definitely not a tree-hugger, and was not an environmentalist in any way until he saw how it was making people sick. When he realized the gravity of the situation, (as he says in his own words), “he had to do something about it or go to hell.”

John is an encyclopedia of the horrors of big oil. I hope there are more interviews to come!

In the video below, DAPL workers bloodied John for picking flowers. Then police proceed to abduct John against his will and used an Israeli torture technique of placing a bag over his head…

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4 Comments on Whistleblower John Bolenbaugh tears up explaining Standing Rock’s importance

  1. That was harrowing stuff these police have lost it completely really it is worrying that they have become so much much like machines heartless brutes

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