White House CANCELS all Obama Appearances at Hillary Campaign Events!

TLB Editors note: Like a deer caught in the blinding headlights of a car at night on a country road… The Obama administration, the DOJ, the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s Campaign do not know which direction to run. The “headlights” being the revelation of the FBI re-opening the email investigation after finding “missing Hillary emails” on a cell phone during an investigation of a completely unrelated case.

This is evidenced by (not so well thought out) statements from some in the Hillary Camp and a deafening silence from the White House, along with a “covert” attempt to distance Obama from Hillary as shown in the following article. Being they were outed when their “covert attempt” was published, they had to regroup and go with “plan B.”


White House CANCELS all Obama Appearances at Hillary Campaign Events!

Post from RedFlagNews

Now, we know it’s bad! The FBI Director’s announcement that the Bureau had found more emails pertinent to its Hillary Clinton private e-mail server investigation, and was re-opening that investigation, sent shockwaves across the political spectrum [Friday] afternoon.

The fact that the FBI made such an announcement is extraordinary in itself.  Generally, the Bureau does NOT publicly reveal that someone is under investigation, never mind someone who is so high-profile, like an active candidate for President!  So the revelation that the Hillary investigation is now re-opened is an absolute stunner on many levels.  Frankly, all experts agree that it must be something extraordinary they found; something likely criminal.

Adding to the drama was that the FBI Director did NOT coordinate the announcement with the White House or with the Department of Justice (DOJ) – which could be an effort by the Bureau to regain its lost reputation for Integrity.  Keeping the White house and Justice Department out of the loop means they could not interfere prior to the announcement, and now that the announcement has been made publicly, neither the White House nor the DOJ can prevent the public from knowing something big is taking place.


And “big” might be an understatement.  Late Friday night, the White House very quietly CANCELED all of Barack Obama’s scheduled campaign appearances on behalf of Hillary Clinton! The scheduled events, confirmed for months, were all quietly DELETED.  See the Before and After images below:

Whatever information the FBI has found must be completely devastating for Clinton.  So devastating, that President Obama can no longer even be seen as supporting her candidacy!

This FBI announcement has “criminality” written all over it.

Stay tuned.


After screenshots taken and story posted, the website updated with Obama on schedule! See here.



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  1. When I look back over my 70+ years on the planet and knowing that when the government tool over education in the name of “integration” my Dad told me that we were in deep doodoo. Americans are educated via propaganda especially when it’s political. NOTHING political or economical/financial happens by accident. The Corporation is an international business for profit and you and I are not a participant. We just feed the beast.

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