Why Is Biden Buying Chinese Drones

Why is Joe Biden buying drones from China?

By: Monica Showalter

Back in May, Joe Biden warned armed forces members at a Virginia military base that China believes it will “own” America:

We’re in a battle between democracies and autocracies,” Biden told troops at Joint Base Langley Eustis in Hampton. “The more complicated the world becomes, the more difficult it is for democracies to come together and reach consensus.

I’ve spent more time with President Xi [Jinping] of China than any world leader has — for 24 hours of private meetings with him with just an interpreter, 17,000 miles traveling with him in China and here,” the president added. “He firmly believes that China, before the year [20]30, ’35, is going to own America because autocracies can make quick decisions.”

So why the hell is he helping it along?

According to this disturbing warning from former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, as told to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, reported by the Daily Wire:

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that the Biden administration’s move to buy Chinese drones for federal law enforcement was perplexing and that the move jeopardized U.S. national security.

Ratcliffe noted that the Trump administration flagged the specific Chinese company in question over what it said was “moderate confidence” that the Chinese company was providing information on U.S. critical infrastructure to the Chinese Communist Party.

Like so much that Biden’s administration has done on national security lately, this makes very little sense,” Ratcliffe said. “It’s harmful to our national security. And also, Chinese drone technology is not as good as U.S. drone technology. So it’s hard to make sense out of what’s doing this, other than it is consistent with the Biden administration taking a softer approach, trying to promote a false narrative that somehow China is a competitor and not an adversary.”

The initial bad guy here was Congress. which lifted the restrictions on the U.S. government buying this spy-able technology from the world’s largest by far drone company.

Now Joe, or whoever’s controlling him, has O.K.’d such purchases since Congress opened that gate, enabling China to spy on U.S. national security drones. According to the Heritage Foundation’s John Venable and Lora Ries, it works like this:

Studies by two leading cybersecurity and research firms, Synacktiv and River Loop Security, reverse-engineered applications that allow users to control Chinese drones or edit videos they capture. They discovered the controller app had coding that enabled its Chinese developer to download and execute “other” code whenever it chose. Both applications collected sensitive user data and transmitted it to third-party servers without user consent.

Moving on those studies and their own well-founded concerns, the Departments of Defense, Interior and Homeland Security all either warned against or prohibited the procurement of Chinese-made drones. Until now, Congress appeared to be listening.

Ratcliffe warned about the matter last February, described in this same piece by Venable and Ries:

Considering the obvious security threat posed by Chinese-made drones, you’d think banning federal agencies from buying or using them would be an easy lift for Congress. Not so, apparently.

In a surprising shift, the House and Senate removed a bipartisan effort to restrict such drones from the conference version of the FY2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) released last week. That’s right—they successfully thwarted their own best intentions.

Getting even the most clear-cut bill through Congress has always involved horse-trading as legislators move to bring more goodies to their respective states or districts. But one has to wonder which constituency gained from this move.

The danger China poses to all sectors of American society was reiterated last week by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe. And the specific threat that Chinese-made drones bring has been driven home by independent studies, federal agencies, Congress and actual video footage from within China.

It’s a bad move, given that China is getting more aggressive, and stepping up its espionage activities, based on the many FBI busts out there for Chicom espionage. Biden’s perfectly content to buy spyable Chinese drones from a Chinese company over a higher-grade American one, moving the process along, based on this brain-dead decision.

It’s part of what one Politico columnist calls Joe Biden’s “hot and cold” Chinese policy, a policy of sending mixed messages instead of the unequivocal certainties that President Trump would send.

Three things in the category of ‘cold stand out from that turn of phrase:

One, that Biden has kept President Trump’s tariffs on China, probably in deference to his union allies, in a move that stings China for sure.

Two, that Biden is going forward with the three-nation AUKUS alliance in the Pacific, complete with the U.K. and Australia, to check China and its regional expansion. That move concerned France, which pulled its ambassador from the U.S. for a time, while his French-speaking climate czar, John Kerry, reportedly “assured” the French that Biden knew nothing about it. It probably wasn’t as reassuring as he thought it was to the French, but the reality remains, AUKUS definitely will challenge China.

Three, Biden has reportedly sent special forces troops to Taiwan, a definite move to support the beleaguered nation that is now under open military threat from China.

But now let’s get into the negative stuff, the ‘hot,’ the things that Biden has done to succor China — and the list is much longer:

Biden made no move to sanction China after a cyber hack on the U.S. He hit Russia with sanctions and blamed it for things they might not have done in a different attack. But with clear evidence pointing to Chinese state involvement in a ransomware attack on the huge Microsoft Exchange email server, nothing. No sanctions from him over a massive China cyberattack. I wrote about that here.

Here’s another one: The Meng Wanzhou / Huawei affair, where the daughter of the suspected-of-spying China firm’s founder, who as part of Huawei, violated sanctions on Iran, got caught and, then, got let out of Canada with no charges while awaiting extradition from the U.S. Under house arrest.

Hong Kong (CNN Business)Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, who spent nearly three years in house arrest in Canada, returned home late Saturday, ending a prolonged extradition fight with the United States and sparking an outburst of national pride in China, where her release has been portrayed as a diplomatic victory for Beijing.

Meng, who was wanted by US federal prosecutors for fraud charges related to alleged Iran sanction violations, was arrested in Vancouver in December 2018. Beijing has called it a political arrest by the former Trump administration, and repeatedly demanded she be released.

It was described as hostage diplomacy, given that two Canadians were picked up and jailed in China as leverage. But what it showed is that this company is very China’d up and the China government considers this Huawei member basically a Chinese government official, and as a result, can get Joe Biden to do anything they want.

There also were the calls from Congress to end the Space Force, on the grounds that it was founded by President Trump. Who benefited from that one? China, of course, is ramping up its military-space ambitions. Biden’s spokesweasel Jen Psaki laughed the matter off and didn’t know who to contact at the agency before she promised to “circle back.” Eventually, she backtracked, but it didn’t instill confidence. Within Joe Biden’s own party, a Bay Area coterie of congress members who have more than once been targeted by Chinese spies, was behind that one, and Joe rarely defies any Democrat with a lunatic idea in his own party. I wrote about it here.

And while we are on the topic of Congress and its ruling Democrats, let’s get into the matter of Gen. Mark Milley, who consulted with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on impeachment matters, also making his famous phone call to his counterpart in China, to assure them that he’d see to it that President Trump doesn’t attack, giving the Chicoms advance warning for something that would normally be secret. Trump made no such threats but Milley wanted to be paranoid, something he probably got from his powwow with the Bay Area lunatics in Congress. Who benefits from this network with its ties to Joe? China of course.

Now let’s get into Hunter Biden, who just got done making a lot of “art” sales, with his oeuvres going for $75,000 a pop. The gallery he worked with had China ties, while the identity of the buyers was kept from the public, supposedly as a bid to prevent conflict of interest – those kindergarten scribblings with a blowpipe being a vehicle for money-laundering. Turns out that even the concealed buyer identity was baloney: Only the public was not told who bought the artworks, Hunter reportedly met with potential buyers.

There’s also Hunter Biden’s huge China investments, his cash cow. He’d promised to divest those assets to prevent conflict of interest — but he hasn’t. So he’s still on China’s string, and he still talks to his enabling old dad.

All of those things point to Biden’s “hots” for China, making one wonder what China has on him and whether his bad China moves are the result of his being compromised one way or another.

Three other things serve as super-chargers to this Biden-as-China-puppet scenario.

There’s the Biden administration’s love for China’s social credit system and its bid to impose it on America through vaccine mandates, siccing the FBI on parents at school board meetings to chill free speech, and a bid to spy on Americans’ bank accounts, all perfect tools for completely controlling the public as China does.

There is also Biden officials’ open admiration for China’s totalitarian communist system. These include Anita Dunn, until recently a Biden White House official, who is married to White House Counsel Bob Bauer, formerly of political-manipulator law firm Perkins Coie. Controversy over the Mao remarks chased her out of the Obama administration back in 2015. That was not a problem for Biden, though, whose administration hired her back, Mao and all.

And there are also Biden’s allies at Black Lives Matter who to some extent seem actually sponsored by China itself. Such as this one. Biden never defies those guys.

So now he’s helping along the great China beat-America project by O.K.ing China drones in sensitive positions that U.S. intelligence officials have been warning about. It’s known that he’s out of touch, and as Kerry said, not aware of what he is doing. But the mistakes keep building, and China has plenty of reasons to keep smiling. Does China have something on Biden? It’s strange to think, but the bad stuff out of him keeps coming.


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