Why Ivermectin Is Superior to Pfizer’s Antiviral Pill

Why Ivermectin Is Superior to Pfizer’s Antiviral Pill

Comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore discusses a video by John Campbell, PhD, where he explains the similarities between Pfizer’s expensive new antiviral drug for COVID and ivermectin, and why ivermectin is better.

By: Jeremy Loffredo

On the latest episode of “The Jimmy Dore Show,” comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore highlighted the similarities between Pfizer’s expensive new antiviral drug for COVID and ivermectin, a generic drug used to treat the virus.

I’ve never seen the propaganda machine so hard at work as it’s been against ivermectin,” said Dore. “Ivermectin won a Nobel Prize for human medicine in 2015, but the media really has everyone believing it’s for horses.”

Dore suggested the motivation behind the propaganda is profits.

Dore played a video of John Campbell, Ph.D., explaining how Pfizer’s antiviral and ivermectin treat COVID in “the exact same way.” Campbell told viewers Pfizer’s new antiviral drug shows very high levels of efficacy in preventing severe disease, hospitalization and death.

But there’s another drug, which is generic, called ivermectin, which works in the exact same way as the Pfizer antiviral,” Campbell said. “And there is conclusive proof from the scientific literature that the modality of action of the two drugs is the same. Both of these drugs inhibit viral replication.”

Campbell showed the molecular structure of Pfizer’s new drug and compared it to the molecular shape of ivermectin. He conceded the two “are completely different looking molecules” which led him to conclude “it’s absolutely fine to patent” the Pfizer drug.

So they’re going to be able to make a lot of money out of it for the next 20 years,” he said.

Campbell cited a number of scientific papers which highlighted ivermectin’s effectiveness as an antiviral against COVID, including:

  • A paper from the Royal Society of Chemistry which concluded ivermectin exhibits “inhibition” to the “catalytic activity” which causes COVID to replicate.

  • An article in Nature which found that out of the 13 off-target drugs tested by researchers, only ivermectin blocked viral replication of SARS-CoV-2 by more than 80%.

  • A paper from The Royal Society of Chemistry which showed ivermectin, out of dozens of drugs the researchers experimented with, had the “highest score” when it comes to to stopping viral replication of SARS-CoV-2. Notably, the paper showed that Remdesivir, which is currently patented and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, had the lowest score out of all of the compounds.

Campbell also pointed to a paper from Frontiers in Microbiology, which he said showed ivermectin not only attacked and bound to COVID’s spike protein which stopped it from infecting the cell, but also bound to the cell receptor.

So it doesn’t just work one way, but two different ways,” explained Dore. “It double screws it up so you can’t get COVID.”

Campbell put it this way: “Not only does ivermectin bend the COVID key, but it also ruins the lock.”

Campbell told viewers:

So as far as we’ve been told, the new Pfizer drug is only working against one particular biochemical pathway to stop COVID, and with ivermectin, it’s working against that same biochemical pathway to stop COVID but also several others.”

Why don’t you know this?” Dore asked. “Because ivermectin is cheap, and we live in a world that is made up of corporate propaganda.”

Watch the segment here:


This article (Iversen: Supreme Court Likely to Have Final Say on Vaccine Mandates) originated on The Defender and is here by ‘contribution’ with attribution to the articles author Jeremy Loffredo and childrenshealthdefense.org/defender.

About the Author: Jeremy Loffredo is a freelance reporter for The Defender. His investigative reporting has been featured in The Grayzone and Unlimited Hangout. Jeremy formerly produced news programs at RT America.

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2 Comments on Why Ivermectin Is Superior to Pfizer’s Antiviral Pill

  1. John-
    It’s amazing that in the age of information and mis-information that people in the medical community are ignorant of a drugs existence or its actual application in the treatment of parasitic infections first in humans and later in animals. You would think that since the Japanese researcher who discovered this drug won the Nobel prize they might of heard of it? This drug has a long history of treatment and prevention of infection for spectrum of human parasites as well as antiviral characteristics. You might see if you can get the medication via mail order without prescription from India. It’s been used extensively to deal with Covid infections in that country with considerable success. The FLCCC Alliance is a good source for treating Covid and uses Ivermectin in their treatment protocols. You might find a member that could get you the medicine through them.

  2. Watched a lot of Campbell’s videos in the past 3 months. In one I disagreed with him, as he seemed to act as a shill for big pharma, and I cancelled my subscription. Then I thought, hand on a minute, he had lots of other good stuff he’d said. And resubscribed. I’m glad I did.

    I’m in Australia. Ivermectin is, basically, banned here. The mass media sold it as horse medicine that ought not be taken by humans. Further, the view was that anyone taking it was an idiot or an animal, with unlikable health tendencies, or both.

    I went to my local pharmacy and asked the counter assistant if they can sell me Ivermectin. She said” “What’s that”. (No lie). Eventually, I asked the head chemist about it. He told me they can get it in as 2mg tablets in a pack of 4 for about $80AU. I balked on the price but told him to get it in. He then told me I need a doctors prescription to buy it. OK.

    I made an appoint for 3 days hence to see my general practitioner. Near the end of the meeting, I asked her if she would write me a script and prescribe me ivermectin. She fobbed me off and said: “That stuffs toxic. You don’t want to be taking that”. I kept my mouth shut and went into overdrive in the mind. Next … Imagine that, a doctor who has bought the propagapropaganda line – lock stock and barrel. Thank you for airing this truth.

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