Well, to begin with, why NOT?

By TLB Contributor & Partner: Organic Guru Lynnette Pate

I get the questions often asked of me, “Why is it so important to eat organic foods? Isn’t organic just another yuppie, preppie kind of life style? Isn’t that what hippies and pot smokers eat? Besides, it cost so much more, why should I spend the money on the same kind of food I already eat with the organic name on it?”

All these questions have been asked. My answer is simple yet broad. To begin with, yes there is a lot of misconception of the word “organic.” People seem to think it is just some kind of fad and hip thing that is going to “pass.” They seem to think that organic is for those who are waaay out there. But that’s where I come in the picture, to shed light on these ways of thinking and put the truths on the matter and show people really what the organic world is all about.

So let me start by saying, organic is NOT going to “just pass.” Organic is indeed a word that is misused sometimes. The fact of the matter is that it is not only for yuppies, preppies and or hippies. Organic is important to us all and the well being of our soil and planet. Just because people smoke pot or who are true hippies does not make it wrong or crazy. We need to look at the reasoning behind the organic world. It is not a “movement.”

Organic has been around since the beginning of time, but our ancestors and grandparents called it FOOD. Organic eating & lifestyles are very important due to the fact they are pesticide, toxin and chemical free. Why do we need chemicals in our food supply? Why would you eat or drink some round-up, agent orange, bug killer or miracle grow? Of course you wouldn’t…but in fact you DO eat this every time you eat that food that is not clean. Now of course consuming this food is not going to kill you immediately; however it is slowly killing you and the world you live in. We were not made to absorb and digest these deadly chemicals. Just think about it.

You say, but Lynnette, this is what our liver and kidneys are for…to eliminate those harmful toxins. Excuse me, but wrong you are; our liver and kidneys are supposed to eliminate any unwanted bacteria, fungus or fillers, but not to outright rid your body of chemical pollution day after day.

You say it is so expensive? Well I ask you, what is more important, your health or crap food? You are going to pay someone either by doctors or health insurance, why not pay YOUR SELF and invest in good real foods? If you look at all the sick and diseased people, you will see the foods they really do consume. Besides, have you seen the cost of cancer, insulin or heart disease lately? So think about it, you are what you eat, what do you want to be? Chemicals or a person?

Never mind the fact that when you eat REAL nutrients, you actually fill your Brain instead of just filling your stomach with empty calories. Therefore you actually eat more times per day, but you eat much less; hence you have a lower food bill as it takes less to live and be healthy on.

An organic life style is simply the act of knowing the facts. The facts are that chemical consumption wreaks havoc on your body and on the planet. So what do YOU CHOOSE? Besides the fact that non-organic foods can be genetically modified, which means the food/ seed has been genetically altered to create a NON natural food. We will discuss more of the GMO infestation in later articles.

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  1. I agree with you Lynette. Im addition to the foods we eat, we also need to be concerned the the chemicals we put ON our bodies. Most people are exposed to over 200 chemicals before they even leave their homes in the morning! We need to educate people that there are toxic free alternatives.

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