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By: TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges.

I used to lament the fact that 98% of the mainstream media was owned by five corporations. A decade ago, we all knew that the media was controlled, but the public would laugh in our faces for saying so. Today, the laughter and cries of “conspiracy theorist” are fading. The mainstream media is dying and the alternative media is exploding and will soon be king.

This is a highly significant development. If the globalists are truly going to impose draconian martial law control in the United States, controlling the narrative is critical. In fact, if the globalists are going to achieve complete dictatorial control over our country, they must achieve two objectives. First, they must quickly move to control the Internet because the alternative media is approaching critical mass and more and more of the public is waking up. Sociologists will tell you that when a committed movement reaches 10% of the population, the movement explodes! I will be writing a future article where I fully develop this point.

The globalists are quickly reaching the point where they can no longer tolerate the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Steve Quayle and Alex Jones. The globalists must move quickly to subjugate the alternative media before it becomes impossible to control the population. This article examines this trend curve.

The following video sets the tone nicely for the subsequent discussion with regard to understanding how the mainstream media is on life support.


Coast to Coast Is the Barometer

When Coast to Coast left the alternative media and became part of the censored mainstream media, that put the show on the road to life support.

Art Bell used to be the king of night time radio. His show was creative and captured much of America’s listening audience’s imagination. However, when Art sold control of his show to Premiere Networks and ultimately to Clear Channel Communications, Art lost a good portion of his editorial control and Coast to Coast was never the same. Eventually, Art left Coast and it has been nothing but a ratings slide ever since, except for the brief breath of fresh air provided by John B. Wells.

After a period of prolonged instability following the departure of Art Bell as the primary host of Coast to Coast, George Noory entered the scene in 2003 where he has since remained. However, Noory’s listening numbers are nothing to write home about. Once upon a time, some estimated that Art Bell had somewhere around 6-12 million listeners on any given night. In contrast, Noory’s numbers are a much smaller 275,000 to 300,000 listeners per night. Interestingly, the Hagmann and Hagmann report boasts very similar numbers on a good night. Further, Alex Jones averages two million listeners per week, which averages about 400,000 per day which is leaving Coast to Coast in the rear view mirror. If Coast to Coast is to remain a viable entity, they will have to begin to embrace the pioneer spirit of Art Bell and John B. Wells.

When John B. Wells joined coast, his numbers were anywhere between 750,000 to 1.2 million listeners for any given Saturday night. This ratings disparity could not have resonated well with George Noory.

There were some who were in favor of making Wells the permanent host of the show during the week. This idea was met with draconian repression in an effort to preserve the status quo. George Noory has proven to be a good corporate employee and a great protector of the corporate interest and that is first and foremost in importance to management at Clear Channel. This speaks to the clear message of what Coast to Coast has become.

One has to go no further than Steve Quayle’s website to understand the seismic shift in who the public is following with regard to getting their news. Steve has one of the largest websites in the world. In the alternative media, he is in the top three. He has 1,533 websites that follow his work and publications on a daily basis. This exponentially increases his reach in a way that would have not been possible before the introduction of the Internet.

The numbers are in, and as you can see below, people would rather go to sites like Steve Quayle, or listen to Doug and Joe Hagmann, rather than get their news from CNN, Fox, HLN or MSNBC.

Case In Point: The Common Sense Show

This past Friday, June 27, 2014, I received just over 30,000 hits on my website. This is not an atypical number of visitors. A year ago to the day, I only received 5,100 hits. I do not think my content improved that significantly over the past year. Rather, the mainstream audience is moving to the alternative media. Ernie Hancock, owner of Freedoms Phoenix, likes to cite the statistic that we are witnessing that almost tw0-thirds of all people under 30 are getting their news from a digital source. My website is proof that the media shift is taking place and is doing so in a dramatic way.

Many of you will remember, that just about a month ago, that my stories on child sex trafficking and Benghazi led to my family being threatened to the point where I decided to suspend my website operations for 2.5 days while I contemplated my response to the threats I was receiving. I was shocked that I would draw the ire of powerful people because of what I printed on my modest website. I have been told that this time the powers that be are upset that I am writing about the crisis on the border with regard to the increasing UN presence and the likelihood of a planned breakout of pandemics as a result of unscreened illegal immigrants. Therefore, I set out on a path to discover the answer to the question, why little ‘Ole me?

I am a statistics person, having taught and written courses in the field. Consequently, I wanted to know why I was drawing negative attention. Last night, I did an analytical examination of my website and the results shocked me when I extrapolated the stats in a manner which told me how many people I am reaching on a national level. The notable statistic has to do with the measurement called “unique visitors”. This statistic measures how many individuals have visited my site and the stat does not measure multiple visits by the same person. In the last 12 months, my unique visitors total is almost 3.9 million readers. Also, my page views are always well over a million per month which tells me that these people, for the most part, are not passive visitors. When one analyzes what percentage of the population, over 40, is visiting my website, the estimated figure is that 6.7% of the American middle aged population has visited my site at least one time in the past year. Further, my site is picked up by 1,391 other sites and I have a nationally syndicated radio show. I was stunned at the implications and the numbers and in that moment I realized that I was no longer operating in relative anonymity as I was a year ago. I now understand why I have been a target in recent history. As my dad would tell me, I need to grow up and take my responsibilities more seriously.

When one compares my modest numbers to someone like Steve Quayle, I would make a rough estimate that Steve’s site has been visited by between 10-11% of the same demographic,and these numbers are much higher on some days. These estimates are the result of analyzing both Google Analytics and Alexa which are not perfect cyber metrics, but are capable of showing accurate trend curves. These numbers are clearly illustrative of the fact that the alternative media has nearly caught the mainstream media, and in the case of Steve Quayle, the Hagmanns’ and Alex Jones, we are surpassing much of the mainstream media.

Do you realize what this means? Most alternative media broadcasters use Skype, twitter and other social media to increase their exposure. We do not have the large sums of money that Clear Channel can throw at Coast to Coast. Our advertisers are NOT Ford, GM, the big brokerage houses, etc. Our sponsors are sellers of useful and everyday products such as organic seeds and water purification products whose vendors are normally individual proprietors.


In the alternative media, we are riding the crest of America’s changing news gathering habits. America is sick and tired of the censored news as promoted by the mainstream media on behalf of its five corporate owners. Globalists such as Soros and Brzezinski have bemoaned the fact that the public is waking up. This begs a couple of questions. First, what percentage does Hagmann, Quayle, Before Its News, et al. have to reach before their collective efforts will totally consume the country? The answer according to most sociologists and marketing experts is about 10% and when that number is reached exponential growth takes place. We are almost there, when one looks at the numbers I have presented in this article. In a future article, I will be detailing how close we are to having the message from the alternative media becoming the overwhelming dominant message. The second question has to do with how long with the purveyors of the status quo of the New World Order allow this unchecked growth, which threatens to greatly lessen their power and influence, be allowed to continue?

With the United Nations being poised to create a policing presence on American soil over the manufactured pandemic crises which are looming, I look for the Internet and our guns to be confiscated under the coming martial law. Does it make sense now as to why John Kerry illegally signed the UN Small Arms Ban? Is it now clear as to why Obama gave the Internet codes to the United Nations last year? All the prognostications made by the alternative media of what was coming with martial law, the complete obliteration of the First and Second Amendment are here, right now, today!

I believe that the globalists,or the Satanists as those of us who know them, like to call them, must move quickly. A quick case in point. There is a talk show originating out of Dallas during the late afternoon commute known as “The Dan Cofall Show“. Dan has had me on several times before and I have even hosted the show. This is a mainstream AM radio station and yet Dan brought me on yesterday and basically said that he thought that “people like Alex Jones and Dave Hodges are sometimes “out there” however, he said we are almost proven correct over time”. Dan even used the word “my mea culpa” in my introduction on yesterday’s show. And what did Dan have me talk about? The growing presence of UN military vehicles on our soil, the globalist Peter Sutherland, the border and the planned pandemics which are coming our way. People who still drink the Kool Aid of CNN were hearing the truth yesterday, in a way, like they never have before. As an aside, Dan may be on mainstream media, however, he is fully awake and is well known for his balanced approach to news. This is one small example of what is happening all across this country.

Enjoy the alternative media while you can. For comparative purposes, I though you might enjoy looking the declining number of the following mainstream media news outlets and compare them to the alternative media. This is eye opening.


Fox News CNN MSNBC CNN Headline News
6 – 9 am Fox & Friends


New Day


Morning Joe




5 pmThe Five








6 pmBaier






Dr. Drew


7 pmVan Susteren








8 pmO’Reilly








9 pmKelly






Dr. Drew


10 pmHannity








11 pmO’Reilly








PRIME TIME373K99K162K109KData by Nielsen Media Research. Live and same day (DVR) data.

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