Step right up folks, it’s a really big show, now you see them, now you don’t.

by David Glenn | TLB contributing writer

Step right up folks, it’s a really big show, now you see them, now you don’t.

Dearest fellows, many of the events this last week have been stressful to say the least, and much of it points directly to a corrupt Government out of control. Anyone familiar with the topic should know by now, that our so called “Government” is owned and controlled, by large corporate and banking interests.

These interests, have huge resources at their disposal, controlling all of the mainstream media, most accept that as fact, and it’s easily proven by tracing the ownership of all the main media groups, what many people seem to ignore is the huge influence these interests have on the info we gather from the internet, this is evident to most of us when we encounter the obvious “Troll” spewing disinformation or attacking any poster that they may disagree with, so to discredit the information they don’t want out.

Fact insert myth

But there are many other tactics to keep us patriots and the people at odds with one another, put out masses of information that is close but is off just enough to get people arguing over which is the correct answer, putting out theories of “False flags” some real false flags others not, this maybe conditioning us so we doubt the real thing and don’t act when they start murdering innocents by the hundreds or even thousands, or shoving people into FEMA camps ?

Up close and personal

Folks I’ve been personally involved with the Roseburg Oregon case, working with the people directly effected there, as well as the Mahler wildlife refuge situation in Burns Oregon… meeting and talking with the folks occupying the refuge… knowing the caliber of the main leaders of this group, Ammon & Ryan Bundy and LaVoy Finicum, there is absolutely no chance that any of these men would partake in a false flag operation.  There is however, overwhelming evidence that the Sandy hook elementary school shooting is a true false flag, so how do we tell the difference ?

We (in general) have been conditioned to get our information from the 30 second sound bite, getting bombarded with what they want us to think or know, most of us are too busy or lazy to investigate or research the validity of much if any of what they put out.  The shear volume of what comes at us is enough to numb the brain.  Add into this mix the ever increasing difficulty in making the rent/mortgage and trying to raise a family, is it any wonder most don’t take notice or spend more time to investigate ?


Industrial Banking and Corporate interests, have been using, divide and conquer tactics for many years, to keep us distracted, one of the main ones is the racial tensions, keeping and promoting distrust and competition between all the racial groups, when we’re continually worried about our neighbor whatever his color, we don’t watch the government or the laws they pass to enslave us.

Family destruction

The most insidious division, that they have perpetrated is the division between men and women, driving apart the most powerful partnership known, destroying the family dynamic and  emasculating men, we have allowed this to happen, functioning more from our ego’s and emotional knee jerks, attacking each other rather than questioning the “News” sound bite telling us how terrible or unjust this or that is, how victimized this group or that group is, yeah they have crisis actors and actresses and the most effective and damaging, are the ones on mainstream media, these things weaken “We the People” and make us ineffective as truly free people.

There is an answer

My answer to all of it is this: question every thing, research it yourself, stop and take a deep breath before you jump into emotional or knee jerk responses, think it through, stop and think it through again, follow the money, question whose agenda does your initial reaction benefit, take another deep breath, question your own programming, talk it over with people you trust then form your own opinion, stay positive, get and give away copies of the U.S. Constitution

Discuss these things with anyone who will listen but don’t make them “wrong” just plant the seeds of ration and liberty, if the ground is fertile it will sprout in its own time.

(just because they’re full of s#*t doesn’t make it fertile) or it might.?   😉

Muster your courage, for the battles will become fiercer the closer we are to victory. They are already afraid of “We The People”,  that is why they work so hard to keep us divided and in conflict with each other. We need not be afraid, if we can look past the divisions and come together in the common cause of liberty we will prevail.

Fair thee well my friends,

David Glenn

About the author:

David Glenn is a writer, constitutional student/researcher and electronics engineer. He served for over 8 years on his home town council and is a US military veteran. Additionally he is A Minute Man and Patriot.

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  1. Why don’t any reporters ever ask politicians why they oppose auditing Fort Knox? Why they vote against auditing the Federal Reserve Bank? Why has the US State Dept blocked the extradition of every criminal banker the Germans had the goods to prosecute? If the Fed Reserve Bank turned out to he half as corrupt as suspected, what would you do about it? A dozen or so Elite control the big banks and they in turn control the big corporations and they in turn “own” corrupted Federal Regulators and Judges, why not investigate and prosecute today’s Robber Barons and Oligarchs using the anti-Trust Acts as was done during the Progressive Era from 1880 to 1920 and the RICO Act after 1970?

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