Why Vaccines for Kids Should Be Avoided

I think we’ve all heard about the controversy regarding vaccines and whether they are good for your kids. In fact, most people know people on both sides of the aisle, parents who vaccinate their kids and think people who do not are nuts, as well as people who wouldn’t vaccinate their child in a million years and would prefer to take their chances.

I personally know people on both sides of this issue, and they all make valid points that are right for their families. I honestly never really paid too much attention to this issue, until I decided to have kids of my own. When you have to decide one way or the other on vaccinating your child, you truly feel like you are taking their health into your hands, no matter which way you lean.

It is hard to know which end is up in this debate since there are so many different viewpoints and no real evidence that can be proven as fact.

No wonder everyone is so confused, even the medical community seems completely clueless about what the truth really is. Even doctors who are on the side of vaccinating your children usually say it is because the alternative, serious illness is a terrible alternative. But what about the fact that chances are your child would never get any of these illnesses anyway? Or that the vaccinations themselves may cause life changing medical problems that are more terrible than the illnesses they are trying to prevent? The chances are small enough that many parents are deciding to take that risk.

In the United States people get in line yearly for their flu shots and all kinds of other vaccines with complete trust that they will be protected from illness. In all actuality, some vaccines may be riskier than the diseases themselves. In the 70’s, the last time there was a true mass epidemic of the swine flu, the vaccination caused more deaths than the flu itself.

Sure, the rates of serious illnesses that we are vaccinated for can be clearly shown to have decreased over 90% since vaccinations have been used. While this number is remarkable, we don’t live in a third world country where these diseases are prevalent. We don’t even hear of most of these diseases anymore, and the risks are lower than ever.

Current studies show that approximately 50% of Americans are fearful of vaccinations. Naturally parents are hesitant before vaccinating their babies without fully understanding the risks, but they are often not given the facts or a choice in the matter by their doctors.

Many doctors, parents and others in the medical community feel strongly that there is a clear link between vaccines and autism. Just think, 30 years ago most people had never heard of autism, but now approximately 1-2 % of children will be diagnosed with autism in their lives. There has to be something to this.

So while some people say this is just coincidence, the real shock is when you look at entire communities that do not use vaccines at all, like the Amish community, where there are actually no cases of Autism, at all. While some believe they are just not diagnosed, many others think it is because they stay away from vaccinations and the dangerous mercury that vaccinations include.

Many vaccines actually have viruses in them. Seriously. You are injecting yourself with a live virus to try to avoid catching an alternative disease, which you may not have any chance of catching in the first place. Does this sound crazy to you too? One vaccine for cervical cancer has been found to actually kill or cripple people who have taken it.

So it is hard to imagine that the medical community in the United States tells people that vaccines are safe and encourage parents to vaccinate their kids.

In many cases, the risk of side effects or other illnesses as a result of a vaccine is significantly higher than the cases out there of what you are being vaccinated for. Often these are severe, but extremely rare diseases that have not been around for years that are virtually no risk. Why would you put your children in harm’s way for such a slim chance?

Flu shots which include mercury, are toxic. The National Institute of Health admits that mercury is toxic, even in very small amounts, but it remains in vaccinations. Just the flu shot contains ingredients that cause symptoms like:  allergic reactions, death, neurological problems, dementia, convulsions, speech problems, respiratory problems, issues with intestines or liver, skin disorders, cancer cells, and more.

There are numerous cases where children were developing normally until they received these vaccinations, when their behavior almost immediately changed. These children went from being engaged, happy 12- 16 month old children, and then after receiving vaccinations, their speech and other abilities declined, eventually leading into autism. There are thousands of reports of this happening, so it is far from a standalone case.

Many parents who have sworn off vaccinations are also reporting that their kids are healthier than other kids who have been vaccinated overall, lessen chances of regular day to day illness.

So why on earth would anyone intentionally put these chemicals into their children when the risks are not there? Don’t just listen to your doctor and do what everyone else does because it is the recommended procedure. Do the proper research and understand the risks of all vaccinations and the chances that your child may wind up with autism.

For example, there have been absolutely zero cases of polio in the United States since 1979. Are you worried that your child will become the first to catch polio in over 20 years; worried enough to get a potentially harmful vaccine to prevent it, when there are such low risks to be worried about?

While autism and other diseases have not been directly tied back to vaccinations as the 100% solidified cause, vaccinations and the prevalence of mercury are so apparent and obvious lines have been drawn to show that vaccinations should be avoided. Every parent needs to make their own decision, but before trusting your doctor that vaccinations are the way to go, get multiple opinions and truly consider your risk before doing so.


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  1. You’re right some things do need to run a natural course, but not everyone contracts the chicken pox if they aren’t vaccinated. If that woman never got vaccinated, and never got the chicken pox until pregnant, then everyone would be saying how its a shame she was never vaccinated, maybe she would be alive today. The fact is that it’s a lot riskier not being vaccinated then being vaccinated, their are statistics to prove that. I’m curious to also know how do unvaccinated children get into school?

  2. How about improved sanitation levels and the eradication of those diseases here that are commonly found in third world countries. Cleanliness goes a long way…but without going as far as bathing in sanitizer and killing all good bacteria.

  3. A woman lost her baby because she contracted chickenpox while she was pregnant. The reason she contracted chickenpox at such a later age was because her vaccine had worn off. Had she naturally contracted the disease when she was young she would have been immune for life and her baby would be alive. Some things need to run a natural course.

  4. Just thought i would bring a couple of things to your attention.
    1; The Glaxo Smith Kline HPV vaccine Cervarix contains virus like particles from the cabbage looper moth , do an internet search for “Cervarix and the cabbage looper moth ” for more details, why do they want to inject young girls with insect derived virus like particles ?.

    As for vaccine ingredients and there possible side effects , this is a very informative website

    Also click on the MAC link on above website , well worth reading

    Regards Jim

  5. The diseases you’re mentioning still exists, true, but their occurrence is largely precipitated by very poor or nonexistent sanitation, prevalent shortages of municipal, safely treated, potable running water and resulting shortcomings in personal hygiene.
    Speaking of Africa – isn’t it there, where the massive, UN led, international vaccinations programs were and are concentrated?
    FYI – the polio vaccine was manufactured using the rhesus monkey ground kidney tissue, thus rendering the product contaminated with a certain simian virus causing cancer in humans; moreover, the inventor of the vaccine Dr.Jonas Salk expressed opinion questioning the efficacy of his own invention!
    Have a nice day…

  6. Sure….just go to Africa. The kids there aren’t vaccinated, Diptheria, measles, and
    Polio still exist. It’s easy to think your doing the right thing because today we don’t see just how awful and deadly these diseases were and will be once again if enough people have the same mindset as you. Ask any older/foreign person who actually seen these diseases first hand, and they will tell you how foolish your are for not vaccinating your child. Sure make the argument that the US has not seen a case of Polio in 30 years or more. Yeah, it’s because of vaccines. People keep drumming up the “they cause autism” claim and how more and more kids have autism. Well what about the fact that the autism spectrum has significantly widened? You say check the facts, well I have over and over, and no study has ever concluded that vaccines cause autism. Yes vaccines can cause adverse reactions in some cases, but generally they do more good than harm. I’m all for living a natural lifestyle, but nature doesn’t cure measels or polio. Sorry gang I’m not buying it.

  7. You’ve done well Debz; I wish more people would do what you did; take heart, WISDOM is contagious, and NO vaccine in sight! Just don’t watch the evening news…and American Idol,as well! lol

  8. Were you vaccinated ? Maybe your allergies stem from that and became a genetic flaw that could be passed on..who knows? I am blessed with very healthy kids and granddaughter all of whom have not been vaccinated..I studied herbal medicine and natural healing techniques to be able to look after my own kids health responsibly. It has proved a very wise choice.

  9. Bob: Allergies and asthma can still occur in unvaccinated children… My children are unvaccinated but my oldest does suffer from allergies and the odd asthmatic episode. They will be something he was got through genetics though as I myself have a few allergies and suffer from asthma.

  10. Bob: Allergies and asthma can still occur in unvaccinated children… My children are unvaccinated but my oldest does suffer from allergies and the odd asthmatic episode. They will be something he was got through genetics though as I myself have a few allergies and suffer from asthma.
    I have noticed though that my children do take less sick days from school and when younger daycare than most of the other children out there, they are generally healthier and happier.
    I do not regret my decision not to immunise at all as a natural immunity to things and having a body able to cope with disease is a much better option in my opinion. Why pump your tiny baby with toxic chemicals when you can help nurture and grow a healthy natural immune system. As parents we are meant to love, nurture, cherish and protect our wee ones, not put them in danger by injecting them without even looking into what is going into them.

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