Why We Should Be ‘Concerned’ About CERN

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By Mary Carmel (TLB)

As the world keeps spinning faster, and events are unfolding rapidly regarding technology, the elite NWO secret agenda becomes very clear through the machines they are using against humanity. It is most important to keep yourself informed with as much as you can. CERN is one of the projects that has been most secretive, but I believe very high on their priority list. While we are occupied with the threat of war, many other events regarding the attack on mankind, and perhaps it’s future, stay alert on this one. It’s capabilities are the unthinkable for us, perhaps their supreme end goal.

Nikola Tesla would be most unhappy with the USE of this technology, as he never meant it to be used as a weapon. He unleashed the power of this energy, for the good of the world, only to have it snuffed out. No corporation was interested in free or clean energy. The elite have hidden his work from those they deemed not worthy to have it. College graduates should be asking for a refund due to the fact that it has been denied to them, and at this point everyone affected by the dark use of it should be filing the largest class action suit in history. This is evident in his quote below.

It would be nice to have gotten Nikola Tesla’s notes released, do not give up yet. Perhaps their disappearance, as in the alleged charred library of Egypt sits under our noses in the Vatican Vault… I cannot see what Ceasar had to gain from burning this treasure, for he was too wise in my opinion. In fact, the followers of the ancient occult have turned to Egypt as their primary source of knowledge, as well as scientists through the ages. We now know there were more than stones left behind. Nikola Tesla had entry to that vault, when his father took him there to study during his visits to Rome.

Please see the video here showing the subliminal use in the media and Hollywood to condition us for the use of this machinery that is capable of literally taking us into an abyss… through portals they call ‘the light in the darkness’. We know what light they refer to, as the Illuminati has long been known to seek the light of Lucifer, without the consent of the rest of the world! They often give us signals as to what they are up to. It is blatant in the intertwined logo of the 666 as well as the other symbols for CERN.

It does not matter what you believe, it is a matter of keeping your feet on the ground, a natural born right and they could care less about anyone else’s agenda it seems.

Many are convinced that there is high probability of the recent plane crash in the French Alps connected to CERN, due to the recently scheduled use of this machine, and as well the location. It is not the first flight that causes suspicion.

For more information about CERN, please see the following video.

Published on Mar 16, 2015

CERN turned on a few days ago, but some people are still skeptical that this “scientific” endeavor has anything to do with the occult rituals, or opening portals. But anyone who does any research will find that the entire operation is full of occult symbolism. In this video, I share the words of the physicists themselves, who say they are trying to open portals. And we speak to Kris from End Times News Matrix, as she discusses her research into the occult realm from the Biblical Worldview. She has found that the zodiac, Mythra, the Ankh and many other Egyptian symbolism is all over CERN and the LHC. There is just no way to deny now, that CERN has a lot to do with the occult, to open up a portal, to let through, according to Kris, the 8 spirits who are the 7 fallen angels. (Standard You Tube license)




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  1. True Christians live in 5 dimensions, the 5th being the Blood of Jesus Christ—which covers all the rest.

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