“Wide Awake” The Video Seminar That Changes Everything!

 “Wide Awake” The Video Seminar That Changes Everything!

By TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

When reviewing a video seminar as powerful as “Wide Awake” where does one even start? I guess the logical place would be the beginning of the video!

Doctors Jack and Heather Wolfson are introduced by Roby Mitchell M.D. aka Dr Fitt who straight up tells the public that we are more microbial than human and that a healthy person has 10 times more bacteria than human cells. Dr. Mitchell goes to on to explain how it is not viruses or bacteria that make use sick but rather our immune response!

The video just gets better as time passes. Sometimes it is very hard (at least it was for me) to watch because of all the truth bombs that are dropped.

In his opening statement, Dr. Wolfson points out that humans have evolved to have a symbiotic relationship with bacteria, viruses, and parasites. This is something that strikes a cord with me because it something known to be true but many people in the anti-vaccine movement are afraid to mention it out of fear of alienating those they are speaking to.

Even more impressive he shows a slide of a healthy child playing in the dirt and being exposed to the millions of microbes in that occur naturally. He then mentions the various organs that evolved over time to fight disease. He is speaking the truth that no one dares to speak! How cool is that?

The video continues with content pressure mounting as Dr. Wolfson ask the question of why children in America are so sick? Dr. Heather Wolfson then proceeds to spill the beans on why America’s children are so sick!

For those who have never heard of the Doctors Wolfson, they are both very well respected in their fields of medicine with Dr. Jack Wolfson being a Cardiologist and his wife Dr. Heather Wolfson a Chiropractor.

This video is not for those who want sugar coated truth! Watching the truth being laid out is often hard but it is empowering. There are are many moments in this video where I had to stop the video and pull myself together. I will even go so far as to say I was crying out of both sadness and happiness at seeing brave people risk it all in an attempt to save the world.

To hear and watch respected medical doctors ask and answer these questions puts a chill down my spine, as I am sure it will yours. This documentary tells and shows the dirty truth that we all know, but few are brave enough to actually expose.

For too long people in the anti-vaccine movement have cautioned that this or that should not be said. But now we have two Courageous Credentialed Doctors going against the grain and opening the doors to wellness.

Respect is all that I have for the Doctors Wolfson as I realize they are risking their careers, their reputations, and their lives to get the truth out there!

As a person who was nearly killed by the hepatitis B vaccine I have a personal need to stop anyone else from suffering the years I have been through all because of one vaccine!

It was near and dear to my heart when I heard Dr. Heather Wolfson make it clear that they are anti-vaccine and not pro-vaccine choice!

These Doctors are wide awake about the fact that people have lost control of their rights and that wellness has been put in the place of food-pharma complex and out of the hands of the people. They know what is going on and they are not afraid to tell the world!

One of the most powerful parts of the video is hearing Dr. Wolfson explain how her father was a chiropractor and that she was raised in a “chiropractic world.” The refreshing honesty she offers about her own vaccination status, and that of her children, I hope will inspire others to come forward and work to end the vaccine lie!

Equally as inspiring as his wife, Dr. Jack Wolfson has made it clear that he is tired of seeing people sick because of lack of truth, information and hard facts. He is truly risking it all to tell the truth. Does anyone remember the great risk he took speaking about vaccines out on CNN a few years ago? The fact that he is out to clean up the American diet and to end the vaccine lie should inspire more men to get involved in wellness. It is not just Mom’s job any more.

We are killing ourselves and it is all preventable! I urge people to check out Drs. Jack and Heather Wolfsons’ website and buy Wide Awake to help offset the production costs.. but more importantly.. I am asking you to look at the truth about how unwell we are as a nation. I urge everyone to forge a new relationship with the truth and to take back the health of your families.

Dr. Jack Wolfson will be on TLB-TV as a guest of  The Liberty Beacon Founder Rodger Landry this coming Tue (June 27th) at 12 Noon Central Time at This Link.

Please watch this trailer for a Taste of Truth and “Wide Awake”


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