Will Connecticut Declare War On 300,000 Second Amendment Supporters?


By: Doug Book

To date, a reported 50,016 people have guaranteed the eventual confiscation  of their firearms by obeying the “Assault Weapons” registration requirements of  Connecticut’s new gun law.

But according to a 2011 study commissioned by the Connecticut Office of  Legislative Research, it is estimated that more than 300,000 additional weapons  have NOT been registered, their owners refusing to relinquish either their  semi-auto rifles OR their liberty to Connecticut lawgivers. (Given recent record  sales years, that 300,000 could today be 400,000 or more.)

And it’s this wholesale repudiation of unjust legislation that spells  disaster for lawmakers in Connecticut as it will for like-minded   legislators throughout the nation. For it has always been the case that  compliance with enacted legislation is essentially voluntary. Police are capable  of dealing with the small minority who refuse to obey statutes against murder or  robbery. But law enforcement does not have the resources to handle  millions–or even the 300,000 plus who have refused to register their guns  according to the demands of a dangerous state government.

And dangerous is the word, for governments dedicated to the enforcement of  legislation believed by the people to be unfair and illegitimate “…will be stuck  in a pattern of escalating brutality and declining legitimacy.” It is governance  by intimidation, dispensed by arrogant, unthinking politicians who have effectively declared war on the people they were elected to  serve.

From Governor Dannel Malloy to Under Secretary for Criminal Justice Mike  Lawlor, Connecticut officials have put themselves in a Jackpot. With bluster and threat, they expected  American gun owners to behave like sheep and willingly surrender their rights  and eventually their guns. Only liberals could fail to know that such  expectations were doomed from the start; that intimidation would never, ever  succeed.

And now they have to choose between enforcing a detested law on a resolved  populace, outright repeal, or just looking the other way as though their  kneejerk statute never really existed. The smart choice would be repeal. But the  left are incapable of retreating on such an important agenda item as gun confiscation. After all, it’s not as though THEY will be  looking down a barrel one day. That’s left to police, and goodness knows  politicians consider them as expendable as any other commoner.

To liberals, the important thing is that the law is on the books. Eventually,  some lunatic will pick out another gun-free zone and murder a few dozen  defenseless people. With any luck, maybe a Day Care center! And then the left  can begin their assault against the law-abiding with fresh ammunition!

Of course, by that time, another 150,000 AR 15s will have found their way to  Connecticut residents.

Makes you wonder why liberals don’t work on separating guns from criminals  rather than from the rest of us.

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