The Silent Coup

By: Andrew W. Coy

Ever since President Trump came down the golden escalators to announce his candidacy for president of the United States, many professional and even casual observers of politics and history have wondered just what was going on in the events that followed.

Many historians and folks who just read the newspaper every morning and watch the news at night felt that something quite different and very odd was occurring.

Where were all the leaks coming from? Why all the Russia Russia Russia talk? What was all this 25th Amendment talk about? Why was there immediate talk of impeachment? What was with the quick firing of Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn by Vice President Mike Pence? Why did the progressive liberal media obviously show that they had a favorite? Why the criminality in the 2020 election? Why the Jan. 6 roundup of citizens who only wanted free and fair elections?

Now it is clear for all to see, the Deep State was running a coup against Donald Trump. A coup against candidate Trump. A coup against President-elect Trump. And a coup against President Trump while in office. The Deep State, including the Fourth Branch of government (the intelligence apparatus), went after Trump from the moment he came down the escalators. Not a military coup that we once thought of from a banana republic. No rifle fire, hand grenades, nor mortar launchers. But a soft and silent, yet deadly coup done by people with suits and ties and dresses and skirts in law firms and executive offices.

One must wonder why the Deep State/Fourth Branch went after Trump immediately once he announced. It never made sense. Most early observers thought that Trump would govern as a moderate Republican. Possibly a Nelson Rockefeller-type governance. But the enemies of choice and freedom and democracy went after Trump right away. Maybe it was because Trump was not a part of the club. Not a part of the governmental elite. Maybe it was because they knew they could not control him. Maybe they knew a billionaire could not be bought off and bullied by the military industrial complex. Maybe they knew Trump would not play the game. Or. Maybe it was because he did put America First. Maybe it was because he did believe in nationalism, borders, and America’s sovereignty. Maybe it was because he did not believe in and would not succumb to a One World governance. Maybe, it was because President Trump did not believe the answers to climate change, global warming, health care, wars, starvation, poverty and Covid all rested in the arms of a One World entity. Maybe, Trump was not going to allow a One World government on his watch. Therefore, the silent coup.

This was not just typical dirty politics. This was very much a coup-d’etat though, and Special Counsel John Durham appears to be uncovering it.

With the bombshell release over the weekend by Durham revealing that the Hillary Clinton campaign contracted out with third parties to not only spy on candidate Trump’s emails and computer usage but to hack into and spy on President-elect Trump and then President Trump’s computer/email/online usage. A non-government group and non-government people, including Hillary Clinton campaign, appear to have illegally spied on the president of the United States by breaking into his computer servers. That is a felony. They did this, the Fourth Branch of government knew it, and nobody did anything about this crime. The Deep State, running wild and free, with cover from the Fourth Branch, ran a coup-d’etat against a rightfully elected President Trump during his entire presidency. Some would call this treason; some would call this an insurrection. Most would call this a felony. Admiral Rodgers told President-elect Trump at Trump Towers that he was being spied on by government officials (the Fourth Branch). President-elect Trump immediately moved his team out of Trump Towers. Trump could not call on the intelligence agencies to catch and arrest the criminals and culprits; because Hillary’s campaign and the Fourth Branch were the criminals. Durham is trying to figure out how to proceed in this Deep State when the referees are the crooks.

I’m sure that Durham remembers when Sen. Charles Schumer warned Trump, that if you mess with the intelligence agencies, “they will screw you six ways to Sunday.” And Durham himself, does not want to be “screwed six ways to Sunday.”

The Fourth Branch of government is the “surveillance state.” The surveillance state is made up of the FBI/DOJ/DHS/NSA/CIA. This new Fourth Branch does not simply believe that they are equal to the other three branches: legislative, judicial, and executive. This new Fourth Branch, made up of the surveillance and spying communities, now believe that they are above the original three branches. They are a “first” among equals. It’s truly something that George Orwell has written about in 1984 and Animal Farm. For those who dismiss this as conspiracy theories, the political prisoners in the D.C. gulags from the Jan. 6 riot might have a different point of view. The J-6 political prisoners know firsthand what the Deep State can do now that they are targeting Americans who might have a different political point of view. The Deep State surveillance entities have used and abused the 9/11 terrorist attack. They have used and abused the Patriot Act by turning the guns inward towards American citizens. Now they are using and abusing the American citizens with a different political ideology. Civil libertarians once warned of the dangers of the Patriot Act. Now, the ACLU is deaf-dumb-blind when it comes to the abusive tactics of the Fourth Branch. This is the first time since the Patriot Act was passed that the Fourth Branch turned all of its weight and power, not after a foreign adversary nor terrorists, but after a fellow American citizen and his supporters whose only sin was having a different political ideology.

As Special Counsel Durham is now beginning to show, there were a great many felonies committed during the 2016 election, during the Trump presidency, during the election of 2020, and now after the placement of Biden in office. President Trump said that “In another time, it would have been punishable by death.” This is not just vitriol nor hyperbolic language. What would have happened to Americans if they would have spied on FDR during WW II and given this information to the Nazis? What would have happened during the Cuban Missile Crisis if Americans would have spied on JFK and given this information to Castro? What would have happened if Americans would have spied on Ronald Reagan and given this information to Gorbachev? Either death or life in prison would be sure to follow. Well, President Trump was illegally spied on by the Hillary Clinton campaign, and by others; so what should happen to them? This is much worse than Watergate, much worse. Durham is getting in dangerous territory and he knows it.

The great problem with which Durham will have a very difficult time is that the entities that are supposed to be neutral, supposed to be fair referees, and supposed to be demanding innocent standards of truth…are in on the crime, in on the coup. The Justice Department was anything but just when it came to Donald Trump. This silent coup could not have been done without the help of the Deep State and/or Fourth Branch. This felonious attack by Hillary’s campaign on Trump/MAGA Nation, and the America First agenda had to already have been known about by the supposed neutral arbitrators of justice. Yet not only did they do nothing, some were accomplices. It appears that Durham will find out that some were accomplices before-during-after the crime. John Durham certainly has his work cut out for him. Durham, if he did not know then, he surely knows now, has a tiger by the tail. He does not know whether it is more dangerous to just hold on or to just let go. I am sure hoping Durham does not commit “suicide” as such things can go.

Senior government officials need to be brought in under oath for questioning. The likes of James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Eric Holder, Christopher Wray, James Baker, Christopher Steele, Susan Rice, and Valerie Jarrett need to testify under oath as to “what did you do and when did you do it.” A democratic republic only works when the people trust their government. Right now a great percentage of Americans, just do not trust the government. From truckers to churchgoers to moms at school board meetings, the American people are believing the Deep State government of Biden is out to get them.

Sure looks like Durham is bringing this unfortunate fact to light. There is a Silent Coup.

TLB NOTE: The Media constitutes the Fourth Estate, Not the Fourth Branch.


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