World Bankers & The Global Elite playing a War Drum solo [videos]

By TLB Editorial Staff

As has been pointed out in past articles; the world bankers need war to make money and maintain global control and of course their ‘fellow travelers’ and ‘fellow 1%’s’ support this platform as it falls right in line with their agenda.

MS Media has been laying low for some time without giving voice to the ‘war subject.’ If they have covered the issue it has been with the thought that any war is off in the distance and not an immediate threat. On the other hand alternative news sites on the web and social media have been consistent in putting the pieces of the ‘war puzzle’ together and giving people of the world a clear picture of what is coming.

It is obvious that MS Media has received their ‘marching orders’ to start selling war. The first beats of the War Drum have begun with again re-framing 9-11 and how the Pentagon reacts when they have their back-against-the-wall as we see in the following video from CNN: [Note: The headline on the video “Putin gives Comment Against U.S.A and Russia” has noting to do with the video. ??]

Now that we have viewed a ‘fluff and stuff’ that was Billed as a Documentary to off-set alternative media coverage of 9-11 and re-set the Official Narrative of what has been recognized as one of the biggest ‘false flag’ operations of all time, we turn to what the Power Elite/Bankers has chosen as our next threat… a global threat that is very real and a ‘war’ that is taking place right now without firing a shot and without a ‘battlefield’:

Question… will the “old Pentagon War” playbook be effective for the Power Elite 1% and their Banker friends against China and Russia? Here is what Russia and Putin is adding to the mix:

Not only does ‘the treat of war’ give the Elite more power and control, it gives the Bankers another stream of income… Weapon sales to American allies, as outlined in the Video below:

There is example after example on the web of the War Machine Propaganda being amped-up by The Central Bankers and the Global Elite to condition, not only the American people but the World, that there is a threat and we must act.

It is unfortunate that most of Humanity are Sheeple and heading for the fall over the edge of the cliff.


We think PoGo summed up our World of War manipulation by the Bankers and the 1% with his famous, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Until the Mass of Humanity stands up and holds the One World Government Elites accountable and says enough is enough, we push ever closer to the edge of that cliff.


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